Huntington Guitars – Are They Good? [Huntington Guitars Review]

Huntington Guitars

Huntington Guitars are perceived as having extraordinary worth and being a good decision for fledglings and understudies. In this article, we will audit the accompanying Huntington Guitars:

  1. GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway Guitar 41-Inch
  2. GFC349 Classical Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar
  3. Acoustic GF39 Full Size Classical Guitar
  4. GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra

Read on to learn more about Huntington Guitars, as well as the specs and features of the most popular models.

GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway Guitar 41-Inch

This GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar from Huntington Guitars is a top pick among novices and middle guitarists. Its elements incorporate the accompanying:

  • 41 inches long
  • Acoustic cutaway guitar
  • Black finish
  • Linden top, back, and sides
  • Maple neck featuring a Catalpa fretboard
  • Catalpa bridge
  • Ping style chrome tuners
  • Comes in various colors including black, red sunburst, natural, and blue sunburst

You can use an Allen key to adjust the mast to the proper angle if needed.


The presence of this guitar model is by and large the manner in which you need an acoustic guitar to resemble. It’s like what we see being played by proficient guitarists performing in front of an audience. However, obviously, incredible guitarists don’t make do with a simple appearance. However, all things being equal, what is important to them is fantastic sound quality.

Sound and Tones

This guitar model has extraordinary highlights, being a full-bodied and rich guitar. This implies that it’s additionally equipped for conveying a full-bodied and rich sound.

For such a reasonable value, this guitar offers a great sound and tone quality. At the point when you attempt it interestingly, you will hear a natural humming sound however this main implies that your fingering may be off. Whenever you have dominated the right finger development, you will not hear any humming sound any longer. All things being equal, you will hear a fresh and clear tone.

Numerous novices pick this guitar model. It assists them with learning the appropriate finger and hand developments. This then, at that point, makes it simpler for them to move to a high-level guitar.


Fledglings may battle a piece playing the GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar as it comes in standard. However, it is an extraordinary practice for them as they get to look into the highlights of the guitars being utilized by proficient guitarists. Have confidence that all its different highlights are easy to understand for amateurs.

Its standard strings are sufficiently good to utter incredible sounds. What’s good with regards to this model is that it stays in order for a significant stretch of time. It is an unquestionable requirement purchase for fledglings as well as in any event, for transitional and progressed guitarists.

Assuming there’s any disadvantage to this model, it’s most likely the absence of adornments like a lash or a pick. In any case, you can find those frills on the web.

Other Huntington GA41 Models

The GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar isn’t the main guitar model under Huntington Guitars’ GA41 Series. Among the different models are the Huntington GA41-NT Acoustic Guitar and the Huntington GA41-TS Acoustic Guitar.

While the GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar is the top-rated GA41 model of all, different models are likewise of extraordinary quality. They are likewise great for a wide range of guitarists, from fledglings to prepared performers.

The other GA41 acoustic guitars include conventional battleship-style bodies, permitting them to have a major, intense tone. They have a flexible neck including a support bar which permits them to be viably set up for extreme playability.

Like the other Huntington Guitars models, these are additionally hand-fabricated. Different highlights incorporate chrome hardware, a gleaming finish, and an ABS-bound body and fingerboard. These attributes for sure permit them to have an ageless look.

GFC349 Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar


The GFC349 Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Huntington Guitars is another great Huntington model. Its specs include the following:

  • Spruce top material
  • Zebra wood body material
  • Rosewood neck material
  • Zebra wood back material
  • Rosewood fretboard material
  • Four band active EQ PREAMP guitar pickup configuration
  • Nylon string material
  • Under saddle guitar bridge
  • Comes in three different colors including black, exotic zebra, and starburst

Appearance, Sound, and Ease of Use

Indeed, even proficient guitarists are intrigued with the presence of the GFC349 Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This guitar model shows that Huntington Guitars really has extraordinary meticulousness. Starting from the body to its neck, this guitar is without a doubt fine created utilizing Rosewood, Mahogany, Zebrawood, and Spruce.

The tonewoods are joined to guarantee that this model will make awesome and delightful sounds.

Its four Band Active EQ frameworks permit the performer to plug it into an enhancer or a PA framework easily. This guitar model additionally includes a cutaway body that gives effective admittance to the upper frets.

This guitar model doesn’t just look good. It is likewise a superb sort of guitar for stage or solo execution.

