Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

Need earbuds with a legitimate receiver? Presently you can get them with the Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review. The mic works extraordinary on all stages with the exception of one. turtle beach battle buds review

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

Despite the fact that they aren’t quite as omnipresent as gaming headsets, gaming earbuds aren’t actually a curiosity. Razor, HyperX, CoolerMaster, Sennheiser, Sony – these are only a portion of the makers that have fiddled with making gaming earbuds.

In any case, which isolates gaming earbuds from normal earbuds isn’t the element that we as a whole long for, which is the mouthpiece quality. All things considered, they gloat highlights like low-inertness modes and a few gaming-accommodating presets and you can trade between.

Presently, we’re not saying that these highlights aren’t cool, yet they simply aren’t to the point of making up for the distinction in mic quality among headsets and earbuds. In spite of the best endeavors on piece of the makers, the mouthpieces on most gaming earbuds just aren’t noteworthy at all.

But Turtle Beach is looking to add some much-needed innovation to gaming earbuds with their Battle Buds, which feature a detachable boom microphone!

Simply a look at the Battle Buds uncovered all that we’ve been missing in gaming earbuds up until this point. In any case, good thoughts don’t generally track down a home in similarly incredible items What’s more considering to be the Battle Buds retail for just $30, chances are these earbuds won’t be a distinct advantage.

By and by, we should investigate what’s in the engine and what you can hope to escape this stunningly creative item.


NameTurtle Beach Battle Buds
Connection3.5mm wired
Frequency range20Hz – 20kHz
Drivers10mm Neodymium magnets


turtle beach battle buds review

The primary thing to note is that the Turtle Beach Battle Buds are without a doubt bulkier than your run of the mill wired earbuds. They look a smidgen more like genuine remote earbuds with unmistakable lodgings on each bud. In evident remote models, these are utilized to oblige batteries, yet here they simply hold the drivers and the jack for the separable amplifier.

Since there are no batteries included, the Battle Buds aren’t so weighty as they look. They likewise use ear wings to keep the buds from getting out of your ear. When you observe the right ear tips and ear wings for your ear (and there are three sets to browse), the Battle Buds stay safely set up.

They won’t get out paying little mind to the amount you shake your head, yet they will feel like they’re hanging out a little, which can be disrupting from the start.

The Battle Buds are accessible in two shading variations – dark and silver (where just the logo is in silver) and white and greenish-blue (where the logo, ear wings, and link are generally blue-green). We’d venture to such an extreme as to depict the dark and silver variation as moderate and subtle with the exception of that the huge lodgings definitely stand out to themselves when they’re being worn.

Their strange plan is relieved fairly by the way that Apple has effectively got us used to abnormal-looking earbuds with models like the AirPods Pro. By the by, the Battle Buds truly do stand out, despite the fact that the all-dark variation is generally rather moderate.

Obviously, when you plug in the separable mouthpiece, you can toss the subtlety factor out the window, yet this is the reason why you’re in any event, perusing this review in any case, so it shouldn’t present an issue.

As far as solace, the Battle Buds resemble your regular earbuds, or in-ear screens, to be exact (click here to get familiar with the distinction among IEMs and earbuds). If you’re not a fan of IEMs then the Battle Buds aren’t for you. On the other hand, if you prefer using IEMs over headphones then no headset in the $30 range can even come close to the Battle Buds.


The Battle Buds depend on the reliable wired association, standard stuff for a $30 pair of earbuds. The line isn’t plaited either, which might be a reason for worry as the part where the string meets the buds doesn’t appear to be especially strong.

All things considered, the string merits examining as it accompanies somewhat extensive in-line controls given the cost of these buds.

The front of the remote highlights a volume slider for helpful and advantageous on-the-fly volume change. We wish more in-line controls would accompany a slider rather than buttons as this is far simpler to use in interactivity. Beneath the volume slider, there is a mic quiet button.

The rear of the remote houses a multi-work button that can be utilized to accept calls, interrupt and play music, and skip tracks when double-tapped. This side of the remote likewise holds the subsequent mouthpiece. This amplifier could not hope to compare to the separable blast mouthpiece, so to keep away from any disarray we’ll say all we need to say about it here and save the receiver part of the review exclusively for the separable mouthpiece:

The in-line receiver is an alright element to have for when you want to accept a sudden call, however, that is about the main positive perspective it has! It ought to never be utilized for voice talks during gaming meetings.

Discussing gaming, the cool thing about the Battle Budsis that they are viable with all gaming stages you can imagine – from PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch to versatile. The spotlight here is put basically on Switch and versatile gaming, however on the off chance that you lean toward earbuds to headsets, nothing is preventing you from utilizing the Battle Buds with any of these stages.

The main drawback is that the Battle Buds don’t accompany a splitter link, so you might have to put resources into one preceding you can appropriately involve them for PC gaming.


The primary fascination of the Battle Buds is the separable blast amplifier. As we’ve said, no other receiver found on earbuds, particularly near the $30 value range, can approach it.

However, it is not necessarily the case that it’s ideal; we would rather not oversell it. It tolls similarly well as any amplifier found on a $30 headset (or perhaps more awful).

There’s sufficient warmth and lucidity there to take care of business while gaming away in most voice talks. We say most on the grounds that the nature of the amplifier will to a great extent rely upon what stage you use for voice visiting.

With Discord – or actually whatever other stage that truly does some post-handling for reverberation dropping – it works incredibly! However, Xbox Live does not have this component. Subsequently, utilizing the Battle Buds with Xbox Live outcomes in an absolutely hopeless encounter for your companions and partners will almost certainly get you quieted.

The issue lies in the way that the amplifier is so delicate it gets the sound from the drivers. Once more, most stages like Discord and Skype wipe out this issue totally! However, gamers who depend on Xbox Live ought to keep away from the Battle Buds at all costs.


Overall, the Battle Buds don’t sound spectacular.

Not that we expected them to.

In any case, most gamers on a tight spending plan will adore how the Battle Buds sound as their 10mm drivers are tuned explicitly for gaming. This means specific frequencies that are urgent for strategic and spatial mindfulness are brought to the front line. The Battle Buds will permit you to pinpoint where certain strides, weapon reloading sounds, and so on come from with fair exactness.

Nonetheless, this likewise implies that a few frequencies like the mids (and especially the vocals) are to some degree subsided. Because of this, paying attention to music on the Battle Buds isn’t something we exhort. Likewise, non-cutthroat games experience the ill effects of this piece too.

You can in any case appreciate playing these games on the Battle Buds fine and dandy (not at all like ordinary music tuning in), however, they won’t upgrade the ongoing interaction experience in any capacity.


Assuming you’re into gaming with earbuds that highlight a (separable) blast mouthpiece, there is plainly nothing similar to the Battle Buds. That by itself will make them worth buying for some individuals.

Recall that you ought to smother this drive assuming you use Xbox Live, as that stage and the Battle Buds essentially annoy one another.

The Battle Buds likewise make an honest effort to improve the gaming experience and deal a strategic benefit in cutthroat web-based games. They succeed, generally, yet tragically, this makes them close to pointless for customary music tuning in.

Is this an issue?

No. We’d prefer to have $30 earbuds that dominate at one thing than ones that are average at everything. However, we actually feel constrained to bring up that the Battle Buds are definitely not an advantageous buy assuming you don’t anticipate utilizing them fundamentally for gaming.

All things considered, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds are an incredible get for gamers on a careful spending plan. We really want to believe that they will stand out forever as a pioneer that prepared for another time of gaming earbuds, as the possibility of top-of-the-line gaming earbuds with a separable receiver sounds unrealistic.

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