15 Hacks How To Increase Sound Quality Of Headphones & Earbuds

15 Hacks How To Increase Sound Quality Of Headphones & Earbuds
Most of us are fixated on great quality headphones, and we hope to buy the ones that we hear from others and from the advertisements that certain headphone brands or models are the best in quality, but we seldom think to test them and judge without anyone else. On the other hand, individuals love their own headphones and many are fixated on how to Increase Sound Quality of Headphones?

To work on the sound quality of any headphone, generally speaking, you want first to quantify your headphone’s sound quality (as depicted beneath) and accordingly follow any of the 15 hacks underneath to increase the quality of it, I have done many types of examination on het internet just to cause the under 15 ultimate hacks that to have a significant reasonable effect in the quality of your earphones.

But before continuing to that stage, I want you to understand first what a sound quality method to be more educated and to make a portion of the underneath hacks less complex for you to fathom.

What Does A Sound Quality Mean?

There are numerous people out there accepting that great sound quality is related to how boisterous the volume of the music being heard in the headphone, but to work on the response, I can say that sound quality is characterized by how clear, generally mixed, especially mastered, and created a music piece is.

How Can We Measure Headphone Sound Quality?

Sound quality can be measured in two different perspectives:

  1. Subjectively: This depends upon listeners’ experience to check and quantify the sound from a media source and how they react to it either positively or negatively.
    Objectively: But for this perspective, sound quality is estimated by exceptional tools used to gauge the exactness and clarity dependent on electronic solutions.
    NOTE: Practically and as an alternative essential method for normal clients, to quantify the sound quality of any headphone by turning the volume to its greatest from the media source and check whether a sound distortion is clearly heard or not, accepting this is the case then that headphone isn’t a decent quality one thus its speakers are not proficient to convey great quality sound… To go a bit technical, in objective measurements, the sound quality depends upon different factors which electronically can be estimated like a transient response, repeat response, THD and IMD distortion … etc. Such factors related to sound quality but taking the measurement results thusly is fundamentally equivalent to estimating a vehicle driving encounter by objectively estimating the horsepower, speed, oil levels, petrol levels .. etc so as might be self-evident, objective measurements won’t give accurate results to us as individuals since the results are coming from an electronic gadget perspective.

    In conclusion, estimating a headphone sound quality is relative, and ought to be taken subjectively through client experience, clearly taking into consideration the headphone production quality like the stamped ones mostly can tell they have a better sound quality, but for normal or modest headphones you can make sure that by contrasting its sound with some other checked headphones by listening to excellent music quality, played by an exceptionally top-notch media player source utilizing corded headphone.

    Thus, the sound quality changes starting with one person then onto the next depending upon their own insight and how they feel while thinking cautiously.

Is There Anyway To Improve The Sound Quality Of A Headphone?

Indeed, whether you have a headphone or earbuds I guarantee you after trying the 15 hacks beneath I explored for you, definitely, you’ll discover some improvement in your headphone’s sound quality, you might utilize a portion of the points if not everything except eventually, you gonna accomplish some improvement.

15 Hacks How to increase sound quality of headphones  Or Earbuds

Here are 15 steps (Hacks) that should make your earbuds sound better even if the earbuds are disposable or bulky:

HACK 1 – Use Relevant headphone sides to Your Ears

Continuously put the right divert in your right ear and the left direction in your left one, it’s plainly obvious and mostly you are wearing your headphone as such but confirming you are wearing the headphone in the right orientation will guarantee you’re listening to the sound mix (stereo) just as the sound architects intended when they created this sound piece.

HACK 2 – Repositioning Headphone Pads (Ear Cups)

On the off possibility that expecting you are utilizing on-ear headphones and not an in-ear one, then try to move the ear cups slightly like everywhere and check whether the sound improved. Commonly we don’t notice that a slight change could affect the quality.

HACK 3 – Changing The Ear Tips

Consider changing the ear tips of your earbuds, this sometimes affects how the sound is being passed into your ear waterway. At the point when you change the ear tips try to pick different arranged ones and test them, you could in like manner look for different earbuds, for instance, try to utilize super how to further develop your headphones bass.

