ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Review

ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Review

True wireless technology is a new technology gaining ground. The Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Review is the best if want to experience true wireless technology at an affordable price. In this review, we cover and break down the Enacfire E18’s design, comfort and fit, packaging and accessories, sound quality, specs, and a greater amount of the Enacfire E18. For elective modest Bluetooth earphone choices look at our Enacfire E20 review or see our best Bluetooth headphones under 100.

Enacfire E18 Specs

Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds Review
Driver type: Dynamic
Driver size: 10mm
Headphone type: Closed-back/ In-Ear
Impedance: Unknown
Sensitivity: Unknown
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20000Hz
Headphone Connector: True wireless
Color options: Black, White
Headphone weight: 49.9g (without the charging case)
Battery Life: 3.5-4 hours for the earbuds and 15 hours charging case
Bluetooth version: 5.0

The Enacfire E18 has been updated with the Enacfire E18 Plus. Though the design and the sound remain quite similar, the Enacfire E18 Plus comes with new features that make it more a more versatile earbud. The new features are:

It currently accompanies an IPX7  waterproof rating.
Accompanies CVC.8.0 Noise Cancellation innovation.
It additionally accompanies enacfire e18 wireless headphones review charging mode making it more helpful on the off chance that the link fizzles.
The greatest jump with the E18 Plus is the expanded battery life from 18 hours to 48 hours. The battery life incorporates the earbuds and the charging case.

NB: We will finalize and publish our review of the Enacfire E18 Plus in the few weeks to come.

ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Review

Looks and Build Quality

The Enacfire E18 is lightweight, reduced, and works with great quality materials. The packaging is strong and plastic made with a matte dark completion. You can likewise get the earbuds in white shading that was as of late delivered into the market. To test the form quality, we dropped the earbuds, and sorry! Be that as it may, there was no harm. However we did it at sensible tallness, it is clear this earbud is dependable.

The Enacfire E18 is additionally light, weighing up at 1.82 oz. Since they are light, you can have them for more broadened periods without getting exhausted. Joined with their little nature, you may neglect to take them off eventually.

The Enacfire E18 receiver is situated on the left earbud instead of the two of them. Don’t know whether this offers better mic convenience however am certain it prompts a decrease in the nature of sound.

This will likewise make the left earbud channel power quicker particularly assuming you will utilize the mic all the more as often as possible.

Enacfire E18 earbuds
Enquire E18 earbuds in the magnetic charging case

Compatibility, Connectivity and Bluetooth Performance

The Enacfire E18 is viable with any Bluetooth gadget up to Bluetooth 5.0.

Availability to the various telephones we combined with the earbuds was easy, quick and instinctive. Later the main matching, the enacfire earbuds e18 review will naturally auto associate with your telephone when you remove them from the charging case. When associated a lady’s voice says “left channel associated” “right channel associated” on the individual earbuds to mean an effective Bluetooth association.

Bluetooth 5.0 has purchased critical enhancements; one of them is the reach increment to cover a more extended distance without dropping in the sign. In our testing, with the review enacfire e18, we could climb to around 10 meters before the association dropped. Nonetheless, in an outside climate, the scope of the earbud is altogether diminished, and you will find the earbuds dropping the sign yet will reconnect when you draw nearer once more.


The earbuds highlight a solitary roundabout control on every last one of them that controls the playback choices. To drive them off without placing them for the situation you can hold down the round buttons on each earbud, or you can likewise push down the left earbud’s button and the two of them self control down. To skip or interrupt a track, you want to tap on the button twice or once individually.

Tragically, the earbuds come up short on a volume control button. While you can handle the volume of the earbud with your gadget, the volume may contrast from one gadget to another.

Battery Life and Charging case

Like the most obvious enacfire e18 wireless headphones review, the Enacfire E18 holds as long as 3 hours when completely energized, however, this will vary from one individual to another. Assuming you are somebody who goes through over 4 hours every day on the telephone paying attention to music, then, at that point, you will wind up charging these all the more regularly.

Luckily, the earbuds accompany a versatile charging case that holds 15 extra long stretches of additional power. The charging case makes the earbuds exceptionally reasonable for voyaging – ensure the charging case is charged prior to voyaging. At the point when you purchase this earbud, ensure you strip off the little plastic stickers over the charging connectors for charging to occur.

Enacfire E18 portable magnetic charging case
Enacfire E18 portable magnetic charging case

As I referenced before, the review enacfire e18 is an exceptionally light earbud. It is light enough you can scarcely see you have them in your ears. This makes the earbud truly agreeable to wear for significant stretches of time without feeling or getting depleted.

