Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones – Top Picks By Experts

Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

At the point when you search for a decent earphone, you think about a significant number of elements. Notwithstanding, when you hope to purchase Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones, you want to think about a couple of additional variables. Guaranteeing that the earphone is made utilizing great materials, for example, food-grade materials, guaranteeing that it very well may be collapsed and kept, the ears can be separated if and when the need emerges, guaranteeing that the LED lights can be turned here and there according to one’s necessities and inclination, regardless of whether it is viable with each gadget, whether it is wired or non-wired and so forth.

Likewise, the value factor is certainly a central point to remember, on the grounds that you wouldn’t have any desire to spend superfluously and afterwards not make out really well. You’d need an earphone that won’t copy an opening in your pocket however will assist you with involving it for long less any type of inconvenience or bother.

In the event that you track down your getaway in music and can’t dream to remain without it, then, at that point, having a decent pair of headphones is an unquestionable requirement. Additionally, assuming you’re somebody who appreciates looking charming while at the same time partaking in your music, then, at that point, having the best cat ear headphones might not be a poorly conceived notion, right? Remembering the music and adorableness factor, we have arranged a rundown of some of the best cat ear headphones that are without a doubt going to suit you. We are more than sure that one of the underneath given headphones will most likely suit your taste, so read on!


Product NameRatingsColour Variant
MindKoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones with LED Lights4.2Black, Pink, Red, White, Black + 7 Colour LED
iClever Boostcare Cat Ear Headphones4.4Blue, Pink, Purple, Blue-Yellow
Barsone Cat Ear Headphones4Black, Pink, Cat Ear Black, Cat Ear Pink, Fox Ear Black, Purple, Fox Ear Ear Pink, Fox Ear White
Luckyu Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones with Mic LED Lights4.5Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow
Eoncore Foldable LED Lights Cat Ear Headphones4Black, Pink, White
Ifecco Cat Ear Wired Headphones4.3Pink
Peyou Cat Ear Headphones4.6Black, Pink
Censi Music Cat Ear Headset4.1White, White-Bluetooth
iClever LED Backlight Cat Ear Headphones4.5Pink
Esonstyle LED Cat Ear Headphones4.2Black + Pink, LED-Pink, Purple-LED
Razer Kraken Kitty RGB-USB Headset4.5Classic Black, Classic Black/Blue, Green, Quartz Pink, Mercury White, Star Wars Limited Edition
Riwbow Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones4.6Pink and Green, White and Pink

What are the factors to be considered when looking to buy the best cat ear headphones?

Some of the factors which one must consider when looking to buy the best cat ear headphones are as follows –

  • Sound clarity and quality – The sound nature of your earphone is of prime significance. Verify whether it is furnished with aptX innovation. Assuming it does, behave confident that you’ll appreciate great sound clearness when utilizing the headphones.
  • Comfort, size and form – At the point when you are hoping to purchase remote headphones, getting prime solace is of most extreme significance. The greater part of the cat ear headphones are on-ear ones, so the size ought to be agreeable as well. The ear cushioning ought to be agreeable for durable use as well.
  • Battery life – Assuming you are going for remote headphones, ensure that the battery life is great and goes on for quite a while, in one charge.
  • Pairing and controls – When utilizing remote headphones, ensure it is not difficult to combine on the grounds that wired ones as a rule have direct play-respite and volume buttons which probably won’t be something similar for remote ones, so try to actually take a look at those also.
  • Material – This is certainly a significant element to remember, particularly assuming you are seeking to purchase the headphones for little youngsters. Ensure you check that the earphone is made utilizing food-grade material to include additional precautionary measures.
  • Price – This is perhaps the main factor to consider – the cost. Ensure you choose a decent pair of cat ear headphones that are well affordable enough for you.


1. MindKoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones with LED Lights

You can find them here:

This is one of the most picked, durable and exceptional cat ear headphones that are at present accessible on the lookout. This charming little NEKO-Kitty earphone not just highlights a lovable cat plan, just as 7 liked, LED shaded lights. These cool LED lights accompany 4 distinctive LED settings, which help to include an alternate degree of style and funk. It accompanies an occasion style plan which can be utilized consistently, regardless of the event.

