15 Top Paid Djs of All Time – Best Paid DJs of 2021

Top Paid Djs of All Time

All of you have moved to their beats, chimed in with them, and surprisingly applauded them, yet have you at any point pondered about Top Paid Djs or much your beloved DJ acquires.

A DJ is a VIP, internet star, and furthermore a well known sensation. There is a gigantic fan following for every one of the DJs out there. Therefore, it’s unmistakable they bring in a great deal of cash.

Forbes distributed a rundown that specifies the top-earning DJs this year and the amount they procure.

Here is our form of the rundown which exhibits the top paid DJs of 2021, have a brief glance for yourself.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Chainsmokers
  • 2. Marshmello
  • 3. Calvin Harris
  • 4. Steve Aoki
  • 5. Diplo
  • 6. Tiësto
  • 7. Martin Garrix
  • 8. David Guetta
  • 9. Zedd
  • 10. Armin Van Burren
  • 11. Kaskade
  • 12. Skrillex
  • 13. Alesso
  • 14. Afrojack
  • 15. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DJ Pauly D and DJ Snake

1. The Chainsmokers

Finally the long term dash of Calvin Harris as the best earning DJ was broken and The Chainsmokers, ousted them to procure the primary spot and become the best paid DJ of 2020.

Incidentally, their track, ‘Closer’ featuring Hasley, which likewise moved number one on UK for a long while and the collaborate with Coldplay on ‘Something very much like this’ truly got the job done.

With approx. $46 million in benefit, The Chainsmokers stand tall at the platform this year.


2. Marshmello

You can’t figure his character, however you can certainly find out how much benefit he made for this present year. Marshmello is additionally a novice, however has turned into a set up name over the new years.

He has been reliably trying to rank up in the pioneer sheets of the best earning DJs.

In 2017 he came in at number 8 yet after a year he ascended to the fifth spot. The difficult work paid off and he came to the second spot this year.

Marshmello came in barely shy of $6 million to come on top of this rundown. The absolute benefit Marshmello procures sums to approx. $40 million.

3. Calvin Harris

This name was on top of the pioneer sheets of the best earning DJs since the last six back to back years, however it turns out 2019 simply wasn’t the year for them.

The previous money king of EDM dropped down to number 3 this year and gave a way for The Chainsmokers and Marshmello to ascend.

Notwithstanding the way that his joint effort with Rag’N’Bone Man, ‘Goliath’ was a tremendous achievement, the pre-charge earnings of Calvin Harris adds up to about $38.5 million which isn’t less using any and all means, yet wasn’t enough for securing the first position.

4. Steve Aoki

This name has become very famous during the new years and Steve Aoki has gained a great deal of steadfast fans. This is for the most part because of his hard working attitudes and difficult work.

He has performed north of 200 shows during the scoring time frame and continues to be one of the most dedicated DJs on this rundown.

He was in fourth position last year and it appears he continues to hold it during the current year as well.

On account of his own Faint Imprint record mark, clothing brand and brand underwriting bargains from gigantic brands, for example, Samsung and Diesel, he created a rough gain of about $30 million this year.

5. Diplo

Thomas Wesley Pentz, expertly known as Diplo in the music industry ascended from the seventh position last year to fifth position this year.

He is the co-maker and lead individual from Major Lazer and furthermore a piece of different gatherings and subgroups, eminent ones being LSD with Sia and Labrinth, Jack U with DJ Skrillex and some more.

He additionally deals with his own record organization Distraught Good.

This all made a significant commitment to his benefits and when counted that far sums to approx. $25 million during the current year.


6. Tiësto

This Dutch DJ and record maker, takes in the sixth put on this rundown. He has been getting exceptionally well known during late years.

He passes by the industry name Tiësto, but his complete name is Tijs Michiel Verwest. Tiësto is a prime supporter of Dark Opening Recording with Arny Bink. His most recent remix of “Strong but fair affection” a recognition for the late DJ Avicii turned out to be very famous among aficionados of both the DJs.

