10 Best Headphones for Gaming and Music (Is one enough?)

10 Best Headphones for Gaming and Music

10 Best Headphones for Gaming and Music: It is vital to realize that a few headphones are explicitly intended for one or the other music or gaming. Subsequently, assuming that you use them for the two capacities, they will just perform well for one and capacity inadequately for the other. You may go to the market to look for headphones and wind up purchasing some unacceptable one assuming that you don’t understand the distinction. Notwithstanding, there are a few headphones that are fantastic for both music and gaming.

There are heaps of elements that you really want to consider before choosing a couple of headphones. Try not to be out of control with the extravagant viewpoint while you disregard the main elements.

Type of headband

One of the fundamental interesting points is on the off chance that it is over-the-ear or not. A decent earphone, which will cause you to partake in your game meeting and music time, should have the option to stand well on your ears without discomforting you. You can mess around and music for hours, so assuming the headband can’t stand well indeed, you would not live it up.

Noise-canceling feature

Commotion dropping is one more essential element to consider. Side commotion can occupy you while you are messing around or music. Therefore, to guarantee full focus, purchase an earphone that can lessen clamor and side sounds. The improvement in innovation has made the dropping of commotion conceivable.

Wired or wireless

Moreover, when you need to purchase an earphone that can work for both music and gaming, you should note whether it is wired or remote. Not everything games can utilize a remote earphone, so you should place this into thought. Purchase an earphone that has the wire and can likewise function as remote so it tends to be utilized for a wide scope of things. Albeit a large portion of the devices that are created as of late are utilizing Bluetooth, an earphone that is remote and is additionally utilizing wire would be advantageous.


This angle ought not to be messed with in light of the fact that the driver is one of the critical parts of an earphone. For you to partake in your game, purchase an earphone with great drivers. This is on the grounds that the drivers help in changing over the electrical sign into a perceptible sound sign which can be seen by the ears of people.


You ought to likewise consider the impedance as well. Impedance implies the measure of force expected to drive the earphone.

You may likewise place the battery life into thought.

Best Headphones for music and gaming you should consider

1. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450


Battery life15-hour per charge
MicAdjustable and sensitive
EQ settings4 preset including superhuman

First on the rundown is the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450. This earphone is accepted to be one of the most incredible on the grounds that it has dumbfounding specs. It includes a promoting slogan: “Hear Everything, Defeat Everyone”. This slogan is a basic outline of these Best Headphones for Music as it offers an unmistakable sound that is clear enough for everybody. For individuals searching for low-spending plan headphones and still longing for a decent arrangement of remote headphones for gaming and music, this is the ideal best for you. The earphone is adequately constructed and isn’t quite so sumptuous as some sort of headphones.

At the point when you are utilizing it for a game, its drivers are extremely responsive; therefore, every little detail would be heard. To this end, it is feasible to hear the development of your virtual adversaries even before they draw near to you. As an additional benefit, it is loaded with 3 other Turtle Beach preset sound adjustment settings. Its mic is movable and profoundly delicate. This mic is removable on the off chance that you need to pay attention to melodies in your music library or watch a film. It is without inertness; subsequently,

It is without idleness; subsequently, it is feasible for the headset to give observing.

In addition, Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 is android compatible. Its battery can last for a period of 15 hours. Due to its unique features such as comfortable ear pads, the customizable headband, and the advanced woven texture, these is the ideal headphones for gaming and music for long-haul use as you will have no worries when utilizing them.

  • Affordable price
  • Surround sound
  • Good battery life
  • Wireless

  • Not luxurious

Why do you need to buy it

Considering the value factor, it is prudent you go for this earphone. Its battery life is dependable for use and it creates a great sound.

2. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO


Frequency Response8 Hz to 25 kHz
Cable10’/3m coiled cable
DesignDynamic, closed-back design
HeadbandPadded, adjustable headband
Circumaural/sound isolating-32 dB

To spend a lot and still need a decent-sounding earphone, simply go for Sennheiser HD 280 PRO. This earphone has a plush sound and is bundled with 40mm drivers. The scope of its recurrence reaction is profoundly great. This basically implies you can hear each note in the music you are playing. And assuming that it is a game, you can’t miss any single stride of your closest foe in a shooter game.

This headset is a closed and dynamic sound framework headphone; hence, its sounds are accurate with a straight strong multiplication for some fundamental noticing applications. To ensure its overall similitude, it has ideal impedance. The arrangement of its turning earcups is space-saving collapsing and its incorporating commotion narrowing is up to 32 dB.

