Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review Carbo Tenore earbuds to check whether these IEMs merit the cash or not. View our full review here.

The Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review is a genuinely old pair of financial plan IEMs that got a truly ideal send-off and has some way or another figured out how to hold a lot of their fame from that point onward.

Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Review

With a guarantee of audio quality that far surpasses the positions of earbuds you get for nothing with numerous gadgets – and a sticker price that is exceptionally agreeable – the ZH-DX200-CT (indeed, this is the complete name of these IEMs, yet nobody calls them that) stays as tempting a buy as anyone might imagine.

Yet, is this a sensible mentality to have while taking a gander at spending plan earbuds made by one of Japan’s less known producers?


NameZero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT
TypeIEM (in-ear monitors)
Connection3.5mm wired
Impedance16 Ohm
Frequency range8Hz – 24kHz


zero audio carbo tenore review

The principal thing you’ll see about the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore is that it looks somewhat peculiar contrasted with your normal spending plan IEMs. For instance, it highlights slim yet prolonged lodgings that stick outside your ears a piece. Odd-looking and eye-catching plans have been ruling the top-of-the-line market since the time the arrival of the AirPods, however they some way or another vibe awkward on financial plan earbuds, particularly wired ones.

That said, it’s not just the looks of the Carbo Tenore that are different from the norm. They also feature a carbon-fiber, aluminum composite construction. These are both materials that are often used in airplane construction due to their lightweight yet tough nature. We’ll have more to say about the overall durability of the Carbo Tenore in the next segment, but the toughness of the housings is certainly a strong point.

On the one finish of the lodging, we have the ear tip, which can show up entertainingly huge on the slender lodgings, while on the other there’s the link, which is connected at a point. A running example of dark and dim squares gives the Carbo Tenore some person, yet it’s not exaggerated, which we generally appreciate on earbuds attempting to catch a wide crowd.


Thus, with the carbon fiber lodging being hardcore, you’d expect the general sturdiness of the Carbo Tenore to be perhaps its most prominent strength, yet this isn’t really the situation. The lodging should be impenetrable, yet that amounts to nothing assuming another part is defective.

And keeping in mind that we wouldn’t actually say that the harmony utilized here is flawed, it absolutely doesn’t motivate certainty. It’s sufficiently terrible that the link is slight and wobbly, however that is not even the most noticeably awful part. The most exceedingly terrible part is the contact point between the link and the lodgings. This joint is effectively the most probable part to break.

You can limit the danger to these joints by folding the links over your ear, accordingly shortening them and settling the joint. This will likewise help diminish the microphonics got by the link. In any case, it will not eradicate the way that you must be truly cautious with regard to how you treat these earbuds. The earbuds additionally accompany a delicate conveying pocket, however, the capacity of the pocket to forestall harm to the joints is in a real sense non-existent, delivering the frill pointless.

We should bring up that the Carbo Tenore can keep going quite a while assuming you take great consideration of it. In any case, we can perceive how this may be a major issue for certain individuals, and which is all well and good. It’s anything but a Tamagotchi, it’s a couple of earbuds!


To the extent solace goes, the Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT is a delight to utilize. Likewise with all IEMs, you’ll need to ensure you utilize the right ear tips for your ears to get the greatest dependability, sound disconnection, and solace, however, the decision of three sets of various estimated ear tips should assist with this. If not, go ahead and look at our aide for picking the best ear tips for you.

Yet, whenever that is done, you’ll be blessed to receive a degree of solace that is radiant. You could involve the Carbo Tenore for day long-distance races of gaming, music tuning in, film watching, or any blend of these, while never wearing out your ears. They’re that agreeable, and we’re certain the super-lightweight nature of the development materials is the justification for why.

Notwithstanding, we don’t need you to mistake solace for security. While we can’t envision the earbuds getting out of your ears during standard use, they don’t dive deep inside the ear trench and do stand out a considerable amount. In addition, the absence of any sort of settling highlight, similar to ear wings, would assist them with conquering an exercise climate.

Considering all of this, we wouldn’t prescribe the Carbo Tenore to people needing solid earbuds for working out, as they are neither tough nor stable enough for this.


Presently solace is extraordinary and all, yet that is unquestionably not the explanation for the suffering fame of the Carbo Tenore. Assuming you will secure yourself as the go-to update way for people purchasing their first earbuds, you will require great audio quality too.

So how does the Carbo Tenore admission in such manner?

The response is, shockingly well.

For how minimal these IEMs cost, they have a surprisingly good soundstage and instrument partition. Besides, their commotion separation is genuinely great also, assisting you with hearing the detail in your music without fundamentally going to volume up too boisterously. The earbuds are likewise really simple to drive, so trying not to wrench up the volume is intensely encouraged assuming that you care for your hearing wellbeing, as these earbuds can get clear.

By and large, the Carbo Tenore highlights a genuinely adjusted sound mark that makes it a solid match for a wide range of music classifications. What dazzled us the most here was the tight bass, which stuffed a lot of punch without being too boomy. And surprisingly the sub-bass had some thunder to it, the kindness of the ported dynamic driver. Most financial plan earbuds can’t convey this, however at that point once more, most financial plan earbuds don’t have a recurrence reaction that beginnings at 8Hz.

The mids weren’t a thing extraordinary. They might have been a touch more forward, yet they were totally fit for taking care of business. The exception here is most certainly the high pitch, which can be somewhat splendid, yet not to the place where it takes away from the general listening experience.

In particular, the earbuds gave an extraordinary feeling of lucidity, one that will amaze you assuming you’ve just at any point utilized stock earbuds that come packaged with cell phones or comparable gadgets.


All things considered, it’s not difficult to see the reason why the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore actually gets prescribed to individuals hoping to purchase their first earbuds right up ’til the present time.

While it may not be pretty much as sturdy as you’d expect a couple of earbuds built from these materials to be, it actually offers incredible value for your money as far as solid quality. Also, it shouldn’t be put into words how you can utilize these earbuds for anyway long you need, on account of the incredible degree of solace.

With a reasonable sound mark that slimes with lucidity, the Carbo Tenore is fit to deal with all sorts of music well and is subsequently simple to prescribe to the vast majority. As a substitution for stock earbuds, it finishes with no problem at all.

Nonetheless, when we consider how much the market has changed since the Carbo Tenore was delivered, and how you can pick between numerous quality remote earbuds (or even evident remote earbuds) for under $50, its worth turns into a touch more questionable. It’s a decent pair of earbuds, without a doubt, however there’s an explanation it didn’t make it on our rundown of the best earbuds under $50.

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