How To Fix Headphones No Voice Only Music?

How To Fix Headphones No Voice Only Music?
How To Fix Headphones No Voice Only Music? On the off chance that your headset (headphones) is playing only background sounds (or music), the fundamental driver shouldn’t be from the earphone speakers only playing background music, it very well may be a sound jack/attachment-free association, a media player (versatile/PC ..and so forth) may have a sound driver and additionally settings issue, the sound document you are playing maybe the reason so better to really look at it with an alternate headset. On the off chance that you are utilizing a Bluetooth headset, take a stab at resetting it/re-blending it to your gadget and this ought to address the issue.Is it true that you are experiencing difficulty with your earphone playing only background music or sounds but no voices? does it shift back and forth between two sound characteristics when you move the string? these sorts of issues are normal to occur so don’t freeze, I will explain to you why this is occurring and how to fix it.

Why do headphones no voice only music?

There are several reasons why your headphone might play only background music thus I will try to summarize it below:

  1. Ground Connection Issue: This happens when the ground association is broken which prompts placing the left and right drivers in series with no ground.
  2. Cord Issue: Regularly earphone ropes get worn out, even within (little wires you can’t see), in light of the fact that those wires can marginally pull separated and disengage from the attachment over the long run causing stops or inner circuits between the links, consequently the sound will get impacted when while being conveyed to your earphone.
  3. Jack Issue: This could be that the sound jack (like the 3.5 mm sound jack) is efficiently made which may be slightly smaller in size than what it ought to be, and this size contrast will cause a free association with the sound attachment in your media gadget causing this change in solid.
  4. Headphone Type: Assuming you have an earphone that has a mic in it, this implies that it is a 3 ring sound jack that is contradictory with specific ports in various media gadgets.
  5. Media Device Player Issue: This issue could be in your media device player audio socket, sometimes those audio sockets have dust or dirt inside of them which will cause a loose connection with your headphone audio jack, remember that it also could be the mechanism inside the socket is the issue and not because of the dirt speakers only playing background music.
  6. Audio File Issue: Audio files are sometimes mixed in a certain way to be as mono or stereo audio files, so if you have a mono audio song file and trying to listen to it via a stereo headphone then you could face such an issue.

As a result, you will be hearing only the difference between the right and left channels in headphones only playing background music, putting in mind that vocals are usually almost mono which is in phase and distributed at the same level into both left and right channels, that’s why you cannot hear them well.

Sometimes this could lead any room ambiance and/or echoes to be louder and out of phase in one channel.

How To Fix Headphones That Only Play Background Sounds?

To fix headphones with background sounds only and cut out voices you need to:

Actually, take a look at Your Audio File
Actually, look at Your Audio Jack
Really take a look at Your Cord
Really look at Your Media Device Socket

Just as following the beneath definite fixing ventures underneath.

There are sure investigating steps you really want to take to recognize and distinguish the genuine reason behind your earphone is playing only background music or sounds and to fix it.

Troubleshooting The Issue

First, you need to troubleshoot the issue and try to find what is the real cause of it, so follow my steps below:

Stage 1 – Check Your Audio File

Sound records change as far as types, codecs, sound system or mono… and so forth, in this manner the sound document you are playing in your media gadget may be the reason for your earphone playing only background music, to check whether the sound document is the reason basically play another sound record and check whether the issue remains or not.

Stage 2 – Check Your Audio Jack

This is a typical justification for making your earphone plays the only background sounds with no voice, to research about it essentially while your media player is playing the melody, attempt to get the sound jack and push it in various ways immovably and see whether you see the sound is being played normally or the issue remains! if the sound turns out to be better and vacillate while contacting the jack generally the jack size is the issue.

Stage 3 – Check Your Cord

Analyze your earphone rope by your fingers and see whether there is any sort of seat or cut on its shell, check out the entire link and quest for any uncommon look or break in the straight rope, in the event that you observe any dubious condition in specific areas then this may be the reason.

Stage 4 – Check Your Media Device Socket

This is likewise a typical reason, frequently we put media gadgets or cell phones in our pockets or our packs consistently which will add residue and soil into its sound attachment (female connector), to look at that, basically while you are playing and paying attention to a song, headphones only playing background music get the sound jack and attempt to turn it left and right and check whether there is any improvement in the sound you are paying attention to, assuming it is, then, at that point, this may be the reason.

Likewise, you could take your earphone and use it with various media players and see whether or not the issue remains in the event that it stays then the issue isn’t from the media gadget but from the jack or its line as depicted previously.

Fixing and Solution Recommendations

There are a few fixing proposals for how to determine your earphone from playing only background music, if it’s not too much trouble, follow the beneath steps:

Fix 1 – Using Jack Extender Or Adapter

Utilizing a jack extender or jack connector could settle the whole issue on the off chance that the issue was with your earphone jack, here is a decent, cheap jack extender/adapter that I utilized before,  essentially associate the Jack extender in the front between the media player attachment (female fitting) and your headphones jack (male fitting).

