How To Not Lose Airpods : 9 Brilliant Hacks

How To Not Lose Airpods

Apple came out with this cool item that is, in plenty of ways, better than earbuds that attachment to your telephone we will discuss How To Not Lose Airpods.  These pleasant little contraptions are called Airpods.  They are totally remote and can match with whatever has Bluetooth capabilities.  There are numerous different elements that clients go on and on about, yet how would you hold back from losing them?

I have done some research and have come up with ways to help. How to (not) lose your AirPods: 9 brilliant hacks. 

  1. Keep them in the case when you aren’t using them
  2. Have one or two places you keep your case 
  3. Turn on the “find my phone” app
  4. Make your AirPods wired
  5. Use ear hooks
  6. Use a bright case cover/anti-lost case
  7. Athletic tape
  8. Learn to be careful
  9. Silicon connector

Alongside these incredible hacks that will assist you with monitoring your favorite sound conveying gadgets, I’ll share a few hints assuming you in all actuality do end up losing them or then again in the event that they get stolen.  And for what reason are they so easy to lose in any case?

Are Airpods Easy to Lose?

Airpods are notoriously easy to lose because they are small and not associated with anything.  We all adoration the accommodation of Bluetooth gadgets since, indeed, wires are irritating. It would be difficult to count the occasions earbuds were yanked from ears by our own arms while running or going after something.

Or then again how concerning when the wires break and our favorite headphones are no longer functional.  Not an incredible day, yet they rarely got lost.  Am I right?  If the wired earbuds at any point got lost, it was the two of them at the equivalent time.  It was difficult to lose just one.  That isn’t true with Airpods.

I could possibly know somebody that really lost each Airpod around the same time in better places and didn’t know it until he saw one of the kitchen floor.

It was me.  I did that.

Frantically looking around the house was not fun. Eventually, I tracked down them however these valuable sound machines are exceptionally easy to lose track of.

  • They are not wired.   The number one reason Airpods are easy to lose is that they’re not attached to anything but your ears.  The attachment to your ears is not solid.  They will pop out of your ears at any given moment so you have to be vigilant.
  • They are small by design.  Compact and now that more people have them, they aren’t really very noticeable.  We have started ignoring them when we see them.
  • We lay them down in different places.  People popularly tend to use one Airpod at a time and lay it down in a random location when they are done listening.  Separating the earbuds seems to be the kiss of death, increasing the chance of losing at least one or the other.

What to Do If You Lose One or Both

Now that we have established the ease at which our favorite tiny tech can disappear from our lives, let’s talk about what to do when you lose one or both.  There are three things that you can do in the event you lose your Airpods.

Try Find My Phone

Assuming you have Airpods, it is logical you are an iPhone user.  Apple has an application that is classified as “track down my telephone that will follow a lost phone.  Typically, you can utilize this from a companion’s telephone or an iPad on the off chance that you lose your phone.  similarly, you can follow a companion or relative’s telephone for them.  Did you realize that this application can likewise track down your Airpods

This helpful little application can track down your entire case with your earbuds in it, which is incredible, yet what is shockingly better is that it can likewise track down every one of the three pieces without anyone else I might know this from individual experience.

For instance, assuming you end up observing one of your Airpods on the kitchen floor and discover that your case is vacant and have no memory of where you lost the other earbud, the application can assist you with following the lost piece.  It is exceptionally definite and can lead you to think that it is under the seat of your vehicle.

If the misfortune of lost Airpods happens to you, attempt the application first before you do anything more.

Buy a Replacement

To pick up and move on and feel that all desire for observing your lost property is lost, you can buy substitutions. Assuming you end up losing only one, Apple offers single Airpods to make up for the shortfall in your case.  It will cost you close to $70 contingent upon the model you have however it is less expensive than purchasing an entirely different set.

This definitely should be the last thing you do in light of the fact that it is feasible for your lost bud to turn up.  If that occurs later you buy another one, simply hide the bygone one in a protected spot as a substitution.

