Are Skullcandy Headphones Good? (Tested and Reviewed)

Are Skullcandy Headphones Good?

Searching for new headphones? Assuming you’ve read my articles previously, you realize that purchasing the cheapest thing is never a good idea. In any case, how do the absolute best ones stack up? Today, I will address an inquiry I hear an awful part: Are Skullcandy Headphones Good?

That relies upon a couple of factors that I’ll get to underneath. Namely, there are a variety of choices for Skullcandy headphones that you may observe suit you better over another. From in-ear buds to over-ear headphones, and even ANC renditions, I’ll talk about all of that good stuff. Thus, continue to read to discover more about Skullcandy headphones.

Are Skullcandy headphones good?

Skullcandy makes good headphones with magnificent sound quality. They also feature durable plans that look cool, the battery life lasts quite a while, they interface easily, and the cost is affordable. Skullcandy headphones also feature special sound innovation that sets them above par in comparison to different brands.

Honestly, I’m a fan. They’re at an excellent price point. But it really is all dependent on which set of Skullcandy headphones you choose. You have 50/50 in-ear buds, ideal for noise cancellation, a comfortable fit, and great overall sound and quality that last about 2 years with daily use. Others like Hesh 2.0 over-ear headphones are pricier but don’t even compare. Plus, they don’t offer noise cancellation, but there’s also a Bluetooth version. For over-ear headphones, Skullcandy’s Uprock is smaller than the Hesh 2.0 version and has similar sound quality, all for less.

I’ve utilized many various arrangements of headphones in my day. Skullcandy is a good, affordable brand with a lot of advantages, however, is it appropriate for you? Allow me to enlighten you seriously concerning it!

Do Skullcandy headphones offer good sound quality?

Skullcandy headphones give great sound quality and durability. The high-end options have a bit higher price point, but for those that care about frequencies and sound, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is known for the best bass while the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is a match for true audiophiles, and the best part, it won’t cost you a kidney.

You will not be disappointed with Skullcandy headphones much of the time however they will quite often be marketed toward the more youthful range of the market. They offer great sound quality and cool plans with superb durability. This makes them better for that daily drudgery or city drive, something that can take a beating as it plays your personal soundtrack to life.

Some will say they’re not awesome, but rather they are superior to many different brands out there as I’ll explain in a second.

Are Skullcandy headphones better than Beats?

When compared to Beats, Skullcandy dominates the competition. The two of them give the same good strong, however, Beats are more costly without sounding better compared to Skullcandy. Beats don’t give you better quality, so it’s a good idea to purchase Skullcandy instead.

And truly, why pay more for a name? Skullcandy is a great decision for the vast majority who simply want to jam out, and the cost is far more reasonable. You can get Skullcandy at a much lower cost, and you’re not holding back on solid quality. It’s a clear success.

How do Skullcandy headphones compare to other brands?

Goodness, let me count the ways! I think Skullcandy has some first-class features to its range of headphones.

1-Lots of shading and plan

I recollect when headphones initially came out, and they were large and awkward and just came in black. With Skullcandy quality, you will not have exhausting. These are probably the most brilliant headphones around. Tech ought to be a living accessory on us all, and you have heaps of shading and plan choices to run with here. Also, aside reward is that you can’t simply put them down around your work area or bed or any place and miss them. The splendid tones stand out and make them easy to find.

2-Great variety

Skullcandy has a great arrangement of various models. While not all of them may be your favorite, they have something for basically everybody aside from audiophiles, however, you’ll in any case observe the quality is really good, and the cost is a gift!

3-Plastic form

I’ll say Skullcandy quality is really durable however different brands can outlast it. Obviously, those are the ones made for music enthusiasts, and at this cost point, it gives you great sound affordably. That being said, they feel better than cheap brands, however to other people, they aren’t exactly as durable.

4- Average sound

See, I like Skullcandy headphones however the sound quality is ideal on the off chance that you’re casually listening to music. You want to muffle that chatty colleague or the commotion of mass transit. I feel you. These are great for that. Nonetheless, the bass can be somewhat heavy. Assuming you like that, then, at that point, you’re brilliant, however, there are different brands that bring a more neutral-based sound, which you may incline toward like with the Audio-Technica ATH-SR9.

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All taking all things together, Skullcandy is fashionable, fun, and gives you good choices for headphones from sports to gaming styles at price tags that won’t make you have to sell your spirit. They don’t have the best durability or sound balance, however, they are a steady competitor for generally youthful and hip individuals simply attempting to appreciate music in a hurry.

Best Skullcandy Headphones

And presently, let us dig into the contributions of Skullcandy headphones so you can see which one may suit you best. There are five good competitors deserving of making you part with your mixture, so look at them beneath!