It comes in both wired and remote modes. The remote mode has a 900mah battery-powered lithium battery. When utilizing the remote mode, the battery has around 70-hour music and talk time with each charge. At the point when the battery runs out, you could without much of a stretch module the 3.5mm jack and use it in wired mode.

This earphone is furnished with delicate earpads that can without much of a stretch be collapsed. It additionally throws a tantrum, making it appropriate for the two youngsters and grown-ups. It gives sound system HD sound which has a base surface and furthermore has an in-assembled mic. The best part is, it works with each cell phone, tablet, iPod, iPhone just as Android telephones. It has a year substitution guarantee and furthermore has a 24-hour client service framework.

  • It has a transmission range of <10m
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0
  • It has 7 colours which change according to the rhythm
  • Provides 30 hours wireless usage (with lights on), 70 hours (without lights on) and 20 hours (with lights and music)
  • It has an adjustable headband and well-cushioned earpads
  • It provides a bass sound


  • It isn’t very durable as the plastic is quite fragile
  • Doesn’t have proper noise cancellation features, according to some users
  • Users claim that the mic shows issues during use

2. iClever Boostcare Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

The iClever help care cat ear headphones are said to give premium quality sound short any debasement. It has been planned with legitimate wellbeing measures and it is furnished with multifunctional volume controls which assist with covering sounds at least 85dB and a limit of 94dB. It likewise has an in-assembled receiver.

The customizable headband has memory-protein padded earmuffs just as delicate silicone material that assists with giving an agreeable and surprisingly sounded trip which an enduring listening time. It is likewise amazingly agreeable and the 3.5 mm wire is totally tangled free and doesn’t hitch, making music listening totally bother free.

This earphone is appropriate for the two children and grown-ups. It is made with food-grade material. In addition to that, it likewise accompanies a 45 day unconditional promise just as a year and a half substitution ensure.


  • It comes with an in-built volume-limiting technology
  • It has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which works with every smartphone and tablet.
  • It has an in-line microphone
  • Has a maximum sound cap of 94 dB and a minimum sound cap of 85 dB
  • It has dual powerful sound stage drivers
  • The cat ears are made of silicone
  • The earmuffs are made of PU leather which is extremely comfortable
  • The earcups are swivelling and help to decrease fatigue


  • Users have complained that the fit isn’t that good
  • Might not be a good buy if you’re planning on using it for anything other than music
  • There is no sound control option available

You can find them here:

The Barone cat ear headphones accompany LED cat ears that light up when being used. The on and off switch is put at the rear of the left ear and is fueled with a battery. The volume is confined at 85 dB, making it ok for little youngsters and babies.

This earphone is made utilizing climate cordial TPE material which is both agreeable and safe. The Barone cat ear headphones have earmuffs that can be supplanted with some other classy earmuffs. It very well may be collapsed and taken anyplace you need.

It accompanies a 3.5mm earphone jack that functions admirably with each cell phone and tablet.


  • Its LED mode has a glowing and flashing light
  • The LED glowing time is of 40 hours
  • The LED flash time is of around 20-30 hours
  • It is made of PU and PVC+TPE
  • It has a line length of 5ft
  • It has a resistance of 32 ohm
  • It has a 3.5mm jack
  • It has a 1 replaceable battery
  • It has a frequency response of 20-2000 Hz


  • It does not have a microphone
  • It is not very durable
  • Might not be long-lasting as per complaints from some users


4. Luckyu Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones with Mic LED Lights

You can find them here:

The Lucky Bluetooth cat ear headphones accompany the Bluetooth 5.0 innovation. It has in it, the most recent age chip which takes into consideration simple blending just as a steady association. It has a critical commotion undoing highlight and furthermore has a 20m sign transmission that accommodates a no-snag condition. It additionally has an in-fabricated mic that empowers you to appreciate sans hands calls and music.

These headphones accompany three unique music play modes – the Bluetooth association, the TF card and the AUX in. When utilizing the Bluetooth mode, it consequently associates with the last matched gadget. It accompanies a stretchable and foldable plan, which assists with saving spots during capacity. The delicate padded earpads guarantee there is no distress during long use.

