Best Planar Magnetic Headphones – Top 15 Picks

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

Planar magnetic headphones are supposed to be a combination of both dynamic and electrostatic drivers. On account of their sound quality, reasonable cost, and other many advantages, the interest for planar magnetic headphones has become over the course of the years in numerous audiophile networks. Lately, organizations like Audeze, HiFiMan, and OPPO have additionally presented various new models that are eminent for their great sound. In this article, we list the Best Planar Magnetic Headphones on the market right now.

  1. Audeze LCD-4
  2. Mr. Speakers Aeon Closed
  3. Audeze LCD 2 Classics
  4. Fostex T50RP MK3
  5. HiFiMAN Sundara
  6. Advanced Alpha
  7. HiFiMAN HE 400S
  8. OPPO PM-3
  9. Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open
  10. Audeze Sine
  11. HiFiMAN Ananda
  12. Audeze iSINE 20
  13. OPPO PM-1
  14. ABYSS AB-1266 Phi CC
  15. Monolith M1060

Audeze LCD-4200 ohms97 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back548g
Mr. Speakers Aeon Closed14 ohms93 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Closed-Back330g
Audeze LCD2 Classic70 ohms101 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back500g
Fostex T50RP MK350 ohms92 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Semi Open-Back315g
HIFIMAN Sundara37 ohms94 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back372g
ADVANCED Alpha34 ohms90 dB+/-3 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back397g
HIFIMAN HE400S22 ohms98 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back350g
OPPO PM-326 ohms102 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Closed-Back320g
Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open14 ohms92 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back320
Audeze SINE20 ohms120 dB/1mWOn-Ear/ Closed-Back230g
HiFiMAN ANANDA25 ohms103 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back399g
Audeze iSINE2024 ohms112 dB/1mWIn-Ear/ Open-Back20g
OPPO PM-132 ohms102 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Closed-Back395g
ABYSS AB-1266 Phi CC42 ohms88 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back620g
Monolith M106050 ohms96 dB/1mWOver-Ear/ Open-Back500g

Prior to going further, it is actually important that a few headphones on this rundown accompany robust costs, and it would be appalling not to show them due to the expense. To keep things even, we have included a spending plan and modest choices too that sound extraordinary as well. Leave a remark assuming your beloved planar earphone isn’t in this rundown and we will attempt to audit it. Much thanks to you

1. Audeze LCD-4 – Our Best Planar Magnetic Headphone

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 200 ohms
Sensitivity: 97 dB

Pros: Outstanding build quality, good soundstage, and instrument separation,
Cons: might be expensive to most

The Audeze LCD-4 is one of the lead models from Audeze. The LCD-4 consolidates broad examination, execution headways, and top-notch workmanship that obviously place it above other planar magnetic headphones on the lookout. The LCD-4 elements an extraordinary innovation and examination, however, it is by a long shot one of the most exciting headphones you can pay attention to. The main genuine disadvantage of this earphone would be the cost. At near $4000, the LCD-4 is way outside a great many people’s financial plan.

All in all, is the excessive cost label worth the effort? We should discover.

The Audeze LCD-4 arrives in a dark case, which is extremely powerful and very much cushioned. Inside the earphone’s case, there is a couple of white gloves to deal with the earphone (truly), along a 3m links that includes a 6.3mm end, a proprietor endorsement, a blaze drive that contains the earphone’s manual in PDF, and the LCD-4 earphone.

The LCD-4 is an over-ear, standard size, open-back earphone and resembles its archetype the LCD-3 with just minor contrasts in the plan. From simply a gander at these earphones, you can see the LCD-4 is a monster. The earphone isn’t entirely adaptable, it doesn’t crease, and the earcups don’t turn so a lot. Be that as it may, this is normal from a major earphone.

The earphone is produced using excellent materials that make it an extremely strong earphone. The earphone is produced using metal, wood, and cowhide. The earcup’s lodgings are produced using wood, dark wood, which makes this earphone dazzling. To finish the earcup’s lodging, glossy chrome metal barbecues make up the strong form. The earpads are thick and exceptionally delicate. The earpads are calculated pleasantly, and there is a little hole among them and the earcup’s lodging to ensure there is no tension development. The headband includes a carbon fiber top and a calfskin head-lash. Joining the headband to the earcups are exceptionally strong metal burdens and an extremely incredible change component.

Aside from the outstanding form quality, the Audeze LCD-4 likewise includes the most slender stomach of all best closed planar magnetic headphones. As indicated by Tyll Hertsens of Innerfidelity in a discussion with Sankar, CEO, and fellow benefactor of Audeze, the LCD-4 stomach is sub-0.5 microns thick. The flimsy measurement considers extremely low twists in the sound quality.

While the Audeze LCD-4 highlights among probably the heaviest earphone we have tried, the solace level of this earphone is sufficiently awesome to be worn for quite some time with no indications of weakness. Thick and delicate calculated earpads combined with an incredible and cinch-free headband make it an entirely agreeable earphone. The headband additionally includes sufficient adaptability to fit a wide reach of distinctive head shapes and sizes. The earphone gets heavier when utilized for long meetings. Notwithstanding, generally, the solace and attack of the LCD-4 is extremely high.

So how does the Audeze LCD-4 sound?

The Audeze LCD-4 basically nails it in the propagation of the bass. Generally, the bass is tight, all around expanded, and clean. For an open-back earphone, the bass comes out with a great amount and effect. As per Audeze, the bass stretches out down to 5Hz, and subsequent to paying attention to the LCD-4, I will quite often concur with their cases. The progress from the bass to the midrange additionally comes out as exceptionally regular. The midrange and how the LCD-4 repeats this part makes it truly outstanding around here. Instruments are well finished, definite, and similar. As I would like to think, the LCD-4 figures out how to paint the image of the sound quite well.