1. Best Skullcandy Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Skullcandy Crusher

Probably the most popular are skullcandy headsets good choice, the Crusher is at the highest point of the ranks. With an inherent mic and great sound quality, you can appreciate pretty much any kind of music. I personally prefer to listen to a touch of everything, so these make any tune sound good.

While Skullcandy isn’t the best strong around, the Crusher is probably awesome of this league. The bass is good however somewhat artificial. As one of the more top-of-the-line models from the brand, the Crusher is extremely minimalist in plan and suits gamers and those right into it alike.

The material isn’t exactly as comfortable, however, yet it’s good enough, and that headband is really strong and hard to break. Fantastic battery life puts this one at the highest point of its game, running more than 40 hours gracefully. You have Bluetooth compatibility, and while the expectation is made for gamers or skaters, skaters may incline toward these more because the Crusher can be a little fussy while interfacing via console regulators.

Oh, and if you’d like ANC, you can find the Crusher ANC, which can promote an even better listening experience, especially when you’re on the go. Check the current price on Amazon.


Great sound quality for all types of musicCould be sturdier in build
Long-lasting battery lifeConnectivity can be a pain in some cases
Modern minimalist design


2. Best Skullcandy Wireless On-Ear Headphones: Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless

With the Uproar, it very well may be out of your financial plan since it comes in on the top finish of the range, yet the audio is top-notch, and even at this cost, it’s more affordable than some different choices. With Bluetooth, you can interface and appreciate, however, there are a few issues with random disconnections that can be irritating.

The Uproar headphones feature an even strong and bass, particularly at this cost. You can take it above and beyond and adjust a portion of the sound settings via your PC as well. These sound good without adding amps and have better quality as well. Indeed, even with high volumes, you can get uncompromised bass when listening to any type of music.

While the plan is respectable, a few features are in awkward places like that power button. These can also feel free, however, the raised buttons do offer some relative ease of utilization that makes up for the other stuff. With a strong form that stays put on ear, you’ll have a lot of fun getting a charge out of the music through the Uproar.

Battery life is fairly respectable at 10 hours however you can charge it via USB. It’s easier to grab a USB-to-wall-plug so you can charge them anywhere. As for availability, you can just utilize Bluetooth. That doesn’t appear as though an issue since most things are compatible with Bluetooth nowadays, yet to utilize them on your PC, for example, you will be hard-squeezed to observe one to be that you can connect up. Check the current price on Amazon.


Really good for rock music thanks to quality bassSome design features are awkward
Decent battery life can get you through the dayNo wired connection available
Solid and durable build


3. Best Skullcandy Earbuds: Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0

Prefer earbuds? Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 provides you with a pleasant balance of sound, however, the quality will in general decrease after some time, especially the more thorough of utilization you put it through. In any case, assuming you like shaking out or working out, or shaking out while working out, the Ink’d 2.0 may be your jam. These can satisfy the smartest possible solution.

I really like the sound quality of these, and with this form, they’re ideal for canceling outside noise so you can genuinely become mixed up in your music. And assuming you’ve been disappointed in the past with bass in-ear headphones, you’ll be charmed to discover that

Ink’d 2.0 really is among the best of the best that doesn’t compromise this feature of music.

Plan-wise, it’s nothing that will astound you. However, they are minimalistic in plan and appealing enough for pretty much any client. With resistance and solid development in addition to vivid sound, these could very well be a victor for essentially anyone of you reading this at the present time in the event that you want an in-ear choice.

Some of you will view these wired in-ear headphones as a negative, but the cable is extremely durable and designed specifically so it won’t tangle. We’ve all been there before. If you don’t mind not going wireless, you will certainly appreciate the Ink’d 2.0 headphones by Skullcandy. Check the current price on Amazon.


Among the best in the category of earbudsNot ideal for gaming
Great for activewear in sports and during workoutsSometimes lends a staticky sound while moving
Durable tangle-free cableFeedback is common when using with your phone
Not wireless (which may be a problem for some)


4. Best Behind the Neck Skullcandy Headphones: Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

If you like to workout and listen to music, the Smokin’ Buds 2

in-ear Bluetooth remote earbuds by Skullcandy are ideal for you. They feature a behind-the-neck headphone collar so you can kill it with those burpees (hahaha simply joking… I hate burpees as well) or any exercise without a string impeding you. With Bluetooth, you can interface up to anything with that compatibility, as well, so you have versatility in your corner as well.

How’s the sound? Indeed, it won’t win any awards. I’ve heard better, yet I’ve heard way more awful. The sound is adequately good to conceal the noises at your rec center and play your soundtrack for your exercise. They’re ideal for heavy bass, so assuming your favorite classes have that, you’ll be happy.

One drawback is the battery holder is somewhat aggravating on the back of the neck. It takes some becoming accustomed to and might have really been an exceptional idea out in the plan. However, the form is at least durable and can hang with your exercises.