It likewise has the choice of FM mode, which can be benefited by turning on the ‘M’ which is trailed by a voice brief. This extravagant LED light earphone has an inherent 400mAh battery which is battery-powered and can give utilization to as long as 7 hours (with the LED lights on!)


  • It has a working distance range of 20m
  • It comes with a 400mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • It supports FM Radio, TF card as well as Aux-in
  • It has 3 colour lights available
  • It comes with volume control technology which is considered suitable for young children
  • It has a foldable design which helps in easy storage
  • It comes with a standard 3.5mm jack
  • It provides for usage of 7 hours (with LED lights on) and 12 hours (without LED lights on) per charge
  • It works with every smartphone, tablet as well as any other Android device


  • It isn’t very comfortable to use
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
  • It isn’t very durable

5. Eoncore Foldable LED Lights Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

The Encore foldable LED lights cat ear headphones accompany shining lights that have a squinting capacity joined to them. The headband is flexible permitting it to sit easily on each head, regardless of the size.

The earphone accompanies agreeable ear-cushions that are appropriate for little youngsters. It accommodates an open and clear strong that has a profound and upgraded bass touch to it, alongside a more vivid. It is made utilizing PVC and ABS case, making it very agreeable to utilize.

It tends to be utilized with any cell phone, tablet, CD player, Walkman, MP3/MP4 player just as learning machines. It can without much of a stretch be viewed as a decent present for little youngsters, who appreciate spruce up and are in finished stunningness of cats!


  • It has a foldable design which makes it easy to store and carry around
  • It has a cable length of 5ft/1.5m
  • It comes with a micro USB charging interface
  • It provides noise cancelling
  • It comes with a rechargeable 110mAh lithium battery
  • It has a frequency response range from 20-2000Hz
  • It has a 3.5mm connector jack


  • It isn’t very durable and needs to be handled with extra care and precaution
  • Might not be compatible with Android devices
  • Sometimes one side of the earphone may stop working (you can opt for a replacement if it falls within the warranty)

6. Ifecco Cat Ear Wired Headphones

You can find them here:

The Ifecco cat ear wired headphones are viewed as truly outstanding in the market as of now, and we have sufficient motivations to help their case as well. The cat ears have LED lights in them that light up and the mode can be changed between – consistent on, blazing and they can likewise be turned off with the assistance of a little button that is set behind the ear.

Its froth padded ear cushions guarantee that it tends to be utilized for extensive stretches of time, with no type of inconvenience. They are both flexible and foldable, permitting them to be put away without any problem. The earpieces turn also, making it a general fun encounter for small kids.

The best part is, it accompanies an in-fabricated volume limitation level of 85dB, making it very appropriate for small kids. It has a standard 3.5mm jack and is effectively viable with each cell phone, tablet, PC, work area, CD player, mp3/mp4, a book recording just as a DVD player.


  • It has an in-built volume restriction of 85dB
  • It has a portable folding design that makes it easy to store and carry around
  • It comes with foam-cushioned ear pads making it extremely comfortable during use
  • Its LED lights can be switched on and off as per ones wish
  • It comes with an extra battery
  • It is compatible with every phone, tablet, laptop and computer


  • Might come with a defect where one ear might stop working all of a sudden
  • It isn’t very durable

7. Peyou Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

The Peyo cat ear headphones can be viewed as an ideal purchase for the individuals who are into cosplay. It has an exceptionally one of a kind and entertaining plan with LED lights that glimmer and shine, which is the reason it is viewed as great for cosplay and parties.

The LED lights can be switched here and there according to one’s desires, through a switch which is put behind the left ear. You could likewise select to keep the light on ‘flickering’ mode. The LED spotlight has one of the longest run season of around 18 to 20 hours. The material of the earphone is PVC and AU, making it even more enduring, amazingly lightweight and strong.

Its froth padded ear cushions guarantee that you don’t feel awkward in any event, when involving it for extended periods of time at a stretch. Best of all, it is all around viable with the assistance of its standard 3.5mm jack. They additionally give astonishing client support, settling inquiries inside 24-hours level!