The high pitch of the LCD-4 is by all accounts the conversation with regards to discussing this earphone. Everybody has an inclination on how much high pitch they like. I find the high pitch of the LCD-4 to be normal and charming. It is absent like different frequencies, perhaps somewhat recessed yet definite and fun.

2. Mr. Speakers Aeon Closed – Best Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Category: Closed-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 14 ohms
Sensitivity: 93 dB

Pros: Comfortable, Spacious sounding, good isolation
Cons: nothing much

MrSpeakers throughout the most recent couple of years has developed from changing the T50RP to a famous producer of planar magnetic headphones. Over their last years, Mrspeaker’s contributions have expanded to a wide scope of best planar headphones with better costs and worked on solid quality.

The Mr. Speakers Eon Closed arrives in a black box and inside you get a dark conveying case that would give a versatile benefit to this earphone. Inside the conveying case, there is a pocket that holds the link and the earphone. The link included, which is called the DUMMER link, is ended by a 3.5mm jack and a 1/4 connector screwed naturally. The link is strong and is by all accounts somewhat weighty yet not generally so thick as different links from their leader headphones. The earphone additionally accompanies three tuning cushions, and you at long last get a declaration of credibility from MrSpeakers.

The Eon Flow is an over-ear, closed-back, planar magnetic earphone. The form quality is incredible and highlights an exceptional tear shape in the plan. The materials of the Eon Flow Closed are the first rate. The headband includes a decent quality artificial leather material. The headband configuration is a lounger style and is connected to steel wires that permit it to change either up or down. The earcups of the earphone are very much cushioned with adaptive padding, and a top-notch artificial leather gives a delicate cover. The cushions are replaceable, and cushion substitutions can be purchased from Mr speaker’s site. The earcups lodging are made of carbon fiber, which is of great and attempts to make the general load of the earphone much lower.

The solace of the Eon Flow Closed is excellent. The earpads are huge, and the exceptional tear state of this earphone gives sufficient space to fit distinctive ear sizes. The protein cowhide earpads give an extremely delicate, agreeable, and rich surface that lays very well on the skin. The earpads may get a little warm particularly in warm climatic locales, however, generally, they turn out great.

The Eon Flow Closed is light, and the bonded leather headband functions admirably to convey the weight uniformly. The headband gives a truly agreeable brace, and the general fit is excellent. The changes of the headband to accommodate your head size are extraordinary, pull the earpads over your ears, and the earphone changes suitably.

With regards to this earphone, the Eon Flow Closed appears to be one of the most amazing sounding closed-back earphones around. Expressing off with the bass, it comes out as very even with a tight reaction. The bass doesn’t sloppy the other sound frequencies, and the change to the mids is excellent. The midrange is likewise even, rich, and definite. Vocals, both male and female, have great profundity and magnificent bodies. The vocals in the mids draw out the undeniable degrees of straightforwardness the Eon Flow Closed can accomplish. The high pitch of these earphones comes out normally, with more air and has a decent augmentation.

Additionally, the Eon Flow Closed is truly adept at disengaging encompassing commotion into the earphone and sound from getting out. As a result of this, you won’t upset individuals close to you nor will clamor from the TV, dishwasher, and so on, be a disturbance.3. Audeze LCD-2 Classic –Best Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 70 ohms
Sensitivity: 101 dB

Pros: Great sound at a lower price, improved comfort and build, Good bass response
Cons: Lacks a storage case,

The Audeze LCD-2 was one of the principal headphones that put a spotlight on Audeze in the earphone world. Under 10 years after the fact, the Audeze LCD-2 Classic is dispatched to the market as a less expensive and more open earphone. The LCD-2 Classic becomes one of the most reasonable in the Audeze LCD series and still offers incredible sound and a strong constructed plan at the cost.

The Audeze LCD-2 Classic boats in a standard dim cardboard box with froth embed that protected the earphone. In the container, you get the headphones, the link with a 6.3mm jack, a USB key, and an endorsement of a genuineness card. There is no case included, this is very appalling, however, you can purchase the case independently assuming you might want to move with this earphone around.

Audeze headphones have a utilitarian style with the majority of their headphones. The LCD-2 Classic is no special case. The earphone is an open-back, over-ear earphone with a generally excellent constructed quality. They do not have the wood rings that are related to other leader models from Audeze, yet this doesn’t cause them to not have the very good quality to believe in them. The headband highlights two parts, one is the protein cowhide material, and the upper headband curve is made of steel. The headband lays on the head very well spreading its weight impeccably. The headband additionally includes little openings in it to give it a breathable vibe.

The earpads, which additionally include an engineered cowhide cover, are very much cushioned with adaptive padding to give better solace. They are profound so the ears won’t contact the driver and are more slender to give them a calculated plan. The earcup lodgings are made of gem imbued nylon, which it feels extremely hard and ought to be tough for quite a while. The endcaps of the earcups are made of metal and component Audeze’s plan likewise with a considerable lot of their headphones.

The Audeze LCD-2 Classic is on the heavier side. In any case, they are all around cushioned to expand the solace. The huge earpads are delicate so you can scarcely see the heaviness of the earphone for a long time. Notwithstanding, later some time you can feel the heaviness of the headphones. The LCD-2 Classic is much agreeable than the LCD-2, however, Audeze actually needs to work and lower the earphone’s weight to work on the solace.