Another unfortunate issue is that the battery life is only not as long as the other Skullcandy headphones I’ve discussed. It won’t last as long, maybe about 7 hours. That’s fine for an exercise or two, however, you’ll have to make sure to charge it up more often, or you’ll hear that grunter heaving and puffing to attract the ladies while he seats. Ugh.

It’s easy to associate Bluetooth, however, it can at times disconnect randomly. Those that utilization Samsung and Google telephones will generally report this issue more than others, however, so that’s something to contemplate when purchasing these Skullcandy headphones.

Check the current price on Amazon.


Good sound quality for gymCould have been better designed, especially with the battery pack
Excellent bass soundBattery life is shorter
Wireless Bluetooth connectionSometimes disconnects from Bluetooth with certain devices


5. Best Skullcandy Headphones for audiophiles on a budget: Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

I said it earlier on that audiophiles might not be too impressed with the sound from Skullcandy over other options. However, if you choose the Lowrider model,

you can get that quality sound you’re searching for on a tight spending plan.

There are various top-of-the-line features on these that come at a lower cost. For example, the sound quality is fantastic, especially when you compare it to different headphones in a similar value bracket. The bass isn’t all that great, however, you ought to anticipate that when you’re on a careful spending plan. In the event that your main deal is electronic music, you probably won’t be happy at all however different classifications won’t feel the lack of bass.

As for the plan, it’s strong for driving yet not ideal for working out. They can fall off more easily, and they’re really made for the music listener who is just attempting to track down their energy while chugging away busy working all day, on the train, flying, or relaxing at home.

With easy-overlay capabilities, these are great to carry around. They’re durable and last long notwithstanding the financial plan bracket they’re in. Unfortunately, they don’t have Bluetooth, however, you can easily interface them to an array of gadgets. You will not become involved with the string either since it’s not unnecessarily long, something that will assist it with staying looking great for quite a while. Check the current price on Amazon.


Among the best in the budget bracketSlides off easily when you move around a lot
Great soundOn-ear design may be annoying for some
Durable build


Which Skullcandy headphones should you avoid?

I’ve listed above 5 brilliant Skullcandy headphone choices that should work for the majority of you. Nonetheless, there is one that fills in as a cautionary tale. In fact, assuming somebody lets you know they think Skullcandy is awful, almost certainly, this set was the one they utilized.

Please, whatever you do, avoid at all expenses…

Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator The Worst Skullcandy Headphones

– Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator

I think when they made the ROC NATION Aviator model,

they just centered around the way it looked. I mean, they’re really cool-looking. In any case, that’s really all these have going for them.

Trust me; you will be disappointed by the experience. It’s a lofty cost to pay for something that simply looks good and really nothing else. And while the sound quality isn’t the most noticeably awful of it, you can improve. There’s truly no bass on these, which makes everything sound flat and metallic.

That means each class you can listen to won’t sound as good as it could. You really can improve the situation at a comparable cost or even not exactly this. Skullcandy didn’t do well with this one, however, the 5 different models listed above are certainly worth investigating.

On top of lackluster sound, the plan lacks durability behind it. These are easy to break and really only blah in quality. They don’t associate really well either after a couple of months, so it’s really a disappointing item in all areas. It actually looks at some unacceptable boxes, and truly, on the off chance that you gave them to me for nothing, I wouldn’t want them. The other 5 models are commendable choices at phenomenal sticker costs that do equity to the Skullcandy name.

Skullcandy apparently attempted to make a cool plan with the ROC NATION Aviator model, and while it prevailed on that, it failed miserably on all the other things, which should make headphones good.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming HeadsetSteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Lossless High Fidelity
Drivers With High-Density Neodymium Magnets
Recurrence Range 10 Hz – 40 kHz
2.4G Wireless Connection
Bluetooth 4.1 (a2dp, hfp, HSP)
2 Batteries
20-Hour Battery Life (10 Hours for each Battery)
Base Station
Compatible With PS5, PS4, and PC

Get it on Amazon

Oh, and one more thing, to my gamer friends, reading this, I’d also advise against the Skullcandy PLYR2 model, especially when you are using console games. Xbox, in particular, has dodgy compatibility with this one. True gamers will be better off with the Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless or the Razer Nari Ultimate that will keep you in this same price range while offering a better mic, and an overall more immersive gaming experience thanks their superior sound quality.

Each brand has a black sheep, and Skullcandy is no special case, so adhere to the good ones above, and you’ll be a happier listener with your music, regardless of you’re into it.

Conclusion on whether or not Skullcandy headphones are a good option

Skullcandy headphones are good for a great many people. They come in vibrant and smooth plans and proposition various styles that can address your issues. Some of you will observe the in-ear choices best while others of you will like over-ear choices. We as a whole prefer to listen to music during various occasions as well, so those of you that need it for the rec center will know what to pick while others of you just attempting to overwhelm your associate’s rambling in the following office will succeed, all at a value that fits a spending plan you’re down with.

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