  • It has a LED flash time of 18-20 hours
  • Its cable is around 5ft long
  • It comes with a CR2032 battery
  • It can easily be carried around thanks to its foldable design
  • It provides a vibrant and clear sound, making it ideal for gaming purposes as well


  • It doesn’t have a microphone
  • It is said to be a little fragile, so it would be best to handle it with a little care

8. Censi Music Cat Ear Headset

You can find them here:

The Censi music cat ear headphones are one of the most adored and favored cat ear headphones that are right now accessible on the lookout. It accompanies a supplanted plan which is a stage away from the conventional cat ear headphones.

This Kawai cat ear earphone accompanies ear cushions that are made utilizing Korean protein delicate cowhide and have a 3D cut precious stone with adaptable padding that has ear-shooting innovation inside it that assists with consolidating the joined elements of commotion decrease and furthermore gives outrageous solace when being used. Likewise, since it guarantees commotion retraction, you can make certain to partake in some very much required unsettling influence free music.

It accompanies a standard 3.5mm earphone jack and a 40mm large moving curl. Its low impedance of 32 ohms and less than0.5 ohm wire guarantees that there is a charming and alleviating sound each time the earphone is put to utilize. It is viable with each gadget you can imagine!

The best part is, it accompanies an exceptional convey case which is fitted with shaped froth inside, to keep the headphones all around secured consistently!


  • It comes with a handy 320mAh battery that provides for 10-hour battery life in every charge
  • It provides a frequency of 10Hz-30KHz
  • It has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a line type plug
  • It provides for an output source which is both audio and visual
  • It is waterproof and has levels that read – IPX4
  • It has a premium carry case which helps to keep the headphone intact
  • The cat ears can be detached too


  • Customers have complained that one side may occasionally stop working (it is best to opt for a replacement in such circumstances)
  • It isn’t very durable

9. iClever LED Backlight Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

The iClever LED backdrop illumination cat ear headphones is viewed as an ideal present for the two children and grown-ups the same, on account of how charming and lovable it looks. Likewise, it is customizable, so independent of head size, it tends to be worn by everybody.

It accompanies an in-assembled sound control innovation that guarantees that the sound levels never surpass 85dB that is viewed as safe for small kids. The most outstanding aspect, the earphone is twistable, bendable and stretchable, as it is made utilizing food-grade material. It has appended to it sans tangle strings and accommodates a delicate touch because of its utilization of climate agreeable and kids amicable materials (which are supported by RoHs, EN71, FCC and CPSIA).

The LED backdrop illumination is all around viable. It has a standard 3.5mm earphone jack that functions admirably with each cell phone – Android and Apple just as with each tablet, Kindle and such. Best of all, it accompanies a 18-month substitution guarantee.


  • It comes with an in-built kid-safe volume control technology
  • It has adjustable LED lights
  • Its earpads are extremely comfy and cushion-like
  • It is extremely lightweight and has an adjustable headband
  • It comes with a tangle-free cord
  • It is made using food-grade silicone, making it extremely safe and durable
  • The LED does three functions – steady, blink and strobe


  • Sometimes one ear might stop working
  • The plug might break off (however this may be a technical glitch so try contacting the seller if a problem arises)

10. Esonstyle LED Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

Last however not the least, the Esonstyle LED cat ear headphones is one more awesome item on our rundown of probably awesome. It accompanies an in-constructed volume control framework which peruses 85dB making it appropriate and ideal for little youngsters, assisting with keeping their eardrums protected and secured.

Concerning the LED lights, you could decide to either keep it on or off. You could likewise select to turn off the flickering, in order to assist with keeping the battery available for later and appreciate music for a more extended time frame. Best of all, it is all around viable, on account of its 3.5mm earphone sound jack.

This earphone is incredibly lightweight and convenient taking into account it to be effortlessly turned and hauled around. Truth be told, it tends to be turned and collapsed up to 90 degrees from within, up or outside. The earpads are made utilizing froth cushioning which assists with giving an additional a degree of padding and takes into account extended periods of use less any uneasiness. The pressure and versatility of the earphone are exceptionally moderate which subsequently adds to the solace.