In our tests, we tracked down no issue with clasping pressure or the spans of the earcups, which were okay. The new headband plan on the LCD-2C is extraordinary and brings down the heaviness of the earphone by a tiny rate. Most suspension headbands in our tests are very agreeable, and this headband was no exemption. The headband is connected to the earcups with metal burdens that go through a little box that houses the locking instrument, this plan highlights in practically all Audeze headphones. The disadvantage of this plan is you just need to work with the means given, and you can’t adjust things better.

By and large, the sound mark of the Audeze LCD-2 Classic comes out exceptionally smooth, even, and warm. Beginning with the bass, it comes out close and sounds extremely strong. However in contrast with the LCD-2, the bass is somewhat less, it is by and large more extravagant, even, and all-around broadened. The midrange comes out as adjusted in spite of the fact that there is more accentuation on the low midrange, which makes vocals gnawed off and some of the time hard to comprehend the verses. While the LCD-2 didn’t have a lot of high pitch, the best closed planar magnetic headphones innovation has developed from that point forward, and the LCD-2 Classics have more high pitch. It isn’t the best high pitch, and it has a somewhat unpleasant and grainy surface, yet entirely all-around broadened.

4. Fostex T50RP MK3 – A Cheap Planar Magnetic Headphone

Category: Semi-Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 50 ohms
Sensitivity: 92 dB

Pros: Good bass response, Modular and durable parts, Decent sound
Cons: Earpads are bad, treble is a little harsh, will need a good headphone amp to drive

For the vast majority hoping to encounter an urodynamic earphone, the Fostex T50RP MK3 is one of the least expensive planar magnetic earphones around. The Fostex T50RP MK3 has for some time been renowned for its fabricate quality and particularity of the parts. For an earphone devotee hoping to begin adjusting headphones, this is the best beginning. The Fostex T50 MK3 comes from a long group of best planar headphones and looks basically the same as the Fostex T50, which traces all the way back to 2002.

The Fostex T50RP MK3 arrives in a cardboard box and inside the earphone sits enclosed by bubble wrap. Remembered for the bundle, there are two links, a dark 10ft 6.3mm link, and a 4ft 3.5mm orange link. Additionally remembered for the bundle there is a spec sheet and a guarantee card.

The Fostex T50RP MK3 is a semi-open-back, over-the-ear earphone. The vast majority who have purchased the MK3 have applauded its assembled quality, and in our test, we were not shocked along these lines. The earphone feels exceptionally strong in the hand. You will likewise be amazed by its weight which at 315g is an excellent number for a planar magnetic earphone. The earcups are produced using plastic however of good quality. The headband is unique in relation to the past T50RP models. It is better and highlights a little cushioning that in general works on the solace. The headband is fitted on aluminum metal wires that are connected to the earcups. The wires give a component through which the headband can be changed.

Both the right and left earcups are set apart on earcups. On the left earcup, the 3.5mm terminal is found. The earpads of the Fostex T50RP MK3 are a failure. The cushioning is exceptionally dainty, and the openings for the ears are tiny. Regardless of being an over-ear earphone, the earpads make it look more like an on-ear earphone. Notwithstanding, fortunately, the earpads are replaceable. Along these lines, assuming that you are hoping to get this earphone, you ought to be ready to supplant the earpads.

The solace of this earphone is great, yet adjustments on the earpads go quite far to work on its solace. For an earpad substitution, there are a few choices accessible on the lookout. For a spending plan choice, the Brainwavz HM5 Velour Memory Foam cushions will turn out great. However, in the event that you are searching for a more top-notch choice, the Shure 1540 substitution cushions (HPAEC1540) which are adaptable padding cushioned are excellent. There are likewise other great earpad supplants that would turn out great with this earphone. Aside from settling in earpads, you ought to likewise know that the various cushions will modify the general sound mark of the earphone.

The solace on top of the headband is extraordinary. The headband is very much cushioned, and following a couple of long periods of utilizing the earphone, there are no areas of interest by any means. The earphone has a solid sense of safety on the head and furthermore exceptionally light on the head. The clip power is felt however not solid or overwhelming.

Before we get into how this earphone sounds, it is great to specify the tests on strong was performed with the first stack of this earphone.

Additionally, no adjustment was done to any piece of the earphone. In due time, and later broad use with and without adjustment, an article will be distributed with a broad aide on the Fostex T50 MK3 survey.

Beginning the bass which is one of my main things from this earphone. The bass is more broadened and comes out with sway. I like the mid-bass (the best part to bring out most instrumental music and drums), the Fostex T50RP MK3 handles this part well overall. Assuming you are a bass-head, you will be satisfied with the bass on this earphone. The midrange is obvious, point by point, and comes out normally, which is satisfying to hear. The high pitch can be sharp and a little brutal on certain tracks at a high volume. Notwithstanding, the high pitch is energizing, clean, and straightforward. The high pitch is somewhat forward than the mid-range, however, they never seep into the mids. Instruments come out excellent, and vocals can be somewhat laid back.

5. HiFiMAN Sundara – Great All-Rounder And Value King

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 37 ohms
Sensitivity: 94 dB

Pros: Soundstage, balanced sound signature, build quality, great value
Cons: The design limits the fit

HiFiMAN has been in the earphone game for a long while presently. Their headphones territory from reasonable and modest planar headphones to very good quality planar headphones on the lookout. The sound of most HiFiMAN headphones has been extraordinary. The form nature of a portion of their headphones has anyway been not what you would expect at their costs. With the HiFiMAN Sundara, at the current value, HiFiMAN has attempted to draw out their best in the mid-fi headphones.