Use Only One

I realize it might be difficult to understand but you can go on living with utilizing just a single Airpod.  I try to avoid that thought either however to spend the cash on a substitution immediately and are holding out trust that the reckless will return, then, at that point, this is a decent choice.

Certain individuals wouldn’t see any problems whatsoever in light of the fact that they commonly just utilize one Airpod anyway.  Other individuals would go off the deep end hearing their web recordings in only one ear.  Don’t stress, I get it. So assuming you can utilize just one, exceed all expectations, not see the above idea.

Top 9 Ways to (Not) Lose Your Airpods

How about certain tips for those of us that would rather not lose our Airpods.  Some hacks that will hold us back from depending on requiring the application, purchasing a substitution, or being one-eared? I’m so happy you inquired.

Here are the nine top ways of keeping your Airpods securely with you as long as you follow a few, or all, of these tips and deceives.

Keep Them in The Case When Not in Use

source: Spigen

We as a whole know somebody that is at fault for not keeping their AirPods for the situation or not returning them following use.  I’m not saying it’s you.  It’s not me either (it may be me).

AirPods accompany this sweet case that is additionally the charging port.  I love it and I realize you do too.  But it can charge them and keep them securely together assuming the AirPods are really placed for the situation.

It is truly easy to get going and simply slip the buds out of your ears and put them down, not in the case.  It is very nearly an assurance that they will get isolated and lost. I can’t pressure enough that this is the main method for forestalling the deficiency of your AirPods.

Set them back for the situation.

Have Only One or Two Places They are Kept

Talking about the case, it is additionally truly accommodating to have just a couple of spots that the case, with the AirPods inside, is at any point kept. This will eliminate the possibility of losing the case and add the buds.

Regardless of whether it is a sure dish, table, pocket in your sack, or attract your work area/end table having a specific place where the Airpods reside with be advantageous and assist you with keeping your sanity.

Turn on Find My Phone

We touched on the convenient application that Apple needs to assist individuals with tracking down their telephones, iPads, and AirPods.  This main works, however, assuming you turn it on.  This is a proactive advance that will assist you with getting the AirPods back if you truly do to be sure to lose them.

The incredible thing about having this application prepared and all set are that the second you understand a case is gone, you can get your telephone out and follow it.  It will be more uncertain that you will leave your AirPods in the lodge of a plane or on a path in the recreation area later your run, or your parents in law house since you will actually want to think that they are the moment you lose them.

Realizing it is feasible to lose them in addition to being proactive will keep the genuine possibility of losing your AirPods at the front of your brain.

Make Your Airpods Wired

Better believe it, I know, this sort of losses the purpose.  The extraordinary thing about remote AirPods is the very reality that they are, without a doubt, wireless.  Why might we pay a lot of cash to purchase remote earbuds and afterward pivot and wire them?

It doesn’t appear to check out however assuming you have lost your AirPods previously or are really distrustful about losing them.  This may work.  There is really a video that shows an individual cutting the wires off of an old pair of Apple earbuds and taping the finishes to a couple of AirPods.

Then, at that point, they really connected the wire to the phone.  I know, it’s unusual however it is one of the top hacks while looking through the web.

Use Ear Hooks/Silicone Earbud Covers

source: AhaStyle

There is an item out there that is viable with Airpods that I truly believe is cool.  Ear hooks, like these helpful slip-on, append to the AirPods and afterward snare around your ear.  This will tie down the units to your ear holding them back from dropping out while running, cutting the grass, or dozing on a plane.

Quick Note:Assuming you generally try to avoid the appearance or feel of ear snares, yet are survivor of AirPods dropping out continually, you can also try silicone earbud covers like these, that slip around the plastic piece of the earbud itself to make a much safer fit while they are worn. I for one suggest this course as it has worked for me at whatever point I’m outside on a run or during an exercise.

Generally, this is an incredible hack that keeps the AirPods genuinely remote while providing you with a feeling of safety assuming you are accomplishing something more dynamic than listening to a book recording during kitchen or clothing obligation.

These embellishments come in white too so they go with Apple’s taste and really resemble an Apple product.  They additionally aren’t costly so you won’t feel like you burned through cash on an expensive contraption and afterward need to spend a ton more on adornments to make them awesome.

