Which Is The Best Tws Airpods? Check Reviews and Recommendation

Which Is The Best Tws Airpods?

Counterfeit AirPods all over! On Aliexpress and on neighborhood webshops. Yet, frequently the quality is terrible. Once in a while, you can’t hear the lower tones. In other cases, they have an exceptionally helpless battery. Also sometimes, the phony Airpods even have something else altogether and feel than the firsts. We tried in excess of 20 unique renditions and we let you in this article know the best purchase.

which is the best tws AirPods

You read it accurately: the i500 and i9000 are frequently great. That doesn’t imply that assuming you purchase the i500, it is consistently a decent headphone. However, we will clarify later why this is. In the first place, we’ll give you an outline with the best not many two (genuine remote sound system) that resemble Airpods.

i10$10A bit outdated, but in 2018 when fake Airpods were increasing in popularity, they were top-notch.
i12$7The cheaper variant without functions like an ear sensor, but for the money a good product.
i500$15One word: great! We have tested 4 versions of i500 tws and 1 of the versions impressed us a lot!
i9000$15The i9000 tws like the i500 two is in some cases very good. Great sound and great options like gps, in ear sensor, change name.

Difference in quality within versions

So assuming you purchase suppose the i500 two, it doesn’t imply that you will get precisely the form we have purchased and tried. We will add joins in this article so you will have precisely the form we have tried.

We have tried 5 forms for each I-number. So we have tried 5 forms of the i12 twins. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. We got 5 distinct variants of the i12 twins.


So they began giving the phony Airpods various names. Be that as it may, the names like ‘i500’ or ‘i9000’ are obviously not reserved names. That implies each and every industrial facility in the central area of China can name their item similar to the ‘i500’ or ‘i9000’. The name doesn’t ensure the quality.

Any processing plant in China can mark their item with an I-number, for example, “i10”

Yet, relax: we will incorporate connections to the best form that we have purchased. That way you are ensured to purchase the form that we have evaluated the best.

What Fake Airpods are the best?

The best Airpods are the i500 two and i9000 twins. In both cases, we bought 4 versions. In the case of the i500 two wireless earphones, there was one single version that surprised us very positively. These two wireless earphones have the same quality of sound as the originals. You read that correctly: the sound is as good as the real ones.

Buy i500 tws (on Aliexpress)


Sound quality of the i500 tws

The sound nature of the i500 is extraordinary. The harmony between high tones and lower tones is excellent. Furthermore, where lower tones need most frequently in low-end headphones, the bass of the best form of i500 two was excellent.

Notwithstanding, the receiver of that best form of i500 two was somewhat more regrettable. It is hard for the individual on the other side of the line to hear you when there is an encompassing sound. However, hello, it was not more awful than we would anticipate from Bluetooth headphones of this cost.

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Features i500 fake Airpods

The i500 and the i9000 both have plenty of highlights that the genuine Airpods additionally have. They have an in-ear sensor, GPS (Find my Airpods) and you will actually want to change the name of the i500 twins.


The in-ear sensor works very great. This implies that assuming you remove one of the earbuds from your ear, the music will cause. This is exceptionally helpful when you walk someplace and abruptly somebody begins conversing with you. Your first response is to take the headphones out of your ear. Furthermore, that way the music pauses and you can listen and converse with anybody you need.


On iPhones, you can see where you had an association with the i500 Airpods once and for all. That way you can utilize the capacity ‘Track down my Airpods’ in your iPhone with these two.


Something that individuals consider significant is that they can change the name of the phony Airpods. Well, the i500 was you can change the name to anything you desire. So that is a major in addition to.

Can I connect fake Airpods to my iPhone?

You can associate your iPhone with these i500 two counterfeit Airpods. better said: by interfacing the headphones to your iPhone, you will get a portion of the last highlights we referenced. Like GPS area yet, in addition, the spring up. Your iPhone will think it is associated with Airpods. In the popup you can see the battery rates of the charging case and the headphones.

Are fake Airpods dangerous?

There are no accounts known about counterfeit Airpods that detonate or anything perilous. We have tried a ton of these Bluetooth headphones and we haven’t encountered whatever could be risky for your well-being. The greatest risk that you can confront is that you burn through 15 bucks for headphones that sound like junk. No actual risk here. Furthermore assuming you follow our recommendation and purchase from a similar dealer, the risk for your wallet is limited too.

Battery indicator error on most of the fake Airpods

There were just 4 forms of in general 20 forms that we have been trying. With the others, we considered a blunder to be displayed beneath.


As you can see the left headphone on the left print screen shows 38% battery. We set the headphone back for the situation and took them out just later. What’s more, prepare to have your mind blown. The battery rate out of nowhere showed something else altogether (see the right screen capture). A ton of phony Airpods experience issues showing the right battery rate. You should assume that misfortune, or simply purchase the very ones that we have purchased.


In the sales page on Aliexpress, they give two options: Airoha chipset or Jieli chipset. The Airoha chipset is a lot better than the Jieli version. So we recommend going for that version. The one we have tested is the Airoha version.

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