7 Steps How to Fix dropped airpods in water Quick Emergency Guide

How to Fix dropped airpods in water
Have you accidentally put your wireless earbuds or dropped airpods in water washing machine? have you dropped your earbuds unintentionally into the water? are you afraid not to have them work again? so stick to this quick emergency guide.

What To dropped airpods in water Wet?

The first thing to do is do not panic, do not intend to operate the earbuds, and do not use a hairdryer to fix it, but this ain’t the only thing you need to do, you need to dry your earbuds asap by following the below steps quickly to eliminate any possible damage that your earphones could get.

4 Things You Should (Not) Do When Your Earphones Got Wet.

[1] – Do Not Intend To Operate The Earphones

Earphones or headphones that have doused into water ought not to be utilized like normal, they have electronic circuits inside of them including the speakers so those electric circuits will have a short out if they have power while they are wet, henceforth instantly they will get harmed.

[2] – Do Not Use Hair Dryer

Hairdryers produce extremely high hotness temperature that is exceptionally unsafe to any electronic device especially while applying its hotness stream directly on the earbuds or earphones.

From my experience and other experience, I found on the internet that using a hairdryer to dry out earbuds will harm its plastic and change the state of the ropes and might cause more harm than what the wet could, so simply don’t utilize a hairdryer to dry out or attach the drying system for your wet earbuds.

[3] – Do Not Use Oven Or Microwave

Try not to attempt or intend to utilize your kitchen’s microwave or broiler to expedite the drying period, first of all, using a microwave with an electronic device is damnation incorrect method for thinking of, it might annihilate your microwave or cause an injury to you, concerning the stove, this could be so critical and might harm your headphones, recall headphones made of plastic which can be liquefy easily by heat.

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[4] – Do Not Waste Time

At the point when you discover that your earbuds got doused with water, or washed inside a washing machine with your garments, don’t wait and burn through a time, instead make a move immediately to decrease the odds of losing your earbuds for great.

So what to do then? what actions to take? simply follow the easy 7 Steps guide steps below immediately.

7 Steps How dropped airpods in water

Step 1 – Remove The Foam/Rubber/Silicone Tip Sleeves

Immediately eliminate any connectable parts, for example, froth or silicone tips and sleeves from your earbuds, set them aside on a soft towel to get dry.

Presently the main spotlight ought to be on the main piece of the earbuds which are the drivers themselves,airpod fell in water those parts which they might harm if you don’t continue with the following stages.

Step 2 – Disassemble Your Earbud Parts

This is a vital stage, you want to disassemble your earbuds to uncover their internal parts and prepare them for stage 3 where the distilled water is.

The majority of the earbuds or even Bluetooth earbuds these days have no screws or an intricate technique to open, simply using a knife or a little screwdriver can do the work, open the plastic outside driver covers using the screwdriver, and uncover their internal parts.

Make certain to open both earbuds drivers, explode the additional covers (or covers) air using your mouth and afterward keep them beside the tips on a similar soft towel for drying purposes.

WARNING: If your earbuds are made by Apple, DO NOT TRY TO OPEN IT as this will harm it and you will not have the option to fix it any longer anyplace, Apple intends to stick every one of its parts from inside making it impossible for anybody to open the airport fell in the water the internal parts, I have lost one of my Airpods doing so as you can find in the underneath photo.

Just for informational purposes, I am showing those images as this is how to disassemble Apple Airpods, however, I promise you it will not work any longer if you give this a shot.

Step 3 – Use Distilled Water (Also Called de-ionized)

Distilled water is protected with electronics, as it is a non-conducting and non-corrosive medium, so it will in all likelihood not cause any issue with your earbuds

how to get water out of earbuds take your earbuds that had drenched with water and place them into a glass filled with distilled water and shake it while it is being there; The justification for why you do that is to mix the headphone water harm, and by keeping on shaking it, in the long run, there will be just distilled water inside (ideally).

NOTE: If you don’t have distilled water or de-ionized water at home, simply skip this progression to stage 3.

Step 4 – Shake The Earphones

Hold both earbuds drivers firmly with their parts by your hand and shake them a few times to eliminate water beads however much as could reasonably be expected, hence expediting the drying system.

NOTE: Do make an effort not to expedite the drying system by using a hairdryer or leaving them under the direct sunlight, cause doing so if not ruin them, their lifespan might be diminished.

Step 5 – Blow Up Your Earbuds With Air

how to get water out of AirPods This progression comes later the distilled water step, how to get water out of AirPods if you don’t have distilled water at that point when you really want it, you can skip stage 2 and go directly to stage 3.

Grasp both earbuds and begin blowing air from your mouth into it a few times, you could likewise involve an air blower for that yet keep a big distance between the earbuds and the air blower, blowing your earbuds by an air blower machine could ruin your earbuds on account of the massive airflow, so be cautious when intending to play out this progression.

NOTE: The importance of this progression is to eliminate however much water that you can out of your earbuds preparing them for the subsequent stage.

Step 6 – Use A Soft Towel

Take a stab at using a dry towel touching the internal parts of your headphones water harm and easily to get the additional wet and distilled water drops, have a go at applying similar idea on different spots of the driver on all sides.

Step 7 – Use A Rice Bag (Is A Must)

This is the main advance in every one of the means, bring a rice pack from your kitchen, uncooked rice, open the sack and insert both the earbuds with their drivers and parts inside the rice granules.

Make certain to keep this pack securely so nobody involves it for cooking :). Keep your earbuds in the rice sack for around 48 hours.

CAUTION: DO do whatever it takes not to utilize your earbuds and work them prior to completing every one of the means above including the 48 hours waiting period, how to get water out of AirPods if you do as such and they did not work, it implies you lost them perpetually and you really want to buy new ones.

Why Should I Use A Rice Bag To Dry Out My Earbuds?

Uncooked rice can be used as a desiccant. When you put your earbuds directly into a small bag of rice granules, the rice will absorb moisture over time.

How To Prevent My Earbuds From Being Wet?

To prevent your earbuds and headphones from being wet you need to have a disciplined habit of storing your earbuds in a proper saving bag every time you finish using them and not by keeping how to get water out of earbuds always in your pocket or putting them here and there.

This way will not only prevent your earphones from being thrown by mistake in water or in a washing machine but also will prevent several chances of being damaged.

What Could Happen To My Earphones If They Got Wet?

There are a couple of scenarios that could end up with your headphones if they got wet:

  • Your Earphones Ruined Up: If your earphones were active when they dropped into the water, then chances are they have been ruined because earbuds work based on electrical circuits which became damaged if water or any other conductive medium interfere with them.
  • Your Earphones Not Functioning Properly: Sometimes it happens, when you got your earphone water damage, then you tried to use them after a day or so you might find them not functioning well, as the sound that comes from one speaker sounds a bit like if it had a lot of echoes, in this case, most likely if you follow the above
  • the procedure you might get them to work fine just like before.
  • Your Earphones Functioning Properly: If you took an action when your earphones got wet and did not waste that much time, and followed the steps I mentioned above, chances are very high that you will get back your earphones to their original state and work normally just like before.


This is uncommon to happen that somebody missed his headphones in his pocket while he was washing his garments in the washing machine, or Bluetooth earbuds or airport fell in water while jogging or somewhere in the vicinity, toward the end if this happens still there are chances you can get back your headphones like previously if you avoid potential risk and the right advances I mentioned previously.


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