Acoustic GF39 Full Size Classical Guitar


The Acoustic GF39 Full Size Classical Guitar is a superb choice for all types of guitarists. Its specs include the following:

  • Comes in full size
  • Right hand orientation
  • Nylon string material
  • Catalpa fretboard material
  • Basswood back material
  • Catalpa wood neck material
  • Classical body material
  • Basswood top material
  • Comes in various colors including black, blonde, starburst, and vintage

Appearance, Sound, and Ease of Use

If you’re searching for noteworthy sound, solace, and superior grade, the Acoustic GF39 Full Size Classical Guitar has everything for you. This is valued by novices as well as even by halfway and progressed guitarists. How might they not love this acoustic guitar? You can have every one of the incredible characteristics at such a reasonable cost.

To far better like its sound quality, Huntington Guitars ensured that you can plug it into a speaker or a PA framework to partake in an ultimate acoustic guitar playing experience.

Huntington Guitars likewise ensured that every last trace of its elements add to its general appearance and sound quality. That incorporates the nylon strings and the various kinds of wood used to fabricate it.

GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra


Let’s now take a look at the features of the GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra. But first, let’s look at its specs:

  • Right hand orientation
  • Steel string material
  • S guitar pickup configuration
  • Basswood top material
  • Rosewood fretboard material
  • Basswood back material
  • Maple neck material
  • Basswood body material
  • Zebra-inspired color and design

Appearance, Sound, and Ease of Use

The GE139-ZB unit accompanies a substitution E string, a pick, a link, a tie, and a gig sack. This GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra is one of the most outstanding Huntington electric guitars presented on the lookout. It includes a proper extension with flexible seats.

It additionally includes fixed tuners, has one volume and two tone controls, and a 5-way switch. This model additionally includes three single loop pickups for the neck, center, and scaffold positions.

With this multitude of highlights, Huntington Guitars for sure profoundly focused on the accommodation of playing this guitar. It additionally ensured that it will create eminent sound quality. Without a doubt, any individual who will play this guitar model will appreciate making beautiful music.

At such a reasonable value, this GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra is certainly a good purchase!

Who Makes Huntington Guitars?

Huntington is a known manufacturer of various types of guitars in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Its place of business is in Bell Gardens, California. While it has a manufacturing facility in California, some people in the musical instrument industry say that it also probably has a plant in China. This is, however, not confirmed.

Reliability of Huntington Guitars

Huntington guitars are durable items. They are additionally shockingly weighty for instruments at such a low cost. At the end of the day, while these guitars are sold at a modest value, the materials used to make them don’t come modest by any means. Simultaneously, craftsmanship isn’t by any stretch of the imagination of the modest quality as well.

Despite their modest value, these guitars have a phenomenal plan, sound quality, and in general execution. In this way, giving solace and genuine serenity for all purchasers and clients.

The vast majority of the Huntington guitars come in standard. Assuming you are little or light, the method is to observe the ideal playing position for you. However at that point, all artists, paying little mind to their tallness, consistently observe the most agreeable situation before they begin playing. This implies that your little size ought not be a joking matter by any stretch of the imagination.

Conclusion – Huntington Guitars Review

The guitars manufactured by Huntington Guitars carry a high level of quality and specifications. Huntington Guitars has developed a great reputation for manufacturing guitars for beginners or more advanced players.

In this article, we reviewed the following products from Huntington Guitars:

  1. GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway Guitar 41-Inch
  2. Acoustic GF39 Full Size Classical Guitar
  3. GFC349 Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  4. GE139-ZB Electric Guitar Zebra

While every one of these has extraordinary characteristics, the one that stands apart best is the GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar.

At such a low cost and with such incredible specs and highlights, it seems like the GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar is unrealistic. Be that as it may, it is all evident and you will get the best incentive for your cash.

This just demonstrates that the cost isn’t dependably the premise of premium quality. While picking the right guitar for you, the main variables to search for are sound quality and solace.

Concerning all the Huntington guitars, their sound quality is incredibly high. They certainly beat numerous guitars that are significantly more exorbitant than the items produced by Huntington.

Huntington guitars all have an extraordinary completion, have dependable tuners, are strong, and are altogether solid. Every one of them is demonstrated to be dependable. Additionally, with a selection of completions accessible, you have the chance to tweak your guitar however much you might want. Obviously, they are the best financial plan guitars available.

In this way, assuming you’ve been attempting to search for the best guitar for you, remember to look at Huntington guitars. Even better, look at GA41C-BK Acoustic Cutaway 41-Inch Guitar.


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