Britzgo Hearing Amplifier Review

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier Review

In the present occupied, uproarious world, an ever-increasing number of individuals are encountering hearing shortfalls.

Impeded hearing can incur significant damage in manners we never anticipate, causing disappointment with friends and family during significant discussions, diminishing our pleasure in films and TV, and in any event, making us separate from our general surroundings.

A great many people’s hearing debilitations, nonetheless, aren’t sufficiently terrible to warrant the extravagantly costly and awkward hearing aids regularly carried as the sole answer for hearing misfortune.

Hearing amplifiers are, in this case, the perfect solution.

In this article, we’ll feature probably the best Britzgo hearing amplifiers as of now available.

Furthermore, we’ll likewise bring a profound plunge into everyone and cover the top upsides and downsides of each model, just as the primary concern essence of each model.

Comparison Chart of Britzgo Hearing Amplifiers




  • Incredible 500-hour battery life
  • Digital Circuitry and 4 Frequency Modes
  • Adjustable Tube
  • Noise Reduction and Knowles Speaker
  • 2 Hearing Modes
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Interchangeable Tubes
  • Wearable in either ear and built to fit most ears
  • Ambient noise cancelling with two mode selections


Who is the Britzgo Company?

Britz is a hearing aid and hearing amplifier retailer situated in Bellevue, Washington.

Having been around beginning around 1995, Britzgo has ventured into an overall organization, offering hearing items the whole way across the globe.

They offer reasonable hearing amplifiers for a portion of the expense of their rivals, yet with comparative execution.

Aimed at people who are not quite ready for a hearing aid, Britzgo’s superior digital hearing amplifiers are planned by specialists and audiologists and have an advanced and prudent plan with magnificent execution.

Quick Take – The Best Britzgo Hearing Amplifiers

Before you get any further, here are our top picks for the best Britzgo hearing amplifiers.

1. Britzgo BHA-220

2. Britzgo BHA-702S

3. Britzgo BHA-1222


Including a few adjustable embellishments, their items are agreeable and worked to fit any ear shape while as yet being tough and light enough for ordinary use.

Britzgo’s objective is basic, to give prepared-to-wear, simple to-utilize, hearing devices that are both affordable and effective.

Their items are intended to help the individuals who need help with hearing their friends and family in jam-packed cafés, paying attention to their grandkids’ presentations, or even only for staring at the TV or motion pictures at home.

With a fabulous client care staff, Britzgo is focused on their items and proposition incredible client support and guarantee approaches.

Presently we will shift gears and survey a portion of the top Britzgo hearing amplifiers. We should get everything rolling!

View the Best Britzgo Hearing Amplifiers


Britzgo BHA-220 Hearing Amplifier

Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier Bha-220, 500hr Battery Life,"fda Approved", Blue, Blue, 5 Ounce

Britzgo’s BHA-220 is an Amazon Best Selling, audiologist-designed hearing enhancement amplifier that offers personal sound enhancement.

This FDA-approved digital hearing amplifier is small and discreet, with a modern style that goes toe-to-toe with expensive hearing amplifiers but at an affordable price.

With a superior German battery, the BHA-220 can go as long as 500 hours between charges. The movable fit earpiece permits the hearing amplifier to oblige most ear shapes and fits on both the left and the right ear.

A large number of ear tips likewise permit it to fit inside most ears without causing distress.

A digital chip takes into consideration fast, powerful strong handling and is reasonable for any acoustic climate. The incorporated chip additionally considers adaptable recurrence control to manage uproarious or various conditions.

The BHA-220 comes prepared to wear without the need to obsess about exceptional fitting or arrangement methodology.

Included are simple instructions, a cleaning brush, and a small yet robust carrying case, as well as batteries and a set of different-sized ear tips. Britz offers a limited, one-year warranty with zero fuss or hassle.

Bottom Line

The BHA-220 is an economic hearing amplifier designed to fit any ear. With a plethora of accessories, finding the right fit is easy, and its lightweight, sleek design ensures comfortable daily wear.

The downside to this plan is that it doesn’t include battery-powered batteries like other Britzgo items, but it is in any case a truly reasonable answer for hearing hindrance for those on a tight spending plan.