Anyway, how does the HiFiMAN Sundara reasonable? How about we discover.

The HiFiMAN Sundara arrives in a black box that is fitted inside with froth to hold the earphone. The bundle is moderate and aside from the earphone, a 1.5m link, and a 6.3mm connector, there could be no different embellishments included. In the container, you will likewise get a proprietor’s aide and a guarantee card of the earphone. There is no case included for the earphone, however, the crate can go about as an impermanent stockpiling before you evaluate an earphone stand or a convenient stockpiling case.

The HiFiMAN Sundara is an over-ear, open-back earphone. The general plan of the earphone is extraordinary and a colossal improvement from any semblance of the HiFiMAN HE 400S and 400i. The materials utilized for the HiFiMAN Sundara are great, most of this present earphone’s materials are steel, and a couple of plastic parts are available. In the first place, how about we start with a headband. It includes a steel band on top and a protein cowhide suspension that lays on the head. Joining the headband to the earcups are steel groups. The burdens that are appended to the earcups empower an all-over swinging movement.

The earcups are calculated, and however they are not as thick, a breathable lattice material on top gives them an agreeable vibe. The earcup’s lodging is made of metal and is round. The external piece of the earcups highlights a metal cross-section that gives a superior stylish look to the earphone. The general style and finish of the HiFiMAN Sundara is simply heavenly.

The HiFiMAN Sundara is an agreeable earphone. The earcups however not as thick, are all around developed and of good quality. The earcups have sufficient space that fits the ears quite well. The earcups are additionally replaceable, so you don’t need to stress over them wearing out over the long run. The headband is likewise agreeable and lays on the head without making areas of interest over the long haul. The headband can be changed in accordance with fit distinctive head sizes by just moving the earcups up or down to accommodate your head size. The clipping power is moderate and adequate to be worn over a more drawn-out period.

The heaviness of the earphone is perfect, not excessively weighty as related with closed-back planar magnetic headphones. At 372g, the HiFiMAN Sundara is a somewhat lightweight earphone, which adds to the general solace level of the earphone.

The HiFiMAN Sundara is a nearly adjusted earphone, and on the off chance that you like a little cool sound signature, then, at that point, it is a decent wagered for you. The bass reaction is superior to the 400i or far better than the 400S. It is all around reached out as with most planars and has a decent level. However the bass reaction is great, it does not have the bang or thunder and may come out as lacking for bass-weighty music kinds like EDM or Hip-jump. The midrange reaction is even exceptionally adjusted. For this situation, the two vocals and lead instruments come out even. The high pitch is the smooth, nitty-gritty, and clean, however may be impacted by sibilance a little or sound excessively brilliant in certain tracks.

6. HiFiMAN HE 400S – Best Budget Planar Magnetic Headphone


Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 22 ohms
Sensitivity: 98 dB

Pros: Comfortable, easily driven, Affordable planar
Cons: Inexpensive and flimsy materials

Third, from the HE-400x series, the HiFiMAN HE400S in 2015 turned into the least expensive planar magnetic earphone among the HiFiMAN earphone contributions. The thought behind the HE-400S was to offer a great-sounding earphone at a reasonable cost. The HiFiMAN HE400S isn’t anything exceptional on the lookout, yet its presentation to value proportion makes it a respectable earphone to look at.

The bundle of the HiFiMAN HE400S as straightforward as it comes. The earphone ships in a container made of cardboard, it has a strong vibe and can likewise be utilized to keep the headphones secure. Inside the crate, you get the HiFiMAN HE400S which is fitted in froth, the link (1.5m), a 6.3mm to 3.5mm connector, a guarantee card (in Chinese), a HiFiMAN card and a proprietor’s aide.

The HiFiMAN HE400S is an open-back, over-the-ear earphone. The form of the earphone is great, yet the materials utilized in the development leave less to be wanted. Aside from the headband being metal and a protein calfskin head strap, a greater part of the materials of the HE400S is made of plastic. The headband of the HiFiMAN HE400S is comparative in style to the headband of the HE-400i and the HE-560. The headband includes an extraordinary change instrument and has various settings to fit diverse head sizes. The metal band additionally holds together the earcups and gives earphone cinching.

Plastic is utilized in the development of the earcup’s lodging and metal barbecues shield the earphone drivers from the sides. The plastic arrives in a reflexive silver tone, which upgrades the presence of the HE400S. I have perused various surveys censuring the nature of materials utilized on the HiFiMAN HE400S. However I concur a few sections, for example, the burdens interfacing the headband to the earcups should be more grounded, generally, the plastic utilized appears of good quality and attempts to bring down the general load of the earphone.

The HiFiMAN HE400S is a truly agreeable earphone. This is incomplete because of the weight and the plan of the earcups and cushions. The earpads are cushioned with adaptable padding and covered with velour. The velour offers a breathable surface, which keeps the earpads from getting hot over the long haul. The earpad openings are additionally adequately huge to oblige most ears. Additionally for those keen on modding the earpads, Focus A cushions are great and the proposition further developed solace as well as further developed execution on the sound, particularly the bass.

At last, for solace, let us see the weight, headband, and cinching power of the earphone. The headband is agreeable, and the artificial leather suspension head strap works really hard of appropriating the heaviness of the earphone equitably without making areas of interest even later long meetings. There are six change choices on the earphone, which ought to oblige most head sizes. The cinching power isn’t sufficiently able to cause torment however barely sufficient that the earphone won’t tumble off when utilizing them.