The foldable plan guarantees that you can convey it with you during movements and furthermore store it without any problem. They have a great client support as well, who guarantee a full discount if there should arise an occurrence of any issues confronted.


  • It comes with a battery life of 18 hours
  • It has a 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • It is made using food-grade materials making the cords tangle-free and the headset soft built to last long
  • It has a cable length of 1.5m
  • Its speaker diameter is 40mm
  • Its frequency ranges between 20Hz to 20KHz
  • The earpieces are soft and well-cushioned providing extra comfort
  • It comes with a 2032 replacement battery


  • Customers have complained that the sound quality isn’t up to the mark
  • Certain headphones might come with a defect wherein one side gives out a louder sound compared to the other
  • It isn’t very durable

11. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB-USB Headset

You can find them here:

The Razer Kraken Kitty headset is viewed as a thought for gaming just as easygoing uses, for example, for music and talking. They have four variations which incorporate one without cat ears, one with cat ears just as an amplifier, one just with cat ears and the other with cat ears and a gaming mouse – so you get to pick!

This earphone is viewed as one of the most pursued and smash hit brands in the USA. It gives steam responsive lighting to the RGB. The highlighted Chroma lighting which is seen on the cat ear, just as the triple, headed snake logo regions, assists with communicating with crowd emojis and furthermore assists with cautioning mid-stream with the assistance of the Razer Streamer sidekick application.

This earphone is effectively viable with each cell phone, tablet, PC and PC. Since the earphone is controlled by Razer Chroma it accompanies 16.8 million tones just as a variety of impacts which you can modify on your kitty ears according to your desire.

In particular, it gives a THX Spatial 7.1 encompass sound which assists with demonstrating precise positional sound just as better sound inundation so as than give greatest diversion regardless of its structure. The mic accommodates dynamic commotion abrogation and its stream responsive lightning can be customized according to the client.

It would be protected to say, that this is a blessing from heaven for each gamer who has an affinity for being somewhat peculiar by wearing cat ear headphones when at play!

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  • It has a noise-cancelling mic
  • It provides for THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound system
  • It is powered by Razer Chroma which provides an array of added features
  • It is compatible with every laptop and computer
  • Can be considered an ideal headset for gamers
  • It is extremely comfortable


  • It isn’t very durable
  • The customer care service isn’t very prompt or great
  • Microphone issues have been noticed

12. Riwbow Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

You can find them here:

The Rainbow Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones accompanies a lighting subject. It consolidates components of lights, shading and music with the assistance of a mix of red, blue and green LEDs which are installed and can flicker, changing shading with each evolving mood. There is likewise an adorable little Riwbow animation along the edge which gleams, showing individuals an exceptionally cheerful and charming face each time they take a gander at you!

It is controlled by Bluetooth 5.0 innovation and furthermore has a strong 40mm speaker that guarantees that the nature of sound is rarely compromised, in any event, when it is a solid bass sound. Additionally, it does a one time match, saving you the problem of matching each time the earphone is being used. The best part is, each time the battery is coming up short, there is a voice helping you to remember something similar!

Concerning the LED lights, you can turn them on/off according to your comfort. Turning off the LED lights guarantees that you get to appreciate music somewhat longer and odds of the battery running out any time soon, reduces. Be that as it may, on the off chance that your battery runs out, you could generally utilize the Riwbow D1 meshed sound link. This sound link additionally has a mouthpiece joined to it, assisting you with settling on decisions or mess around.

The best part is, this earphone can be utilized by the two grown-ups and kids, because of its plan and solace.


  • LED lights can be switched on/off at will
  • Comes with a smart Riwbow D1 braided 3.5mm audio cable which also has a microphone attached to it
  • Can be used by both adults and kids
  • Its operational range lies between 20-20000Hz
  • It has a speaker sensibility of 108dB+/-3dB
  • It has an operational range of 10M


  • It isn’t very durable
  • Customers have complained that upon purchase there is a lingering smell (this might have something to do with the grade of the plastic used)


Having a decent pair of headphones is something everybody needs. To finish off with that, assuming you have an obsession for cats or are so captivated by the animals that you wouldn’t see any problems with wearing cat-molded headphones, then, at that point, it is fundamental you realize which are the best cat ear headphones available on the lookout.