Use Bright Case Cover/Anti-lost Case

source: Neustar

One issue with the white shade of the AirPods and their case is that it is easy to lose.  It might seem like radiant white would not cover itself so indeed, yet that isn’t accurate, unfortunately.  There are a couple of things that can assist with this issue.

Brilliantly hued case covers can be found effectively all things considered hardware retailers, like these that will definitely make your case stand out.  There is an assortment of skins that can be utilized to customize the AirPod case to make it catch everyone’s eye and in the love seat cushions.  There is nothing similar to visiting an overall home for a vacation visit and continually getting the four diverse AirPod cases and units stirred up.

That might be founded on a genuine story.

There is also an Anti-lost case.  Some of them are really called that, however, they are a brilliantly hued case for your case that is connected to a carabiner snare that can be appended to your tote, pack, portfolio, or waistband.

Having the case connected to something will assist you with following one of the different ideas for keeping it in a similar spot all of the time.  I do this with my vehicle keys and it has eliminated misplacing them and looking frantically so there should be something to it.

Athletic Tape

Perhaps the most compelling motivation for the loss of AirPods is during incredible exercises or on a run. The steady movement of exercise truly makes them recently come jumping out of your ears.  Since you are in the centered exercise you may not notice that an AirPod dropped out, particularly assuming you are as yet hearing your tunes through one case.

There is a hack that can be useful to burn through cash on-ear snares or on the other hand assuming you as of now have athletic tape lying around and need a speedy hack.

Utilizing athletic tape to get the pods onto your ear will keep them from dropping out during even the most serious exercise, usually.  There is consistently a special case and no assurances except for it works more frequently than not.  Just ensure the AirPods feel safely taped before you start your run or exercise schedule.

Silicon Connector

source: Gogosodu

There is an adornment out there that is made to assist with forestalling the deficiency of remote earbuds called silicon connectors. These helpful little strings, on the grounds that actually that is the thing that they are, interface your AirPods to each other.  The connector will fold over the rear of your neck so that assuming one drop out, it is as yet associated with the other.

Assuming you drop the two of them out of your ears while on a run, the thought behind the connector is that it will keep the buds holding tight your shoulder.  Since there is nothing that clasps to your attire, this could conceivably really occur.

These are similar thoughts to the mitten connectors utilized to try not to separate and lose a bunch of gloves. I had incredible accomplishments with the mitten connector and have high expectations for the AirPod connector.  At least it will hold you back from losing just one.

Learn to be Careful

I realize this doesn’t actually seem like a splendid hack.  It sounds more like the presence of mind; however, this is actually the main method for holding back from losing your AirPods. Figuring out how to know about where they are, returning them promptly, and not simply leaving laying around will be the main method for securing our little tech.

There are a few situations that might be difficult to be vigilant about.  Such as going on a plane. In the event that you are going on a long plane excursion, it will be extremely enticing to put your earbuds in and nod off to your movement playlist or favorite audiobook.  This is an incredible method for losing one of the two cases.

The vibration of the plane in addition to the manner in which you need to move around to settle in is a formula for disaster.  So, do you simply leave the AirPods home?  No way!  These things were intended to travel.  I would propose, however, might be taking an old pair of wired earbuds to use on the plane or exploiting the gave earphones from the carrier.

Utilizing various frills on various occasions that they are required is a decent method for being careful.  The initial step to forestalling misfortune is by recognizing that they are easy to lose in any case. They are additionally an extremely well-known robbery target since they are little and they all look alike.  So, hide them in your pack or associate them with something.

What If They Are Stolen?

Since we raised the way that AirPods are easy to take and are truth be told a typical burglary focus on, we should discuss what to do assuming they are indeed stolen.  You might be contemplating whether there is anything you can do on the occasion your minuscule instance of wonderful falls under the control of an offensive person.

Will Apple Replace Stolen AirPods?

As per Apple, assuming somebody takes your AirPods and you don’t sort out what its identity is and you are not ready to think that they are then you simply need to supplant them. This is a similar strategy they have with any Apple items and actually any product.  Most organizations don’t have a burglary substitution strategy.