Earbuds clients ought to invest some energy trying those different sizes of replaceable ear tips that should perfectly fit in their ears comfortably on the grounds that our ears are different in size and shape, so maybe some earbuds products are not suitable for certain people since production organizations intending to create one size earbuds that fit all, which isn’t practical.

But still, for certain people, the standard earbuds with their tips will be fine, but for the rest who are suffering should try out other tips, you may in like manner truly take a gander at my other article 15 Hacks To Stop Earbuds From Exiting While at the same time Running which depicts in certain points how to further foster headphones.

HACK 4 – How Fit Is Your Earbuds In Your Ear Canal

This is another point related to the earbuds tips, to have an optimal sound quality, the tips should make a decent seal on your ear so you get a more clear sound with better bass, this is all on the grounds that our ear waterways have different sizes even between our own left and right ears, so you could try different earbuds tips that come in the group and see which one fits perfectly inside your trench.

HACK 5 – Using Twist Ties To Properly Place Your Earbuds

Accepting you are a jogger or a power walker, it’s most common that you have issues often while running or strolling that the earbuds are not staying perfectly inside your ears thus diminishing the sound quality or even sometimes they nonconformist, to settle this issue and help fix your earbuds decidedly you can try a basic modification by adding a twist-tie to everyone something like in the beneath picture I made.

NOTE: For a complete aide on how to further develop headphones from dropping out is with a money order my other 15 Hacks To Stop Earbuds From Dropping Out While Running which is worth perusing.

HACK 6 – Enhance Audio Bass Of Your Headphone

  • On the off possibility that you are trying to work on the sound quality of your headphone while utilizing your computer, then you can do another trick that can redesign the sound bass of your headphone utilizing the Microsoft windows headphone settings, follow the underneath:Open “Control Board” then snap on “Equipment and Sound” to open the sound talk box.
    Hardware and sound settings
  • Click on the tab “Sound” – a list of available speakers and headphones will appear under “Playback”.Sound settings
  • Right-click on your headphone in the list and select “Properties”.headphone sound properties
  • Click the “Enhancement” tab then on the next page check the box next to “Bass Boost”.bass boost
  • Click on “Apply” and “Ok”.
  • NOTE: Selecting this option will let the lower bass frequencies be greater and accordingly will further develop the headphone sound quality. Additionally, note that not all computers have this option enabled, you might need to install a dedicated program on your PC to tweak the EQ settings.

    In the event that you are utilizing a MAC system, then underneath is how to boost your bass:

    Go to iTunes>Window>Equalizer (or Option<COMMAND 2).

    mac headphone bass boost

  • Then adjust the bass settings or use a ready preset for your favors.
NOTE: Remember, the no. 32 in the above picture alludes to the lowest recurrence (32 Hz) and the 16K is the highest (16 kHz), so to increase the bass you should try the controls of the frequencies 32, 64, and 125 Hz.

HACK 7 – Using A Dedicated Sound Card & Amplifier

As a complementary tip for hack 6 above, this hack could be effective in the event that you are playing music directly from your PC or laptop utilizing the assistant input, in addition to Boost the bass as portrayed above, you can likewise configure the volume blender settings for a better bass response assuming you have a dedicated sound card installed, you could try this great and cheap sound amplifier I guarantee you will feel the distinction in the sound quality.

NOTE: Although tweaking the sound card EQ settings will show some enhancement to your headphone sound quality, but still you might consider utilizing an external enhancer between your PC aux output and your headphone. Why would that be! since headphones mostly have high impedance and a normal sound card aux port might not be to the point of taking care of it perfectly. You want to actually take a look at hack 15 underneath later on for more details.

HACK 8 – Use A Good Media Source Player

In the event that you are one individual who listen to his/her music utilizing a smartphone, then you ought to consider perusing this hack point cautiously.

Smartphones are not considered to be the best media hotspot for great sound sounds, not on the grounds that they aren’t manufactured however great as what they seem to be advertising, but on the grounds that they were intended to serve the clients predominantly as a smartphone including operating system speed, screen resolution, capacity, quality of materials and other factors like weight, body size, just as music and media features, which aren’t the sole motivation behind smartphones making.