The Enacfire E18 additionally accompanies three sets of silicone ear tips (little, medium, and enormous) that can be utilized to modify your fit. In view of the distinctive ear tips, you can practice with the Enacfire E18. The enacfire earbuds e18 review are not waterproof yet ought to be OK for running as long as you are not lavishly perspiring.

Enacfire E18 True wireless earbud
The earbuds are small | Najam

Audio Quality

With the audio, the Enacfire E18 does not disappoint, but it is also not perfect like the high-end earbuds I have listened to. At the price, however, the clarity was excellent with reasonable bass output. Obviously, this will not perform like the Sennheiser HD600 or other high-end headphones. If you are purchasing these for high-quality sound, then you should probably save your money. On the other hand, the Enacfire E18 is a great earbud for watching TV or for casual music listening.

Microphone and Call Quality

Like most earbuds, the Enacfire E18 has an inbuilt receiver. Be that as it may, the receiver is on the left earbud dissimilar to most earbuds where the amplifier is on the right earbud.

During calls, particularly in a bustling climate, the receiver will get sound around you far superior to your voice and make your voice sound calmer on the opposite end. This is the situation with most earbuds in light of the fact that the amplifier is set a long way from the mouth. Utilizing these for calls indoors is, nonetheless, better and sounded all the more clear.

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The Case

The charging case is made of plastic and feels durable. It accompanies a reduced plan, entirely convenient and you can squeeze it into your pocket. The case is likewise attractive, and this guarantees the enacfire earbuds e18 review won’t fall free when the case is moved or rearranged. The case additionally accompanies a USB link for energizing and can take to one hour to be totally charged.

Packaging and Additional Accessories

Other than the case, the substance of the bundle for the review enacfire e18 resembles most other earbuds. The earbuds arrive in a black box with the name/logo of Enacfire on the front. Opening the container uncovers the case that is some way or another focused and encompassed by froth. Under the case, you will get the manual, while the USB charger is in the container marked ‘USB.’

Accessories - Enacfire E18
Accessories – Enacfire E18

What we like:

The Enacfire E18 earbuds are 100% wireless
Consistent Bluetooth network
Smooth plan
Modest and spending plan cordial
Sound quality is flawed however better compared to what you would expect at the cost

What we don’t:

The earbud comes up short on a volume button which could deliver it pointless assuming a client utilizes it on a gadget that additionally needs volume control
The earbuds are not water safe making them less great for working out

Enacfire E1818 hoursNoNoIn-Ear3.52oz
Avantree TWS11028 hoursNoYesIn-Ear1.6oz
Enacfire E1918 hoursNoNoIn-Ear1.76oz
JLab JBuds Air13 hoursNoNoIn-Ear5.6oz
TREBLAB X510 hoursNoUnknownIn-Ear0.5oz

Batt.* = Battery Life with Case Charges
Canc.* = Noise-Cancellation

The Competition

Enacfire E18 vs. Avantree TWS110

The Enacfire E18 is right now one of the best cheap earbuds, but the Avantree TWS110 comes in at a very close second. At just shy of $60, they are somewhat more costly than the enacfire e18 test, and one of the forces in the Avantree TWS110 is the power they come loaded with. A total of 28 hours of charge, obviously, this is the point at which you consider the charging case. The Avantree TWS110 additionally includes Siri and Google Assistant Voice Command. They are a little greater and deal with great solace levels dislike the Enacfire E18.

Enacfire E18 vs. Enacfire E19

The Enacfire E19 looks like an upgrade of the current E18 with minimal differences between the two earbuds. The Enacfire E19 accompanies another smooth and conservative charging case, and you additionally get six sets of silicone ear tips. Aside from the value contrast (the Enacfire E19 being a lot less expensive) less expensive and the new charging case, the two earbuds don’t have critical contrasts I could bring up.

Enacfire E18 vs. Jlab JBuds Air

If you are looking for a good pair of earbuds for running, the Jlab JBuds Air would be the best one of the best choices at this price range. At just shy of $50, the Jlab JBuds Air held up lovely well when scrutinized. They are greater than the Enacfire E18, however, their solace is comparable. For works out, regardless of whether running or at the rec center, the Jlab JBuds Air accompany cush blades which give better solace and better hold, cozy fit. Be that as it may, they just deal Bluetooth 4.2 contrasted with Bluetooth 5.0 for the Enacfire E18. We like them, however, the enquire e18 test is better in many ways.

Enacfire E18 vs TREBLAB X5

Well, if you like the design of the Apple AirPods, then the TREBLAB X5 can be your budget pick. They are noise-canceling earbuds and have support for Siri. Though the total charge of this earbud is 10 hours, the earbud itself can hold up to 5 hours of power. They are sweat proof and are suitable for use in the gym or while working out. They support Bluetooth 5.0, and the sound is above par.

See the Enacfire E20

Hope You Like It: ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Review

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