The repeat response of this headphone is inside the extent of 8 Hz and 25 kHz. It has a high ability to excuse outside upheaval similarly as an extensive amazing reach and high outcome considering the capable neodymium magnets that it has. For the customers’ comfort, its earcups are thick, adaptable, and padded with leatherette.


  • It is good for studio recording and mixing as well as gaming
  • It is comfortable for long use
  • Its frequency response is highly sensitive
  • It is universally compatible






Why do you need to buy it

This earphone is excellent for shooting match-ups in light of the fact that you can hear each strong. It accompanies extraordinary comfort and creates an exact sound.

3. Marshall Major III


Battery life30+ hours of playback
HingesErgonomic rotating 3D
Cable3.5mm cable with built-in mic/remote
ConnectivityBluetooth aptX wireless technology

This is one more best of its sort as it offers stunning elements that you can barely find in others inside a similar value range. This is an aftereffect of its combination of exemplary style with current innovation. It accompanies comfort joined with the ergonomics of 3D pivots. It has delicate earcups and a cushioned headband combined with a sturdy arrangement of thick circle wire and a bunch of reinforced elastic damper. In addition to that, it has an implicit and multi-directional control handle, which permits you to deal with the sound playback and calls. Therefore, it very well may be utilized to answer calls, reject, or finishes calls while your telephone is as yet inside your pocket or sack.

The surface of the outside of the headband, earcup, and earpad edges is the remarkable vinyl. The Marshall Script logo is engraved on each of the earcups. It has support for Bluetooth aptX which makes it workable for you to stream the sound in top-notch when it is combined with a viable gadget. Because of the presence of inbuilt 40mm powerful drivers, it has been tuned and designed for a smooth miss, upgraded bass, and clear highs.

The earphone is intended to be remote or wired relying upon your decision. The wire can assist you with associating with gadgets that are not supporting Bluetooth. It has an inline amplifier and remote; thus, you can appreciate the distant sound. For admirers of music, it has more than 30 hours of playback for each charge.


  • It has longer hours of playback
  • The earcups are soft
  • It has been tuned and engineered with inbuilt 40mm, dynamic drivers.





Why do you need to buy it

You need to buy it because it has good bass and clear highs. It is useful for making calls. It is comfortable for playing games.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones


ConnectivityAlexa-compatible, wireless headphones
Audio qualityDynamic full-range audio
ComponentsDurable high-end

Another incredible earphone is Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless. It is a remote and additionally slack free earphone that can stream from any android gadget. This earphone has some unique highlights that make it an extraordinary choice for admirers of games. It is Alexa-viable, and with a straightforward dash of a button, you can get to the mic. It has been exceptionally made to give adjusted sound and likewise shut out the foundation commotion. For this reason, it is feasible to get submerged in the game and diverted with the sound sensation.

Consolidated into this earphone is a high-level triple-level commotion dropping strategy. The pith of this is to make true sound hardship which will make the game all the more genuine like you are encountering it. It is one of the This is probably the best earphone for Music that works for all applications both Headsets for Gaming and Music applications. on the lookout. Premium materials were utilized for its creating to make it wonderful and to give lavish very good quality comfort.


  • It is best for noise cancellation
  • It has high-end components
  • It comes with a greater comfort
  • It gives a dynamic full-range audio
  • It has a lag-free wireless headphone


  • It is a bit costly

Why do you need to buy it

This earphone shut out foundation commotion which gives you better focus. It has sound improvement for a game that others don’t have. It is comfortable to use.

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5. HyperX HX-HSCF-BK/AM Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset


Frequency Response range15 – 25,000 Hz
Dimensions7.5 x 3.4 x 7.4 inches
Weight0.69 lbs
MicRemovable microphone
Battery life30 hours

This is one more remarkable brand of headphones. It is a remote headset with 30 hours of battery life. The battery keeps going longer assuming the LED Mode is off. Because of its battery strength, it enjoys a little upper hand over the sound Technica open airs. It gives magnificent sound quality.

However it is somewhat less amazing when contrasted and others, it is one of the most comfortable in its sort. Its mouthpiece can be taken out. To support admirers of game and music, it has fitting links for game and music associations. This earphone turns out impeccably for PS4 and PC.


  • It is the most comfortable pairs
  • The sound quality is excellent
  • It is good for game and music connections


  • The quality of the microphone is kind of drowned out
  • In some cases, there might be a need for an external microphone
  • No surround sound, just stereo
  • The battery life is short if the normal lights are running

Why you need to buy it

This earphone produces magnificent quality sound and functions admirably for PC and PS4.

6. ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset


HeadbandSturdy steel
MicrophoneOmnidirectional mic
ConnectivityDetachable wire
CoverRubberized poly-carbonate cover
EarpadsFoam-cushioned earpads

This is another low-value quality earphone that is appropriate for music and gaming. It gives a precise sound quality with drivers that are ideally suited for handling the high result while playing a game. This earphone accompanies a tough steel headband that is covered with a rubber-treated poly-carbonate that assists with opposing harm. It additionally brags of having a separable wire which helps with delaying its life as it gets mileage. Despite the fact that it isn’t so comfortable as the past ones, you will definitely approve of its toughness.

To cause it to seem generally more appealing, it has ear froth pads that are breathable to forestall perspiring. With the presence of ear froth pads, the sound is straightforwardly centered around the ears; consequently, when you are utilizing it for gaming, the sound delivered is very much tuned for a high-constancy definition. For in-game correspondence, it has a flip to quiet omnidirectional receiver. It works impeccably with consoles, Macs, Gaming PCs, and Android gadgets.


  • It is a durable design
  • It can be flipped to mute the mic
  • The price is affordable
  • The audio is well fine-tuned
  • The parts are of good quality


Why do you need to buy it

With a little sum, you will appreciate quality sound. Its sound is profoundly very much tuned. It is helpful for opposing harms.

7. Sony MDR7506


Drivers40mm Neodymium
Frequency Response10 Hz – 20,000 kHz
DesignCircumaural closed-back stereo
CableCoiled, single-sided
Additional featureSoft case

Sony is a solid commonly recognized name in the realm of hardware. This is perhaps the best item delivered such a long way from Sony as far as headphones. In the part of been extravagant, this item probably won’t be the best on the lookout however any individual who knows much with regards to Best Headphones for Music would not think long and hard about taking the plunge. It is solid and the nature of the sound is additionally astonishing. It has a wound link which makes the association with being consistent.

It includes excellent 40mm drivers and has a remarkable recurrence reaction range. With these two elements consolidated together, you have a studio-level quality for yourself. This is perhaps the best earphone for Music that works for all applications both music and gaming applications. For those into recording and shooting, it is extremely helpful. The explanation is that it has low impedance and a closed-ear plan. This plan makes it simpler for Sony MDR-7506 to perform steady employment in chopping down foundation commotion while it actually gives sufficient volume in the field or in the studio.

As an additional benefit, the shut ear can take out the earphone drain when you are overdubbing in the studio. This earphone functions admirably for camcorders, MIDI workstations, and other hardware that have less incredible earphone enhancement. The Sony MDR-7506 is foldable to make it store and transport things helpfully. While its curled link, then again, permits the Sony MDR-7506 to extend and likewise spring back to its ordinary position when extended during use.

Likewise, it tends to be utilized for proficient applications in light of its circumaural shut-back sound system. The curled link improves its portability and likewise keeps tangles from pulling the headset for gaming and music. For more profound bass, more extensive powerful reach, and lower contortion, there are 40mm width drive units. Sony MDR-7506 utilizes an OFC link and gold-plated Unimatch attachment to upgrade its network.


  • It is good for filming and recording
  • It can store and transport
  • Its frequency response is highly impressive


  • The quality of the microphone is kind of drowned out
  • In some cases, there might be a need for an external microphone
  • No surround sound, just stereo
  • The battery life is short if the normal lights are running
  • It looks cheap, so if you are looking for a luxurious product, this is not for you.

Why you need to buy it

With this earphone, you cut the foundation commotion. It is tough. The sound quality is great.

8. Sol Republic Master Tracks X3


MicGood quality mic with a 3-button remote
Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions8 x 3.3 x 6.8 inches
Frequency Response500 Hz – 3 kHz
DesignModern, clean, and comfortable

This is a low-spending plan earphone with quality sound. The bass is profound and the highs are clear. The sound quality is basically great. Its headband is tough and comfortable also. With regards to sound quality, it tends to be contrasted with Beats.

You can trade out the headband for your comfort. Its harmonies are additionally separable combined with an apple inline remote/amplifier. The receiver in addition to a 3 button remote permits you to get calls and balance calls whenever the timing is ideal. You can likewise change the volume of a melody or essentially skip, delay, and resume a tune. You simply press and hold the button to enact Siri. Sol Republic Master Tracks X3 is currently planned, perfect and comfortable.