You should pick one which is agreeable, lightweight, guarantee that the battery runs long and smooth, the LED lights give an additional a charm factor and above all, it doesn’t figure out how to make a major opening in your pocket.

The thorough rundown above will guarantee that you track down your ideal earphone absent a lot of issue Every one of the headphones referenced above are amazingly special and have at least one unmistakable elements which put it aside from the rest and permit it to be a piece of our rundown of some of the best cat ear headphones being sold on the lookout.

In addition to that, every one of the earphone additionally has with it, the particular element of being viable with pretty much each and every gadget there is, independent of its make, because of its 3.5mm jack. This will guarantee that regardless of whether your battery runs out (which it may, contingent upon how one charge runs), you could in any case keep on involving the earphone for whatever work you are doing.

Additionally, practically every one of the headphones referenced above give you LED lights for the cat ears which either change tones or plans or can be turned here and there voluntarily, guaranteeing that you want not generally squander your battery in utilizing the lights and increment your general use time.

We trust this rundown assists you with settling on an educated decision. Best of luck and have a good time and have a cheerful and thrilling melodic experience!

Given underneath is a rundown of some vital and frequently posed inquiries concerning headphones overall just as cat ear headphones – explicitly. We trust, in the wake of perusing every one of the inquiries and their responses, any little bit of uncertainty you might have had, will be no more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the different coloured cat ear headphones available?

 There are quite a few interesting colours to choose from, such as – purple, pink, blue, black, white as well as yellow. Based on your choice, go for either!

  1. What would be the most important features one should look out for when considering cat ear headphones?

Some of the most important features which one should consider when looking to buy a good pair of cat ear headphones are –

  • Its durability
  • The kind of sound it produces
  • What material it is made up of
  • The pricing
  • How long does the battery lasts
  • How comfortable it is, when used for long hours at a stretch
  1. Is it necessary to opt for detachable cat ear headphones?

The thing about detachable cat ear headphones is that there may be times when one might not feel like using the cat ears when going out or doing something. At such a time, having a detachable set helps. However, you could also opt for one wherein you could simply switch off the LED lights and use them.

  1. Are wired cat ear headphones better than non-wired cat ear headphones?

Most cat ear headphones come with the options of both wired and non-wired. Having that option helps because in case your battery runs out, you can still continue to enjoy your music.

  1. How to make sure whether the cat ear headphones opted for are noise cancelling?

Most headphones mention whether they are noise cancelling. Some provide active noise cancellation whereas others help to wipe out certain external noise to an extent. In case you don’t find it written on the packaging of the product, make sure to raise a query regarding the same. You wouldn’t want any random interruptions when enjoying your music, gaming, calls or anything else.

  1. How to ensure whether the cat ear headphones you are opting for would be suitable with your phone or tablet?

Most cat ear headphones provide for universal compatibility. That is to say, that the 3.5mm audio jack allows your headphone to get connected with every device irrespective of whether it is Android or Apple. Not just that, you could also connect your headphone to your Kindle, tablet, DVD player, CD player, audiobook, hearing device and the like.

  1. Are foldable headphones good?

The reason one opts for a foldable headphone is that it is extremely durable and it is easy to carry around as well as store. Also, most headphones come with carrying cases or can be folded to an extent that lets you keep the headphone in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.

  1. What is the in-built volume control technology and is it useful?

The in-built volume control technology restricts the maximum decibels to be released from the headphone to 85dB. Doing this ensures that the headphone can be worked by young children and it wouldn’t affect their eardrums.

  1. How important is it, to have a warranty on the headphone?

Most headphones come with a warranty of at least 6 months to a year. In case they don’t come with a warranty, you are sure to get a replacement guarantee. However, in case you don’t find mention of either when purchasing, make sure you ask the company you are buying from, to save yourself from any unforeseen hassle.

  1. What can a cat ear headphone be used for?

Other than the obvious – listening to music, playing games, listening to audiobooks and talking, you could also use the headphone for Halloween, in Christmas parties, for cosplay events, any family gathering, fancy dresses and the like. It would be like a multi-purpose headphone.

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