Assuming the AirPods are stolen from your home or loft they will be covered by leaseholders or property holder’s insurance.  In a similar case, on the off chance that they are stolen from your locked vehicle, your vehicle protection will cover the substitution of the stolen item.  This is uplifting news in those occurrences yet assuming they are stolen from a pocket or satchel you are all alone.

This sounds truly horrible and disheartening, I know, yet hold tight I have a thought.

Can I Track My Stolen AirPods?

Assuming even in all of your watchfulness your AirPods are as yet stolen, there is a method for distinguishing your units and case in the occasion you end up realizing who took them.  Each case and individual AirPod has chronic numbers that match.  If you have associated your cases to your telephone then you are ready to track down the numbers on your telephone

Assuming you haven’t for reasons unknown associated them to your telephone relax, all expectation is not lost.  Those of us that vibe the need to keep all of our Apple item boxes will in any case have the first packaging.  This bundling has a chronic number on it.

If you have associated the buds to your telephone, you can in any case follow the AirPods assuming they are stolen.  Turn on the find my telephone application and check whether you can find them.  When/in the event that you in all actuality do for sure observe them, ensure you have the chronic number with you so you can demonstrate that they are yours.

Can Someone Else Use My Stolen AirPods?

Unfortunately, indeed, they can.  AirPods are inconceivably easy to reset and interface with another gadget. This is not uplifting news for the survivor of a robbery or an individual that lost the valuable AirPods and another person found them.  Their favorable luck is your misfortune in this situation.

If the hoodlum doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to reset your AirPods or simply gets sluggish and doesn’t do it, that is incredible for you.  If they don’t do the reset then you can in any case follow them with the find my telephone application.

How to Reset AirPods

It is extraordinarily easy to reset this small tech with only a couple of steps.  Once they are reset by another person, you might in any case have the option to track down them assuming that they show up in your settings however it is improbable, sadly.  Just in the event that you want to reset the AirPods simply follow these easy advances.

  • Put the pods in the case is always the first step when doing anything with your AirPods.  I recently had to reconnect my pods to a Mac laptop and the first step was to put them in the case as well.  When all else fails, just put the pods in the case.
  • Open the lid is almost always step two in any situation.  This basically turns on the case and the pods. Opening the lid makes the device discoverable to whatever you are trying to connect it with or, in this case, gives the phone the ability to connect and reset the pods.
  • Go to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad settings. Once you are in settings on the device you will be using to complete the reset, you will need to find the Bluetooth icon.
  • In Bluetooth find the “i” next to your AirPods. This will be the information button and will take you to the settings specifically for your AirPods.
  • Forget this device.  Once you are in the informational area for the AirPods, you will want to tap on the line that says, “forget this device”.  It will ask you to confirm that you do indeed want to forget the AirPods on this device.
  • Press the button on the back of the AirPod case. Keeping the lid open, hold down the button on the back of the case.  You may be like me and are completely unaware that there is indeed a button on the back of the case.  Trust me, it is there.  It blends in because it is small, white, and round.  Look closing and feel around, you will feel the edges of the button.  When you find it, hold it down until the status light on the front flashes an amber color.
  • Reconnect to the device.  When you have completed the steps above it is time to reconnect the AirPods to your device.  This will also require the lid to be open.  Set the case with the open lid next to the device you are connecting it to. There will be steps that show up on the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod that will tell you exactly what to do.  It is pretty easy and intuitive.  If you are resetting your pods then it is likely you have already done this step before.

Why Would I Need to Reset?

There are some normal motivations behind why you might have to reset your AirPods that have nothing to do with theft.  However, assuming you have lost them as of late and they are not wanting to associate with your telephone whenever you have observed them, then, at that point, you might have to stroll through the reset advances.

Another normal motivation to do a reset is assuming your cases won’t charge when they are for the situation. Very much like when you generally disapprove of any innovation, the main thing that you will need to do is switch it off and back on.  Since you can’t actually switch off your case and AirPods, the reset does likewise.

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