Samsung Akg N200 Review

Samsung Akg N200 Review

The Samsung Akg N200 Review goes for $150 while offering just barebones highlights. In any case, is its sound quality amazing to the point of compensating for this?

Samsung Akg N200 Review

AKG is a brand with a proven track record and loads of goodwill behind it.

The organization has acquired this standing by conveying great sound at considerably more sensible costs than their opposition.

Yet, while you can expect all that AKG puts out to be capable, not all that they contact goes to gold, leaving their portfolio with a couple of gadgets that make you scratch your head and marvel:

Is this worth the effort?

In most such cases, the response isn’t yes or no. It lies in the center, where the gadget is totally worth the effort yet for a quite certain interest group, likewise with the AKG N60.

In this way, we should see whether the AKG N200 is worth the effort for anybody, nobody, or simply a particular few.


NameAKG N200
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1
Driver8.6mm dynamic driver
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency range20Hz – 20kHz


samsung akg n200 review

The AKG N200 is a couple of wireless earbuds that retail for about $150. They aren’t accurate wireless earbuds, mind you – you’ve actually got an interlaced wire associating one earpiece to the next. This by itself is to the point of causing them to feel dated, which you’ll find is a common subject with these earbuds.

All things considered, the actual gadget is genuinely light, tipping the scales at just shy of 16 grams with the link. It’s accessible in three shading choices – dark, blue, and green. What’s more it additionally comes loaded with a great deal of treats, similar to the four distinctive measured sets of ear tips, a hard conveying case, and surprisingly a cleaning device.

The earpieces include little ear wings that assist with letting some free from the strain that the earbuds would somehow or another spot on the ear trench, accordingly making them more agreeable to use for expanded meetings.

The harmony includes a fold that you can use to fix or slacken it. This is a convenient element to have, particularly while practicing where you would somehow rapidly become irritated at the link banging into your neck like you were a pony with reins.

It’s likewise worth focusing on that the metal lodgings on the earpieces are attractive, permitting you to stick the two earpieces together and wear the earbuds like a neckband when you’re not utilizing them. The fold, alongside the magnets and the interlaced link, make the N200 a couple of earbuds that can be utilized in a wide range of ways.

The link likewise houses an in-line control unit that capacities as a three-button all-inclusive remote. It tends to be utilized to enter blending mode (a LED marker light will tell you when you’ve done this accurately), to control the playback and volume, etc.

The volume all over buttons is very much isolated, which means you will not at any point wind up inadvertently squeezing one over the other. What’s more, since they utilize real fastens, you can crank the volume up or down quickly. This in-line control unit additionally houses a receiver, yet all at once to a greater degree toward that later.


The AKG N200 can go for a decent 8 hours of playback without expecting to re-energize.

At the hour of its delivery, this battery life was good, it’s actually held up today.

What makes it stunningly better is the incorporation of quick charging, which will net you an entire hour of playback for only 10 minutes of charging. Once more, this is anything but an amazing sum, however at that point once more, the N200 depends on an unremarkable Micro-USB link for charging.


In the same way as other AKG gadgets, the N200 doesn’t come stacked with plenty of elements.

It does, be that as it may, have some exceptionally helpful elements. For instance, it upholds SBC, AAC, and aptX, so you can appreciate great sound regardless of the wireless association.

As for the connection, however, you’re stuck with Bluetooth 4.1, which – like the Micro-USB association – was at that point becoming obsolete when these earbuds were first delivered. In any case, the association is as yet solid and stays stable for around 7 meters, which isn’t excessively decrepit.

What may be generally significant, nonetheless, is the way that the N200 can be associated with different gadgets simultaneously. Also exchanging between gadgets is not difficult to do because of the natural controls.

Obviously, assuming you would rather avoid controlling the earbuds physically, you can generally default back to a voice partner. The N200 works with all voice partners, paying little mind to the working arrangement of the gadget it’s associated with.

What’s more concerning the amplifier, we can’t actually express any beneficial things about it other that we’re happy it’s there just so you can give orders to voice associates. In any case, utilizing the in-line amplifier for standard calls may lead the individual on the opposite stopping point to consider doing unspeakable things to you with the very harmony interfacing the two earpieces together.


Presently you may be believing that in the wake of loading the N200 with a lot of obsolete specialists the sound quality will convey something really tremendous.

Tragically, the truth is substantially less stupendous.

The N200 sounds great. That is all we need to say. We’ve yet to hear an AKG gadget that doesn’t sound great. What’s more not to name any names, but rather in reality as we know it where individuals make a special effort to purchase in vogue earbuds that don’t sound great, we could absolutely utilize all the more great-sounding earbuds.

Specifically, the bass here is truly noteworthy, as it figures out how to venture to profound into the lower frequencies with lucidity and accuracy. All the more critically, the bass doesn’t sound great to the detriment of different frequencies, as it never violates its limits. This implies the N200 has a somewhat impartial sounding feel to it that works out positively for a wide range of music sorts while as yet loading a ton of kick with its bass.

In any case, we don’t have a lot to say about the mids and the highs. All things considered, the mids are strong; not a big deal, however nothing to gripe about by the same token. Then again, the highs can wind up sounding cruel. Furthermore, as there are no ways of dabbling with the EQ choices, what you see (or hear, for this situation) is the thing that you get.

We likewise need to compliment the N200 for its wide recurrence range, amazing lucidity, incredible sound confinement, and strong volume. This makes it so you will not need to wrench things up to eleven just to see the value in a portion of the better subtleties in the music you’re paying attention to. This is the sort of thing you shouldn’t at any point do in any case as it tends to be obliterated for your ear wellbeing.

Assuming this sounds great, then, at that point, the main thing you want to pay special attention to is the impedance which the harmony can get effectively when it comes into contact with apparel.


In light of everything, the N200 is a skilled and useful pair of wireless earbuds. Furthermore thinking about what sort of jewels you can find for $150 – both wireless and really wireless-equipped and functional simply don’t cut it.

All things considered, on the off chance that you don’t restrict yourself to AKG’s site, you can find the N200 for way less. At the hour of composing, Amazon had these earbuds recorded at $58. Costing this much, they’re a commendable competitor, with respectable battery life, great codec support, great sound, and multi-network.

If you want extra features, you should look at alternative options. They’re not that hard to find around the $60 mark, but they likely won’t have as strong a foundation as the N200.

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