Moondrop Kanas Pro Review

Moondrop Kanas Pro Review

The Moondrop Kanas Pro Review and it has a ton of publicity behind it, yet is the promotion genuine or simply a consequence of swollen advertising? Discover in this review!

Moondrop Kanas Pro Review

Established in 2015, Moondrop is as yet a generally new organization, yet their products as of now appreciate incredible achievement.

The Kanas Pro is seemingly the most well-known gadget put out by the organization, as it has overwhelmed the earbuds market in the 150-200$ territory.

However, is there any genuine substance behind this enormous achievement, or have incredible promoting and a stunning outside figured out how to beat all chances?

Let’s find out!

NameMoondrop Kanas Pro
ConnectionWired 3.5mm
DriverDynamic 10mm
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity110dB @ 1kHz
Impedance32Ω @ 1kHz


It ought to be obvious that the Moondrop Kanas Pro is perhaps the most beautiful pair of earbuds we’ve reviewed. The chrome cases made of a zinc-magnesium compound don’t neglect to help us to remember valuable jewels, what with the manner in which they mirror light. It’s a disgrace this intelligent property can’t be caught in the entirety of its stunning wonder on a photograph, yet even without it, few could contend against the feel introduced here.

This stances one problem, nonetheless – the chrome case is a true blue finger impression magnet!

On the other hand, we think that it is bizarre that the wires are significantly more average looking. We don’t intend to say that the twisted 8-center link doesn’t have its own allure, however close to the case it looks somewhat odd. Fortunately, this doesn’t take away from the general show.

The inside of the capsule also features some impressive tech. Most notably, the single 10mm dynamic driver features a DLC Diamond Carbon diaphragm. Supposedly, this material lets the diaphragm operate more efficiently.

At face esteem, we’re leaned to accept this is valid, as the driver is equipped for reproducing extremely quick and itemized sounds across all frequencies. Nonetheless, since this is as yet another innovation that hasn’t been highlighted in numerous products, we’ll need to hold back to get a bigger example size prior to making any conclusive cases about its viability.

Notwithstanding, the form quality here is faultless, making extreme and strong materials look more pleasant and shinier than ever.


You can’t arrive at this degree of standard achievement except if your product is agreeable to wear.

You can do it without serious sound quality. You can even do it without a showy plan, as clear by many financial plan earbuds.

However, to have your product sell this well while costing this much, it can’t be tormented with any solace issues. The Moondrop Kanas Pro is the ideal illustration of how to do this right.

Its spouts are undeniably longer than on most IEMs, however we feel that this is unequivocally the motivation behind why they sit so well. Without a doubt, you’ll need to utilize proper ear tips for all of this to function as planned. The Kanas Pro comes packaged with four sets of various estimated ear tips – not an immense number, but rather all that anyone could need to fulfill the necessities of most clients.

Obviously, we as a whole have various ears. Some might observe that these more extended spouts don’t take into account a steady fit with the included ear tips. For this situation, choosing twofold spine tips is probably going to fix the issue. On the off chance that this proves to be the situation, we strongly suggest looking at this aide for picking the best ear tips for you.

Additionally, the pliant link is intended to be wrapped behind the ear and, surprisingly, it holds the ideal shape with no issues.


It’s been proven that you don’t require mind-boggling sound quality to have a raving success – the early Beats gadgets are the most renowned illustration of this.

Yet, we’re glad to say that this just isn’t true with the Moondrop Kanas Pro. These earbuds sound inconceivably great.

In the event that we needed to portray the general sound impression in a single word, it would need to be perfect.

It’s additionally fascinating how the sound shows up practically unbiased from the start, however, it includes a somewhat U-molded tuning, giving it more personal. Along these lines, it’s ready to mix the fair impartiality found in audiophile gadgets with a touch of fun and fervor that relaxed shoppers need and need.

The mids are the champion recurrence range here. Albeit marginally recessed because of the U-molded tuning, the mids are really perfect, with immaculate vocals and completely clear instruments.

The bass is quick and exact. It could utilize somewhat more punchiness, however, it compensates for this with rich detail. Regardless, it establishes a strong framework for the general listening experience while never interfering with different frequencies.

To the extent high pitch goes, there’s very little to say. This is the place where the energy kicks in, but at the same time, it’s the most unremarkable recurrence range. This isn’t to say it’s terrible – we don’t have any substantial reactions. It’s simply equipped.

This reasonable sound is made all the better gratitude to extraordinary sound imaging, a wide and profound soundstage, and some amazing instrument partition.

Something final to note is that the stomach has a fairly long 100-hour consume-in period. So assuming you observe the sound somewhat missing from the get go, do remember that it improves.


All things considered, the Moondrop Kanas Pro appears to be a crushing hit on all fronts – it sports a fantastic plan, both as far as visuals and assembles quality; it doesn’t get any less familiar to wear in any event, during long listening meetings; it has the sound quality to match all the other things.

The way that it just depends on a solitary powerful driver to arrive at this degree of value is maybe the most amazing part of it.

Nonetheless, it’s likewise a fairly barebones gadget.

Besides the exceptional stomach, the Kanas Pro has no highlights to discuss. Furthermore, it doesn’t accompany any frill, which is surprising given its cost.

This drives us to this assessment – the Moondrop Kanas Pro is a great pair of earbuds when seen in a vacuum.

In any case, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists in a profoundly immersed earbuds market, filled to the edge with serious gadgets, the majority of which offer more.

Presently allowed, we’re not saying that the Kanas Pro does not merit the buy. Its interesting development and sound are to the point of conveying it for some clients.

However, assuming there’s anything about it that isn’t exactly as you would prefer (the bass, for instance), you shouldn’t make any compromises – there’s a gadget out there that is ideally suited for you, we’re certain of it. That is the means by which soaked and how serious the market is.

And if you want some extra features (like active noise canceling), you would also fare better looking elsewhere.

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