The HiFiMAN HE400S is an amazing-sounding earphone. The earphone has been portrayed by most as a passage-level earphone, however, it has demonstrated to convey great sound as other planar headphones. The bass reaction is like the HD650, however, the HE400S has a more tight bass reaction. The mid-bass is somewhat stressed over the sub-bass which gives out a punchy sensation to the general bass reaction. The midrange of the HiFiMAN HE400S is among the best in its sound mark. The midrange finds some kind of harmony without sounding thick and has a decent presence. The emphasis on the vocals is adequate subtleties and great division of instruments. The high pitch is somewhat laid-back, a little on the warm side, however comes out flawlessly keeping up with the clearness and subtleties.

For those looking to mod the HiFiMAN HE400S. Changing the velour stock cushions that accompany the HE400S can essentially support the sonic piece of the earphone particularly the bass. Center cushions are an incredible other option and feel great. Additionally trying the Angled HM5 cushions builds the sub-bass and mid-bass reaction. The high pitch remains very comparable, however, there is a decrease in the soundstage.

7. OPPO PM-3 – Best Portable Orthodynamic Headphone

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 26 ohms
Sensitivity: 102 dB

Pros: Neutral sound, comfortable, portable, good isolation, easy to drive
Cons: Non-replaceable earpads

In 2014, Oppo Digital, a generally new organization in the planar magnetic headphones specialty delivered the Oppo PM-1 and later the PM-2 which was a less expensive model with a similar sound of the PM-1. With the pattern of accomplishing a versatile and lighter morphodynamic earphone, Oppo delivered the PM-3, which is one of the most mind-blowing convenient planar magnetic headphones in its time. However the Oppo Digital group as of late declared their exit available, their Hi-Fi item contributions will proceed, yet just for a restricted period.

However, enough of the set of experiences, how about we dig into the survey of the Oppo PM-3.

The Oppo Pm-3 arrives in cardboard that houses a little box with an android or apple link and a black box with the earphone. Opening the crate that conveys the earphone, there is great zippered denim hard conveying case. The hard case houses the little texture pocket with the earphone link (3m with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter) and the PM-3. At look at when looking for this earphone, you just get the decision between the 1.2m Android or Apple link.

The Oppo PM-3 is a closed-back, over-the-ear earphone. The earphone’s materials highlight plastic, bonded leather, and metals in its plan. The development of the earphone is extraordinary, unequivocally worked with exclusive requirements. The PM-3 is accessible in various tones, which incorporate, Black, White, Red, and Blue. The headband is cushioned with froth and a protein cowhide that conceals it. The construction of the headband includes a steel metal strip that gives it the shape. Aluminum gimbals associate the headband to the earcups. The gimbals permit the earcups to turn sideways for simple stockpiling for the situation.

The earcup’s lodging is made of plastic and metal on the back to give the seal and furthermore ensure the earphone drivers. The earpads are very much cushioned, and a protein calfskin offers a delicate surface. However the protein cowhide appears to be top-notch, later at a time of use, the bonded leather begins stripping ceaselessly. This is a colossal detriment of the PM-3 in light of the fact that there are no substitutions advertised. All things being equal, you should the earphone to Oppo for fixes, which bring about extra expenses for the equivalent modest earpads that would likewise require substitutions later one more timeframe!

At 320g, the Oppo PM-3 is an extremely light morphodynamic earphone. The weight combined with the earphone’s comfortable development makes the PM-3 an agreeable earphone. The headband gives an adequate number of changes in accordance with fit most head measures and is all around cushioned, yet later some period, you can feel the tension from the weight.

The earpads are inconceivably agreeable, yet that is assuming your ears fit the earpad’s opening gave. The openings have been a state of contention with claims they are really more modest than the determinations provided by Oppo. The earpads are additionally not profound enough, which may cause aggravation and get somewhat warm later the time of use. The clasp pressure is incredible making no strain on the sides of the head.
Confinement from encompassing clamor is great. In spite of the fact that when wearing the earphone in extremely uproarious conditions the earphone releases a bit, they are proficient and offer fulfilling levels. Spillage of sound from the earphone is extremely negligible making the earphone extraordinary to use in calm spots without diverting others.

The general sound of the Oppo Pm-3 comes out as to a greater extent an unbiased earphone. The bass is on the unbiased side and has a slight lift in the sub-bass area that adds a perfectly measured proportion of thunder to it. The midrange is additionally done and comes out as nitty-gritty and smooth particularly when paying attention to acoustic music. Both male and female vocals come out regularly and have great subtleties. The high pitch on the PM-3 is a little recessed making the earphone sound somewhat laid back. The high pitch reaction is, notwithstanding, not exhausting, and clear allowing you to feel the music.

8. Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open – Warm, Engaging & Intimate Sound

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 14 ohms
Sensitivity: 92 dB

Pros: good comfort, Tuning filters allow customizing the sound, Carry case included
Cons: Could use a bit more soundstage

At the point when the Eon initially dispatched, the closed-back adaptation was quick to hit the market. The Eon Closed filled in fame, and it was nothing unexpected that MRSpeakers group chose to make an open-back rendition of the Eon. The Eon Closed-back is one of the most incredible closed planar magnetic headphones in the market. The likewise valued Eon Flow Open arrives in an alternate sound mark because of its open-back nature.