The absolute income produced by Tiësto this year adds up to about $24 million.

7. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is one of the most famous DJs in the world and an ordinary name on this rundown. You may have known him for his famous tracks, for example, ‘Creatures’, ‘For the sake of Adoration’ and so forth

The development of his profession can be credited to his exhibitions at different live concerts. He performed at the Ultra Live event Australia and headlined Tomorrowland Winter, in France.

His all out created income is $19 million during the current year.

8. David Guetta

This French DJ, is likewise a leading DJ in the EDM industry and a famous name among the group. Same as last year, he retains the eighth position this year as well.

David Guetta has sold more than 9 million collections and 30 million singles worldwide. He is known for collaborating with different famous specialists, for example, Martin Garrix, Sia and so on A portion of his new tunes including ‘Stay’ and ‘Never Be Distant from everyone else’ appreciated great worldwide achievement.

The all out pre-charge earnings of David Guetta adds up to approx. $19 million.

9. Zedd

Taking in the ninth position is Zedd. Anton Zaslavsky, who usually passes by the name of Zedd in the music industry is a German-Russian DJ and record maker.

He gained a ton of ubiquity and fan following in the UK with his hit single Clearness featuring FOXES. His new coordinated effort was with Katy Perry and delivered a hit single ‘365’.

His complete income produced for this present year adds up to around $17 million.

10. Armin Van Burren

Armin Van Burren is a Dutch DJ from South Holland. He began with a public broadcast called “Territory of Daze” which impelled his profession in the music industry.

Armin Van Burren additionally holds a record of most sections on US Board Dance/Electronic Collections outline. His most recent delivery, ‘Forlorn For You’ featuring Bonnie McKee was a significant hit.

Armin Van Burren created an absolute income of $15 million this year.

11. Kaskade

Ryan Gary Raddon, is an American DJ who passes by the industry name of Kaskade. He is really famous in the states with many hit tracks under his name. His new track, ‘On Your Mind’ delighted in a significant accomplishment with more than 5 million perspectives on YouTube.

Kaskade remains on eleventh situation on this rundown with absolute assessed earnings of about $14 million.

12. Skrillex

Skrillex is one more famous and recurring name on this rundown. Sonny John Moore, who passes by the stage name of Skrillex in the industry scored twelfth situation on this rundown.

He began as a lead singer in the band “From First to Keep going” and afterward went on performance. He has won 8 Grammy Grants and holds the record of most Grammy’s won by an EDM craftsman.

The absolute earnings of Skrillex as of this current year adds up to about $13 million.

13. Alesso

This Swedish DJ and record maker is one of the more youthful DJs to come to this rundown. He has teamed up with different industry pioneers, for example, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and so forth and has made a serious name for himself. He has additionally acted in different live events like Tomorrowland.

Alesso protected thirteenth situation on this rundown with in general assessed benefit of about $12 million.

14. Afrojack

Scratch van de Divider, usually known by his stage name Afrojack is a Dutch DJ and remixer. He is consistently included in the top 10 on the rundown of top 100 DJs distributed by DJ Mag.

He teamed up with David Guetta on ‘Hello Mom’ additionally featuring Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha.

Afrojack came to the fourteenth situation on this rundown by earning an all out benefit of around $12.5 million.

15. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DJ Pauly D and DJ Snake

The fifteenth position is a tie as this multitude of DJs have acquired roughly equivalent benefits. They each made about $11.5 million benefit this year. Therefore the fifteenth position is held by every one of these specialists.


So these were the top 15 DJs who made the rundown of the best paid DJs of 2020. Do take a note that these figures are gauges gotten from details from Nielsen, Pollstar, Bandsintown and Songkick just as interviews from the stars themselves.

These are not the slightest bit the specific figures and it likewise doesn’t deduct the executives charges and other costs.

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