Jaybird X2 Earphones Review

Jaybird X2 Earphones Review

Contemplating whether the Jaybird X2 earbuds are something for you? We’ve reviewed a couple of these and here’s the beginning and end we found with regards to Jaybird X2 Earphones Review.

Jaybird X2 Earphones Review

Considering purchasing the Jaybird X2 headphones?

Having your cherished jam playing behind the scenes is an extraordinary method for raising the spirit and getting that additional set in the rec center or that additional lap when you’re out running.

The beneficial influence of music on your performance while exercising isn’t just bro-science either; it’s been proven time and again.

In any case, it’s regularly not quite so natural as it sounds assuming that you need to utilize headphones, and the vast majority of us do. Wired headphones are a genuine aggravation to use in the rec center and, at any rate, imperfect for running. You additionally need headphones that won’t move once you fit them in your ears.

Indeed, even wireless arrangements aren’t consistently amazing on the grounds that the transmission in some less expensive models can be tremendously horrendous when there’s bunches of development.

Fortunately, we’ve observed the ideal headphones that aren’t burdened by any of this stuff.

Enter Jaybird X2:

NameJaybird X2
TypeIn-ear headphones
Dimensions7.3 x 2 x 4.8 inches (18.5 x 5 x 12.2 cm)
Weight0.66 pounds (0.3 kg)
Driver size6 mm
Wireless technologyBluetooth 2.1

Design Philosophy

The Jaybird X2 is a correction on the stunningly famous Jaybird Bluebuds X, a couple of wireless in-ear sports headphones that blew away the opposition when they were first delivered in 2012. Slice to three years after the fact and the society at Jaybird concluded it was the ideal opportunity for an update.

Seeing as they previously had a champ in the first Bluebuds X, the organization chose to follow an ‘assuming it ain’t broke’ plan theory, keeping all that worked while making upgrades where there was space for them. The majority of the progressions were contained to the headphones’ inner parts, trading in old advancements for new ones that had surfaced in the three years between the send-offs of these two items.

One next to the other, in any case, the Bluebuds X and the X2 look basically the same, despite the fact that it’s not as though there weren’t any visual updates. First off, the X2 headphones arrive in an arrangement of five tones rather than the first’s paired choice and the polished completion was supplanted with a matte one. These new shading mixes are distinguishingly sporty without being too eye catching.

The extra gear that accompanies the more current adaptation is likewise better.

The new conveying case got a truly necessary redo, as the bygone one had a bracing component that was hard to deal with. In any case, what’s much more significant is that, notwithstanding the three sets of ear balances, you presently get three sets of the two silicones and Comply froth tips, one of each in little, medium and enormous sizes.

A Tight Fit

As we’ve as of now referenced, these are sports headphones. Throwing a tantrum is dependably significant with in-ear headphones to take into consideration the best commotion disconnection and ensuing best generally speaking sound. In sports headphones, this angle is stressed considerably further, considering that the headphones need to remain solidly fixed regardless of all the jolting, shaking and bouncing that is happening around them.

Jaybird loaded these headphones with size adaptable ear blades and ear tips which is as it should be. Because of this, most clients will actually want to track down an ideal choice for themselves albeit the course of experimentation to arrive can be tedious. Once immovably on, not so much as a quake could shake these headphones out of your ears.

There is a slight possibility that you won’t track down a fit that is ideally suited for you regardless of the tip and blade mix yet this happens seldom.


Strength is fundamental with regards to sports headphones and the X2 doesn’t frustrate. Not exclusively is the outside strong enough to oversee being dropped occasionally, yet the headphones are likewise water-impervious for sure. Couple this with the lifetime guarantee against sweat and you have yourself a couple of headphones that will last you numerous years.

Moreover, the battery life on this thing is stunning. Eight hours may not be anything noteworthy with regards to on-ear and over-ear wireless headphones, however considering that these are in-ear headphones where the battery needs to fit in the minuscule plastic in the right earbud, this is out and out staggering.

Likewise, it takes simply a few hours to charge through the miniature USB charging port that is pressed perfectly into the right earbud. This will, in any case, differ contingent upon what you plug the opposite finish of the link into since it doesn’t accompany its own power supply.

The Cable

The last thing we need to move before we continue on to sound quality is the link. Clearly, these are wireless headphones so we aren’t discussing a 3.5 mm jack link or even the miniature USB charging link. What we mean is the link that is interfacing the right earbud with the left.

Oddly enough, it’s 540 millimeters in length. This isn’t preposterous, yet at over a large portion of a meter, or very nearly two feet maybe, there will undoubtedly be an inordinate measure of the link that is only there to hang around. Honestly, you really do get a few link cuts that you can use to stack the overabundance link, however, it’s a long way from being a rich arrangement. Basically, it’s knot safe.

The link additionally sports a flawless in-line regulator close to one side earbud that has an amplifier and three buttons for taking, finishing, and dismissing calls, controlling volume, exchanging among melodies, and, obviously, turning the headphones on and off.

Sound Quality

Assuming you’ve possessed a Bluebird X then you basically know what’s in store in regards to sound quality. Little on the off chance that anything was changed here, yet this is something worth being thankful for. The mark sound figures out how to remain clear all through without being level.

The bass is somewhat complemented however not overemphasized. Except if you love feeling your music beat in your chest, this shouldn’t be an issue. It likewise helps keep the mids above water so it was certainly the best decision.

What normally happens is that the mids get overwhelmed, however this isn’t something you need to stress over with the X2, as there is an even spread across frequencies. In addition, the highs are incredible. There is some roll-off, obviously, these are later all in-ear headphones, however, it’s kept inside sensible cutoff points, which can’t be said for some in-ear headphones.

The sign is additionally astonishing, effectively interfacing at 30 feet. However long your telephone is in your pocket or positioned close by. shouldn’t definitely dislike obstruction in any event, when bouncing around in the rec center.

Considering these, we can certainly give the sound somewhere around a 9 out of 10, yet that is provided that you figure out how to see as the right fit If not, the bass will clearly lose what oomph it has and all the other things will be pointless.


What makes the Jaybird X2 the best wireless sports headphones isn’t the sound quality, despite the fact that it’s most certainly present. It’s not the mind-blowing battery life and toughness either, despite the fact that they don’t do any harm. Nor is it the length to which the society at Jaybird went to guarantee that these headphones will cozily fit however many ears as could be expected under the circumstances.

The Jaybird X2 had these things even back when it was sent off at $200. They were costly sports headphones, albeit the cost was advocated from the beginning. Yet, the way that you can get them now for close to a large portion of that cost truly makes them the best and most expense-productive wireless headphones for working out.

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