Key Features

  • 4 mode selections and easy one-button design
  • Lightweight and comfortable design with stylish and adjustable fit
  • Digital sound processing chip witheEfficient and easy operation 
  • Incredible 500-hour battery life with active noise reduction and frequency control
Our Rating


Britzgo BHA-1222 Amplifier

Britzgo Premium Hearing Amplifier For Adults And Seniors, Aids In Hearing, Rechargeable Battery with 50 Hour life Per charge, 2 Frequency modes, Fits Either Ear, BTE (Pack Of 2)

The BHA-1222 is Britzgo’s exceptional digital hearing amplifier that is intended to closely resemble the BHA-220, yet with the presentation of other top-level amplifiers.

It includes a battery-powered, German-made VARTA battery planned with charge assurance to augment battery life.

It likewise uses digital sound handling to diminish background noise half while having the option to deftly switch between high recurrence and low recurrence modes at the press of a button.

An American-made Knowles speaker offers premium sound quality for a portion of the expense of different amplifiers available.

As with other Britzgo items, the BHA-1222 is light, tough, and convenient, including a one-year guarantee with a ninety-day unconditional promise just as free substitutions.

The exceptional ear arches come in a few sizes to take into account all ear sizes, while delicate and adaptable tubing permits the BHA-1222 to fit in either ear serenely.

It includes an on/off switch, a mode choice button, completely digital hardware, and customizable tone control.

The BHA-1222 really is an extraordinary sounding, the ergonomic answer for hearing weakness that won’t burn through every last dollar, and with a battery-powered battery and present-day style it is reasonable for all events.

Bottom Line

Britzgo’s BHA-1222 is appraised one of the most mind-blowing premium digital hearing amplifiers accessible available.

It is little and has a smooth plan, yet the inherent Knowles speaker offers magnificent sound quality equaling the more costly choices available for a portion of the expense.

It’s adaptability and battery-powered battery make it a flexible yet intense choice for ordinary use.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy sound adjustment
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and virtually invisible
  • Gives enough boost for milder, flat hearing losses to allow for fluent conversation
  • 30-day guarantee, so that if this product doesn’t fit your hearing loss you can return it for a full refund
Our Rating


Britzgo BHA-702S Amplifier

Britzgo 702 Hearing Amplifier For Adults To Aid In Hearing Recreation. BTE. Noise Cancelling Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP). Good For Right Or Left Ears

Britz additionally offers a medium-range model. The BHA-702S has a similar one-year, no issue guarantee and 90-day unconditional promise as other Britzgo hearing amplifiers.

It was intended to be agreeable and light, weighing just 8 grams. The smooth plan makes it watchful, and delicate tubing helps the hearing amplifier fit behind any ear easily.

The BHA-702 utilizations premium German-made batteries and progressed commotion decrease circuits that permit it to flaunt a humble battery life while as yet being a truly reasonable decision.

It is more modest and lighter than most different items available. Britz additionally offers a wide scope of adornments from various estimated arches and cylinders to conveying cases, permitting you to modify the earpiece to suit your requirements.

With both a sonority mode and a soft sound mode, the BHA-702 will allow you to hear movies and have conversations with your loved ones without having to ask them to repeat themselves over and over again.

Included with this hearing amplifier are three different sized ear tips, replaceable tubes that allow for a custom fit, two German-made batteries, a cleaning brush, and a compact carrying case.

Bottom Line

The Brizo BHA-702S highlights both resonance and delicate sound modes, permitting it to be changed in accordance with the current sound climate.

The battery-powered battery diminishes squander that stems from continually supplanting batteries, while the flexible tubing and ear arches take into account a redid fit.

While not quite so strong as the BHA-1222, the BHA-702S genuinely is a practical answer for hearing impedance without the expense of other premium amplifiers.

Key Features

  • Incredibly light and comfortable, while also being small and discreet
  • Can be easily cleaned and are designed for every-day wear
  • Wearable in either ear and built to fit most ears
  • Ambient noise cancelling with two mode selections


Our Rating


With models that fit the most reasonable sticker costs, Britzgo’s digital hearing amplifiers offer a particularly reasonable answer for the issue of hearing disability.

Each of their items include a ninety-day, unconditional promise, just as a one-year producer guarantee.

The heap of frill permit these items to be altered for any ear shape and size, while their smooth and light plan keep an agreeable wear all day, every day.

Whether you’re suffering from hearing impairment, or your loved one is having troubles hearing, Britzgo has you covered with their wide range of premium products.


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