  • Good quality sound
  • It can be hyperextended
  • Comfortable and durable headband
  • Interchangeable speakers, wires, and headband


  • The headphone comes with wires that feel a bit cheap
  • For those using glasses, the speakers may not rest well over the ears
  • It sometimes hurt the sides of the head

Why do you need to buy it

It delivers a decent quality sound and offers you the chance to control the gadget associated with it. Among its sort, it is the best currently planned earphone you can get.

9. Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset


HeadbandSteel headband sliders with 90-degree swivel
MicDetachable boom mic
Sound system7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
DesignLightweight and comfortable
MaterialHydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric
PortHidden acoustic port

This is an astonishing item from Logitech. It is profoundly adaptable and useful for gaming. It can chip away at an assortment of gadgets. It has an over-ear configuration combined with 40mm drivers. The headband is delicate and moreover the earcups. The mic is separable. In this way, when it isn’t required, you can eliminate it, particularly when you are paying attention to music.

It turns out impeccably for Headset for Gaming and Music control center, PC and cell phones. It has links only for it to be valuable for PC, gaming consoles, and different gadgets that don’t have Bluetooth. The headset for gaming and music will be locked when you get it, which restricts your pleasure to the full arrangement of highlights. All you want to do is to open it by downloading Logitech’s Gaming Software.

For you to partake in the more extraordinary listening experience, it has a virtual 7.1 encompass sound. For gamers, this element makes it simpler for you to recognize your adversaries and colleagues. Assuming you have not downloaded Logitech’s gaming programming, you can’t utilize it with a PC, and besides, you want to utilize a USB computerized sound converter (DAC) with it.

As prior said, it is 40mm sound drivers are planned with crossover network materials. Therefore its bass is profound and rich while its highs are spotless and exact.

Logitech’s Pro-G 40mm sound drivers are made with mixture of network materials and convey perfect and exact highs just as profound, rich bass. Besides, the G433 highlights an acoustic port situated behind the driver that reverberates and enhances sound for dynamic, artistic sound. At the point when you utilize the links, it will be viable with PlayStation 4, cell phones, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and tablets, yet you should be cautious since some control center regulators may require a connector for their sound link input.


  • It is comfortable for use
  • It produces accurate and clean sound
  • It has a deep and rich bass


  • It is too technical because you need to download Logitech’s gaming Software for the PC

Why do you need to buy it

This earphone gives you a profound and rich bass. With this earphone, gamers can hear all the development of their foes since its sound is so precise and clear.

10. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


Drivers45mm Neodymium
Earcups90-degree swiveling with single-ear monitoring
CableDetachable single-sided, straight and short cable
FrequencyThe extended frequency range for clarity
DesignCircumaural, Sound-Isolating
AdapterScrew-On 1/4″ adapter
Extra featurePouch

For those acquainted with Audio-Technica items, you would realize that its M-Series are incredible items that are causing ripple effects on the lookout. Out of all the M-Series, ATH-M50x is accepted to be the general best. Top sound designers and expert sound commentators have likewise made a comparative case. ATH-M50x isn’t only a standard headset; it is an expert screen earphone. It has perceivable wires combined with a desired sonic mark. It highlights sound-secluding earcups and huge opening drivers with strong development. ATH-M50x ensures an inconsistent encounter for experts in the part of the basic sound.

What’s more, Audio Technica ATH-M50x screen earphone is intended for clients who are into studio blending and recording and moreover for observing applications for DJ. It has a circumaural and around-the-ear plan which is useful in giving sound disconnection when you are in an uproarious climate. As we know that it has 45mm Neodymium drivers that have copper-clad aluminum voice curls to broaden its recurrence reaction from the scope of 15Hz to 28kHz. The earcups of Audio Technica ATH-M50x can be turned 90-degrees which permits single-ear observing. Inside the earphone are a 3-meter snaked link, a 1.2-meter straight link, and a discernible single-sided link framework. In a circumstance where you are not utilizing the ATH-M50x, you can overlap it down and store it in the convey pocket.



  • It is useful for studio mixing and tracking
  • It is good for professional works

Why do you need to buy it

For the individuals who love to go about with their earphones, it is can be collapsed and store in its convey pocket for versatility. It is useful for studio work.


Taking everything into account, to choose a couple from the previously mentioned headphones, it is prudent for you to go for either Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones or Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset. These two This is perhaps the best earphone for Music that works for all applications both music and gaming applications. produce a quality sound with profound bass and exact highs. They make your game more reasonable and proposition you top-quality sound.

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