So utilizing dedicated portable music players are a lot of strength in terms of sound quality, you might be shocked by how obviously better music sounds with players like Cowon, FiiO, Sony, Astell, and Kern … etc regardless of whether you try the least costly one out of those I mentioned, you could see a sound enormous step up contrasting with the smartphone you have.

HACK 9 – Change Your Headphone’s Pads To Leather Or Velour

On the off possibility that you have a modest headphone, chances are it’s not the most comfortable one that you could have, a couple of modest headphones utilize counterfeit leather in their cushions how to diminish treble in headphones.

For this situation, it is better to supplant your current cushions with ones conveyed with authentic leather or velour, those you can find in many spots online, and nothing is less complex than ordering a few of them and supplanting them with your current ones.

NOTE: In the event that you will see how you can fix or supplant your headphone’s cushions and gatherings at home DIY the basic ways, how to further foster headphone sound quality just continue to check my other tutorial Replace Stripping Headphone Cushions and Band Cushions At Home Easily whether you want to DIY methods or supplanting them with ordered ones from online.

Supplanting your headphone’s earpads is so natural particularly when supplanting them with the new ordered pair, just:

Pull off your current cushions. (Expecting it isn’t being pulled effectively this suggests there might be screws included, just utilize a screwdriver to eliminate them)
Fix the new cushions including a comparative method in the switch.

Presently on the off possibility that you are utilizing earbuds instead of a headphone, it is pretty a comparative concept since when I’m talking about supplanting your ear cushions with better new ones made of Leather or Velour its to give a tighter seal on your ears and thus working on the how-to further develop your headphones bass rand prevent it from pouring out and gives better bass sound.

As a conclusion for this point, reducing any sound spillage from your headphone will give a pleasant bass boost and a better quality sound. That’s the reason dependent on my examination, having your headphones put unreservedly on your ear will give frail sound quality in light of sound spillage brought about by the increased distance between the acoustic drivers and your ears.

HACK 10 – Adjusting Your Mobile EQ Settings

We talked above about how dedicated media players are greatly improved in sound quality than a smartphone offers, but still, assuming you are utilizing your smartphone to listen to music you can do a few tweaks on your smartphone sound settings to boost more bass into your music.


  • For example, for iPhones go to Settings then open the Music tab [Settings > Music].
    iphone settings music
  • Scroll down to the EQ (Equalizer) to view its settings from [Music > EQ].
    iPhone EQ settings
  • Select the Bass Booster then exit the settings and enjoy :).
    iPhone bass boosterSelecting the Bass Booster is a decent method for improving the bass you hear from your earbuds or headphone.

    For Android smartphones:

    Tap on Settings, then go to Sound Settings [Settings > Sound and Notification].
    Tap on Sound Effects.

    android audio effects

  • Adjust your bass low-recurrence settings to boost the bass on your headphones [As detailed in Hack 6 above in regards to low frequencies adjustment].
    NOTE: In order to track down these settings there, you really want first to empower the Sound Effects.

    Applying the above EQ settings in your smartphone will get your low-end frequencies to be upgraded and make the sound quality hotter.

    IMPORTANT: Boosting the bass frequencies ought to be dealt with care as expanding the low-range frequencies to boost the bass might become dim the mid and high reach frequencies and will result in sound muddying, so you ought to adjust the settings slightly along with really looking at the music to see the result.

    Make sure to test the settings over a decent quality music piece.

HACK 11 – Using External Portable Headphone Amplifier

Utilizing an external portable speaker is a way how to further foster headphone sound quality directly to your media player gadget and it works better with great quality headphones, those enhancers give sufficient current to the headphones and work on the overall sound.

For what reason does an external headphone speaker have an effect? since it has benefits to update the sound quality like:

A portable speaker has a dedicated control screen where tweaking the treble, bass output, and harmony.
NOTE: Utilizing an external speaker to tweak the EQ is far superior to tweaking the EQ settings on your computer or phone.
It gives plenty of ability to drive your headphones and make their impedance higher in sound performance.

how to increase sound quality of headphones

Incidentally, in view of my exploration, you will be flabbergasted what a major distinction this external amplifier can transfer your headphone to an unheard-of level by boosting its bass to a perfect level, so as a conclusion, utilizing a dedicated external speaker is consistently a decent decision for better sound quality otherwise, you’ll sabotage what your headphone can get out of it.