This could be enough to fix the defective headphone jack.

Fix 2 – Using Jack Extension

As an elective technique for the Jack extender, here is a Jack augmentation cable that could likewise do the occupation for you, assuming that you as of now have a jack expansion link just interface the headphones at the back in the wake of associating the expansion between the earphone and the media player gadget.

Fix 3 – Using An Audio Amplifier

Assuming you have an earphone that has a mic in it, then, at that point, the issue most likely in light of the confusing association between the male and female jacks, to utilize similar earphone with the similar media device, headphones only playing background music you want to have an audio Amp to be associated between the media player and your earphone.

Fix 3 – Replacing Your Audio Jack

Assuming you have chosen and observed that your earphone’s sound jack is the reason or it is harmed with a particular goal in mind, so you ought to go for this arrangement by supplanting it yourself at home in a DIY strategy.

Supplanting your sound jack isn’t unreasonably hard and anybody could do it effectively with the guide of certain devices that any home may have or you can think that they are in the underneath rundown, for example,

New aux jack.
Wirecutter or Flush Cutter.
Wire stripper.
Patching Iron Tool pack.
A lighter.

Since this article isn’t about replacing the sound jack of your earphone, so you can allude to my other instructional exercise article on How To Replace A Headphone Jack – The Correct Easy Way [SOLVED] which has generally profound subtleties bit by bit on the most proficient method to do that.

Fix 4 – Replacing Your Audio Socket (Female Connector)

Assuming you’ve found that your media player gadget having this issue in the wake of following my investigating ventures above, then, at that point, now you really want to supplant the audio attachment of your gadget, on the off chance that it is a cell phone most certainly it won’t be simple for you as a normal client so better to give it to an expert who can deal with this for you.

On the off chance that you are having the attachment issue with a media player or home sound system and having the guts to open its screws and change it yourself, then, at that point, you can check my other instructional exercise article with a video speakers only playing background music on how to bind and fix a sound female socket for an earphone (which is similar idea for any media gadget) so kindly look at it at DIY Add Removable Cables To Your Headphone Caps – Easy Guide

Fix 5 – Replacing The Whole Cord

Assuming your earphone upholds separable strings then it is exceptionally simple for you to supplant the rope in the event that you find the issue was with the actual string.

Assuming your earphone doesn’t support detachable strings then you can DIY (Do It Yourself) at home with exceptionally simple tasks.

Fix 6 – Warranty and Replacement

Assuming you don’t have what it takes to DIY arrangements then you can straightforwardly look at your earphone’s guarantee assuming that it is as yet legitimate, then, at that point, go for this choice and contact the shop which you got it from and ask them for a substitution for it, or possibly an answer that they ought to give to you.

Fix 7 – Buy A New Headphone

This is the last choice I would propose you go for, purchasing the appropriate excellent earphone at a reasonable cost should have the effect, my own earphone that I use wherever for a long time now is KOSS Porta Pro it has every one of the highlights the much more than you need to have an ideal encounter wherever which is this koss earphone, top-caliber with a strong bass and lightweight, little size to place in your pocket, so agreeable to wear for quite a while, you check it at Amazon and its deal cost.

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How To Prevent My Headphone From Playing Only Background Sounds?

There are a few safeguard propensities that keep you from confronting the headphones play music but no voice that playing only background music issue which is basic but require discipline.

Tip 1 – Using The Audio Jack Properly

The most motivation behind why your earphone responds oddly by playing only the background music is that of absconding in its sound jack. The surrender doesn’t normally accompany a fresh out of the plastic new earphone, it will happen during your normal everyday use of your earphone.

That is the reason, when you think carefully make certain to utilize the jack appropriately, for instance, when you embed the jack do it solidly with care when you take it off, pull it while holding the jack body itself, not the link.

Tip 2 – Handle Your Headphone Cord With Care

The earphone line or link is so delicate to pressure, in the event that you don’t focus on the lines dangling from your headphones play music but no voice y to your media gadget in your grasp or your pocket, this may be so basic if so, odds are the line will snare on certain snags while you are strolling or running which will cause outrageous tension on it on the off chance that assuming this occurs, consequently an inside link cut will happen.

Tip 3 – Storing Your Headphone Properly

Putting away your earphone each time later you complete the process of utilizing it is pivotal, keep your earphone or earbuds consistently secured by putting away them in a good defensive case or pack to long-last its life expectancy.

NOTE: If you will find the reason why your headphones play music but no voice is continued to break, and you need to prevent that from occurring, you might consider checking my other article 19 Untold Hacks – On How To Stop Headphones From Breaking

We as a whole would confront this issue of having our earphone playing only the background music and not the voice, there are a few explanations for that but toward the end, there will be dependably an answer for fix it, so follow the above hacks and tips on the best way to take out all potential purposes behind this issue and get back your earphone to its normal state.

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