The Eon Flow Open arrives in an indistinguishable bundle like the Eon Flow Closed. Adornments are likewise indistinguishable without any distinctions to bring up. Inside the crate, you get a hard zippered conveying case which is large, yet additionally convenient. Inside you get the earphone, a Dummer link with a 6.3mm converter, a plastic conveying pack, and a couple of three tuning cushions. There is likewise a testament of validness, a little dark fabric, and a client guide.

The MRSpeakers Eon Flow Open is an over-the-ear, open-back plan earphone. Aside from the barbecue plan that gives an open plan, there are no visual contrasts between the open and closed-back headphones. The form nature of the Eon Flow Open is incredible. The tear configuration is special and furthermore appealing. The Eon Open uses various materials to accomplish the strong form. The headband includes a mix of NiTinol, a memory metal steel wire, and a cowhide head tie that sits on the head.

The earcups packaging are made of plastic, they feel extremely top-notch, and the completion is very great. The barbecues on the sides of the earphone are made of steel. The earpads are delicate and cushioned with adaptable padding. A protein calfskin cover on the earpads gives a delicate and premium inclination to the earphone. Interfacing the earcups to the headband are the aluminum projected gimbal arms, and they permit the earcups to shift all over.

The solace of the Eon Open is incredible. The plan of the earphone, materials utilized and the weight all add to a decent and agreeable fit. The headband calfskin tie sits pleasantly on the head without making areas of interest. The clasping power is likewise extraordinary and doesn’t make pressure focuses however assists the earphone with a sitting spot. At 320g, the Eon Flow Open is a lot lighter than the Eon closed which weighs 330g. The earpads are wide, and the adaptive padding cushions give great solace levels. The profundity of the earpads is likewise great, and the ear barely contacts the earcup.

The general sound of the Eon Flow Open is a little on the warm strong. The bass of the earphone is strong for an open-back earphone, and the bass expansion is extraordinary. The mids are a tad on the hotter side, and the progress from the bass to the midrange gives the earphone fun and draws in strong. The high pitch is clear and comes out with subtleties.

However the Eon Flow Open and Closed copy, the sound quality between these two headphones is unique, I observed the Eon Flow Open as the prevalent earphone in offering the best strong. The Eon Open offers better subtleties, a decent midrange, and straightforwardness. While the bass of the Eon Closed is obviously more unmistakable, The Eon Closed bass expands lower and is more finished.

9. Audeze Sine – Best On-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone

Category: closed-back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 20 ohms
Sensitivity: 100 dB

Pros: Good build quality and materials, Clear and punchy bass,
Cons: rolled off treble, not comfortable for long, lacks carrying case

For the world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphones, Audeze did a serious remarkable occupation with the Audeze sine. On-ear headphones exist primarily for their little size and convenient nature. Hence, On-Ear jars have never engaged most earphone aficionados and audiophiles as headphones that offer incredible sound. Indeed, this is going to change, and the Audeze SINE may be the distinct advantage in this classification.

The Audeze SINE arrives in a white box that has the image of the earphone imagined predominantly. Inside the container, the Audeze SINE is held set up in a dark that additionally has a section in the middle with the links. Additionally remembered for the bundle separated from the earphone and two links is a dark conveying pocket and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm connector. Unfortunately for a versatile earphone, the Audeze SINE doesn’t accompany a conveying case. However the dark conveying pocket can be utilized in movement, it doesn’t offer sufficient security against mishaps. Assuming you really want a conveying case, the EL-8 Travel Case can additionally fit the SINE.

The Audeze SINE is an on-ear, closed-back closed-back planar magnetic headphones. The plan of the earphone is extraordinary and was finished by DesignWorks, a BMW Group organization. The form noticeably includes metal and artificial leather while the utilization of plastic is extremely negligible. Beginning with the headband is all around cushioned and covered with calfskin for further developed solace. To give the headband a firm vibe, it includes an aluminum development that gives it the shape. Interfacing the headband to the earcups is aluminum change arms that additionally permit the earcups to swing sideways and are surprisingly unpredictable.

The earcup’s lodging is made of metal and highlights a novel plan state of the SINE series. The earcups are all around cushioned and covered with bonded leather. The cushioning is sufficient, however, generally speaking, the shape isn’t incredible. The earpads can swing in various ways which make it simpler to store the earphone or change them fittingly while on the head.

With regards to comfort, On-ear headphones are never agreeable for extended periods. The sensation of having the ears pushed down over an extensive stretch gets debilitating and really agonizing. While the Audeze SINE isn’t the most agreeable convenient on-ear headphones around, the earphone gets a better than normal score for its solace. The headband is extraordinary, and the cushioning turns out exceptionally great without causing areas of interest on the head. The cinching power is additionally not really awful.

By and large, the Audeze SINE is a shockingly fair-sounding on-ear earphone. The bass, which is the thing that planars are known for, in the Audeze SINE comes out as clear and punchy. For bass and in the general solid lift, the Cipher cable can be utilized. The midrange, guitars, and instruments seem normal while vocals sound right and clear and have a smidgen of warmth to them. The high pitch is somewhat moved off, a little on the clouded side and less vaporous.

Audeze LCD2C Open Back Headphones

Planar magnetic drivers have been around for many years of years. However this innovation is beginning to develop into prevalence, planar innovation has forever been near. Planar innovation comes in various names. Different names that allude to this innovation incorporate isodynamic (having equivalent power), morphodynamic, magnetostatic (highlights both dynamic and electrostatic driver innovation), and magneplanar. Planar magnetic headphones normally comprise two major magnets and a slender stomach with the guide’s sandwiched between them.