At last, on the off chance that you have high impedance headphones, you want a speaker with more voltage swing, but with low impedance headphones an intensifier with more current capacity, and lower output impedance. To dive more deeply into low and high impedance headphones you will track down that large number of details beneath at hack 15.

HACK 12 – Clear Your Ear Wax

I know this sounds stupid to remember for this article but I intended to add it in light of the fact that there are many individuals out there utilizing their earbuds on an everyday schedule, and since earbuds are utilized to be set inside the channel of human ears, ear wax is commonly created on account of utilizing earbuds for a long time.

So having ear wax inside your ear channel (assuming this is pertinent to your case) might not let you partake in the genuine quality of your earbuds or over-ear headphone either by impeding the waterway way or letting your earbuds slide out of your ears causing your earbuds not to be fixed well in your ears.

Ear wax likewise can be built up inside your ear assuming you use to clean your ear utilizing cotton buds, this is totally wrong to do dependent on what doctors are prompting cause the wax might be pushed within your ear channel towards your eardrum and hindering it.

In a conclusion, anyone who could encounter issues with earbuds like not an unmistakable sound or so ought to consider really looking at his ears for wax and clean them with the guide of doctors.

HACK 13 – Using Earplugs, DIY Sound Proof Your Earbuds

Not all earbuds are made with great soundproofing, soundproof earbuds are way better-how to further foster headphone sound quality giving isolation and better sound quality that you are looking for.

So for this hack, there is an extremely straightforward and basic method for creating your earbuds soundproof at home utilizing several froth earplugs. to make these DIY earbuds follow the beneath:

Crunch this foam earplug into a hotcake shape.
Utilize a mechanical pen to make an opening through it. (we make the opening to let the sound pass through)
Spot and push the earplug over your earbuds.

Now you can enjoy listening to better quality music using your new handmade soundproof earbuds.

HACK 14 – Listen To Songs From Audio CD For Better Quality

To work on your bass response and as a rule listening experience then you want to go for a sound Plate. Listening to music from sound Albums are far superior to listening utilizing mp3 or AAC documents in terms of quality, mp3 and other sound record formats created by software by pressing the original sound records whether from a sound Plate or from a source WAV document, and save it as mp3 or AAC documents.

NOTE: AAC document format utilized by Apple iTunes, however still it’s not tantamount to the sound Cd top type or an original WAV record format of the sound record.

The thought behind the compression is to how to reduce treble in headphones the sound record size and trying to put however much quality as could reasonably be expected into the smallest size as could truly be expected, and the quality depends upon the codec that is utilized just as the amount of the sound bit rate. For instance, AAC files stand for Advanced Sound Coding which represents the codec name which is a lossy compression codec and the record extension for such a coded document is M4A which stands for MPEG4 Sound, while MP3 is the document format of its codec while the codec is either MPEG-2 Sound Layer III or MPEG-1 Sound Layer III.

So expecting you to try to boost the bass on mp3 Low-quality audio records, can make your bass feel messy and bloated as may be obvious.

All of the recently mentioned sound record types are lossy in quality since they intend to pack the original sound document, but for WAV documents which stand for Waveform Sound Document, how to further foster headphone sound quality this type of sound record normally known as unrefined and typically uncompressed, and its sound quality is close to another sound document format FLAC which stands Free of charge Lossless Sound Codec, so those two sound record types are extremely great in terms of sound but with greater document size.

Returning to our hack, sound Compact plates store the sound documents in a format called CDA which is an uncompressed record format created from a wellspring of WAV documents, thus the quality of the original sound records that originally conveyed won’t be compromised and that’s the reason listening to music from a Cd will definitely show a major distinction in our headphone listening experience.

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HACK 15 – Upgrade Your Headphone

Expecting to be still, you are intending to purchase another headphone or earbuds, then you ought to painstakingly consider the information about low impedance and high impedance headphones before you purchase any headphones.