Let us see how this technology works.


A stomach is suspended between two magnets. At the point when current is applied, it goes through the guides in the stomach and makes a magnetic field. The magnetic field made by the current connects with the magnetic field of the magnets making the guides in the stomach move, and all the while, the stomach moves at the same time making a sound.

The magnets in planar drivers have an equivalent isodynamic magnetic field to guarantee the momentum stream and power applied on the stomach is steady notwithstanding the place of the guides as the stomach moves.

Audeze LCD-4
Audeze LCD-4

Very much like other earphone drivers, isodynamic drivers have their advantages and issues. In any case, when properly carried out closed back planar magnetic headphones drivers are superior to dynamic drivers and simple to drive, in contrast to electrostatic drivers.

Here are some of the advantages of planar magnetic drivers:

1. Enormous and strong stomach

An enormous and strong stomach gives planar drivers a tight bass reaction. This is on the grounds that a greater driver surface combined with a strong electromagnetic power permits a lot of air to be moved better. A high reaction stomach likewise works on the sound mark.

2. Responsive stomach

A responsive stomach alludes to how quick or slows a driver’s stomach can respond to changes in the info signal. The stomach of a planar magnetic driver is extremely meager, and the strong magnetic power equitably appropriated over the stomach makes it move quickly and have a superior reaction to try and little changes in the information signal. A quick responsive stomach gives a superior and punchy bass.

3. Simple on the speaker

Curl windings on an earphone driver make inductive pinnacles and along these lines causing the earphone to have a high impedance rating. Planar magnetic drivers utilize a serpentine voice loop design, which lessens the impedance of the driver. However morphodynamic drivers require a bit of voltage to drive them effectively, they are quite easy to drive by any means.

4. Low bending

The stomach of a planar magnetic driver is suspended between two magnets. The guides in the driver are equitably dispersed across its surface accordingly there are extremely slim odds of the stomach moving precariously. As a result of an even development due to the guides, the driver is inclined to less contortion and a more precise, itemized, and rich sound.

5. Planar Sound Wavefront

A planar sound wavefront in headphones works on the imaging and soundstage. However this trademark is unmistakable with isodynamic and electrostatic headphones, dynamic drivers, for example, Sennheiser HD 800 are known for their extraordinary symbolism in light of a planar sound wavefront created by the state of the earphone driver.

All in all, what is a planar sound wavefront?

A planar sound wavefront is the state of the sound waves made when a normally enormous driver has its whole stomach moving. Dissimilar to a round solid wavefront that is engaged and generally connected with dynamic drivers, a planar sound wavefront communicates better with the ear, decreasing sound reflections on the out ear. This works on the focal point of sound entering the ear.

MRSpeakers Aeon Flow Open and Closed
MRSpeakers Aeon Flow Open and Closed

Dissimilar to dynamic drivers where the stomach is the guide and by and large determined from the main issue, morphodynamic drivers have the guides joined to the stomach.

Sonically, planar magnetic headphones have a preferred bass reaction over unique headphones. The bass in morphodynamic headphones is more broadened and a more slender stomach makes planars have a tight bass reaction since it responds quickly to changes in the info signal.

For the plan, dynamic drivers have the high ground contrasted with open back planar headphones drivers, which are a lot of weighty and generally greater. Dynamic drivers can come in tiny sizes that make them advantageous.

In electrostatic drivers, a slim stomach is extended on an unbending casing and afterward positioned between two electrically charged boards, though the slender stomach of planar magnetic drivers is sandwiched between two magnets.

Electrostatic drivers utilize static power to move the stomach and give out the sound. Static power is extremely frail when contrasted with the electromagnetic power utilized in orthodynamic drivers. Since the static power is feeble, electrostatic drivers require high power intensification than planar drivers to drive them productively.


There are three principal sorts of earphone configuration styles on the lookout. These are in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. How about we see momentarily how this looks at.

In-Ear headphones are likewise called headphones, earbuds, or IEMs. An in-ear earphone sits inside the ear channel or right outside. In-ear headphones are truly convenient on account of their little and lightweight nature. For an individual progressing, an in-ear earphone is a decent wager. The solace of in-ear headphones is emotional, and keeping in mind that they may make inconvenience certain individuals, they are additionally really agreeable assuming you get the right fitting for your ears. On our rundown. We have recorded the Isine 20, which is an in-ear planar earphone. There are other in-ear morphodynamic headphones, for example, the RHA Cl2, which we are yet to survey.

On-Ear headphones are likewise called Supra-aural headphones. This sort of earphone configuration is well known in light of the fact that they are profoundly convenient and arrived in a minimized plan for movability. For an individual moving yet doesn’t like in-ear headphones, a couple of supra-aural headphones will function admirably. Notwithstanding, however, they are compact, on-ear headphones are disapproved of on account of their shoddy solace. Since on-ear headphones sit on the ear, they will generally cause weakness or touchiness when utilized for quite some time. The sound nature of in-ear earphones is abstract and restricted to the plan of the producer. In our rundown, the Audeze sine addresses on-ear headphones in the planar class.

Over-Ear headphones are additionally called circumaural headphones. Over-ear headphones are extremely famous and liked by a great many people due to their high solace and sound quality levels. Notwithstanding, the solace and sound will change, over-ear headphones are famous in light of the fact that they give an agreeable fit, hey loyalty sound, and progressed highlights like clamor scratch-off. This sort of earphone isn’t exceptionally compact as a direct result of their size and cumbersome nature. Nonetheless, assuming you really want better strong, Over-ear headphones are probably the best sounding earphone types you can get. In our rundown, over-ear headphones address the biggest offer from the Audeze LCD-4 to any semblance of the HiFiMAN ANANDA.