Impedance is an exceptionally technical term that incorporates mathematical equations and planning information that cannot be unveiled effectively to average clients, but generally speaking, you truly want to understand that impedance is related to the type of gadgets that you will connect and think cautiously with, there ought to be matching with both impedance specs how to reduce treble in headphones and all around to make it work appropriately.

There are two types of headphones impedance:

Low impedance headphones: Impedance between 8 – 25 Ω ohm, you might check my best headphone ever which is suitable for all occasions, situations, and use .. scrutinize more about it here Koss Port Pro.
High impedance headphones: impedance from 32 ω ohm or more.

Most low impedance headphones require little power from media gadgets to convey high sound levels while high impedance headphones require more ability to convey high sound levels, for instance, the low impedance ones work well with media gadgets, for instance, smartphones, portable players … etc while the high impedance headphones are all over-protected from being hurt when working with over-trouble power sources and can be utilized with a more extensive extent of sound and sound equipment, and that’s what the professionals are utilizing in their studios.

How To Know

What Impedance My Headphone Has?

Essentially take a gander at your headphone’s crate for details as shown in the beneath photo I took for one of my new headphones I bought recently or accepting you don’t have your headphone box anymore you could basically Google your headphone’s picture and model for further details.

headphone impedance specs

NOTE: If you are expecting to buy an exceptionally high impedance headphone of, for instance, more than 100 Ω or 200 ω you ought to achieve more exploration before you get it on what type of sound equipment it ought to be working with, or at least you should buy an external intensifier to utilize it safely with low impedance gadgets.
IMPORTANT!: Do not utilize low impedance headphones or earbuds with high strong media gadgets, chances are great that while extending the volume up would blow the headphones out.

In conclusion, Accepting you are utilizing portable gadgets like mobile phones, mp3 players or even your pc or tablet then go for low impedance headphones. Accepting you are intending to have a more exceptional how to further develop your headphones bass, better to go with high impedance headphones but recollect, you ought to have an external intensifier to get that.

Is The Headphone’s Sound Quality-Related To Its Price?

No, but for the most part it could be, not all low-evaluated headphones have terrible quality particularly when the cost is acceptable and not really low as 10$ for instance, though you truly want to test them out to find and check their quality accordingly.

But for costly headphones, definitely, they produce excellent sound, and it’s worth buying on the off possibility that you are a sound quality addict to include them after a long enough timeline.

How To Buy The Right Headphone For Best Quality The Logical Way?

Expecting you intend to buy a decent new headphone you ought to consider not only the worth reach, or sound bass and sharp highs, but you similarly ought to consider how might you feel while utilizing it, convenience, and how you feel about how great the sound is, this is more important than what the market is suggesting. So try the going with:

1. Put one potential headphone to purchase on your head.
2. Listen to your favorite top-notch music piece.
3. Check your emotional response to the entire involvement with general, recollect your subjective evaluation.
4. Do likewise with other potential headphones you are searching for.
Presently, when you have two or three headphones that give you close emotional responses, you better select the modest one.

On the off possibility that you are the type of person who boasts about the brand and cost of headphones, you could skirt the above reasonable steps and proceed to get some costly headphones.

With respect to myself, I’m a computer and telecommunications engineer who graduated from the university in 2001 and from here on out I had a long profession in telecommunications planning in different fields, thus my understanding of how headphones equipment or sound solutions work is pretty great, but concerning picking the right headphone I care subjectively most about the reasonable quality that I feel while getting a charge out of listening to my favorite music paying little brain to what its worth whether it is high or low evaluated ones. One of my favorite headphones I appreciate utilizing is by Koss I bought it quite a long while back for around $70.


Working on the sound quality of your headphone or earbuds fluctuate between individuals, some they concentrate how plainly it could go, others might focus on how clear the sound is, while others center mostly around how far the bass could be boosted, in all cases, there are ways and methods to achieve all of that been said relatively as we all in all have our own perspective on how to further foster headphones quality and to achieve those improvements you can follow the more than 15 hacks I investigated for you.

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