For an in-depth guide on the three-headphone design, styles read Over-Ear vs. On-Ear vs. In-Ear.

The two significant kinds of earcup plans make up the open back and closed-back headphones. There are additionally Semi-open back headphones that are less well-known and deal with elements of both open and closed plans.

Open-Back headphones have their earcups open, which permits air and sound spillage through the earcups. Due to their open-back nature, the sound from this kind of earphone sound more regular and clear. Notwithstanding, Open-back headphones have their limits. In view of the open earcups, they will spill out solid to the climate and furthermore spill in commotion to your music. This makes them unusable in an office or uproarious spot. However they might sound phenomenal, this sort of earphone is best utilized at home.



Closed-back headphones will be headphones whose earcups are totally fixed on the back. Along these lines, they just permit sound out through the earpads. The sound of closed-back headphones may not seem normal like open-back jars, however, they offer better execution in uproarious spots. While they may get warm a little after some time, the solace of these earphone types is great and dependant on the earphone plan. They are best for use in boisterous places and driving.

Finally, semi-open back headphones are less famous and element a plan that joins an open and closed earphone configuration like the Fostex TR50P MK3. While they seem normal like open-back headphones, they likewise attempt to disconnect commotion like closed-back headphones. Be that as it may, semi-open back headphones will highlight the hindrances of both closed and open headphones.

Headphones come with miniature speakers, and just like normal speakers they too offer a certain resistance to the electrical current transmitted, this is called impedance. Expressed on Ohms, the impedance of headphones ranges from as low as 8 Ohms to over 600 Ohms.

Headphone sensitivity, on the other hand, is the measure of how loud a pair of headphones will be at a given power level. For example, the HiFiMAN HE400S sensitivity rating is 98dB/1mW. Read more about headphone sensitivity.

The impedance and sensitivity values of a headphone help to determine how easy it is to drive a pair of headphones. The OPPO PM-3 on our list (26 Ohms, 102 dB/1mW) is very easy to drive and should achieve better listening levels easily. The ABYSS AB-1266 Phi CC (42 Ohms, 88 dB/1mW) is harder to drive to achieve a reasonable listening level.

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1. ADVANCED Alpha –  First Full Size Offering From Advanced

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.

Category: Open-Back/ Over-Ear
Impedance: 34 ohms
Sensitivity: 90 dB +/- 3 dB

Pros: Great build quality, good price,
Cons: Tight on the head, the cable included is short,

New to the planar game, ADVANCED Sound Group, a sound organization situated in New York has seen a fruitful introduction of the ADVANCED Alpha open back planar headphones. As perhaps the best earphone of ADVANCED, the Alpha sticks out and effectively merits a proposal in our rundown of the best other dynamic headphones around.

At the hour of composing this survey, the ADVANCED Alpha was sold out. Fortunately, I got the earphone from a companion to tune in and survey prior to bringing it back. The earphone was as yet in another condition, and everything remembered for the deal was accessible.

Thus, how about we get into the survey.

The ADVANCED Alpha arrives in a black box that houses everything from the earphone to the extras included. The case is produced using great quality materials and elements a metal fastening on the top that gets within a substance. Inside you get the earphone, which is gotten, with froth, an additional two earpads (not profound as the ones on the earphone), a plaited link, a magnetic cowhide link tie, and in conclusion a little client manual.

The ADVANCED Alpha is an open-back, over-the-ear earphone. Simply taking a gander at the Alpha, it is an excellent earphone. The earphone includes a mix of both artificial leather, metal, and plastic parts for the general make. Metal parts make up the majority of the Alpha’s plan. The headband curve utilizes a metal tie and going along with it to the earcups is a little knurled strip that is likewise used to signify the left and right earcups. The drifting bonded leather headband is thick and delicate to the touch.

The earcups are enormous, and the openings on the earpads are great. Contrasted with the extra earpads, the earpads that accompany the earphone are thicker than the additional items. The earpads are effectively removable, contort to eliminate, and are additionally gotten well indeed. Ensuring the earphone’s driver is a metal barbecue that is particular in its manner.

The solace of the ADVANCED Alpha is a blended set-up of the earphone. The earphone’s earpads are rich, adequately thick, and sit easily over the ears. The Alpha’s are on the heavier side (397g), yet the headband does an excellent occupation of adjusting the weight uniformly on the head and around the ears. The cinching strain of this earphone is anyway close. This makes it exceptionally testing to have the headphones on for long listening meetings. On the off chance that you have a little head, the clipping power may be great, yet in any case, the brace of this earphone remains excessively close for certain individuals.

To work on the sound signature, the Alpha should be matched with a decent amp. In the event that they are not appropriately amped, sibilance appears to happen. The bass likewise shows further developed execution with a decent amp blending.

The sound mark of the ADVANCED Alpha comes out as exceptionally adjusted. The bass is all around broadened and tight, yet all at once at a general level. The sub-bass isn’t moved off yet needs surface and substance. The upper-bass reaction is great, and the change to the mids is well executed. The mids come out as a solid piece of the Alpha. Instruments sound right and regular, female vocals are extraordinary and come out without sounding constrained. The high pitch of the ADVANCED Alpha is a hit and a miss. The high pitch augmentation is great and keeping in mind that they come out as point by point and vaporous, the upper frequencies somewhat lopsided, which makes a few tracks unforgiving to the ears.

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